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Various ‎– Old Skars And Upstarts 2004

Various ‎– Old Skars And Upstarts 2004


1–Briefs, The - Naughty Naughty 0:59
2–Bothered Face - Sinking Ship 3:25
3–Revolvers, The - No Clash Reunion 4:04
4–Radio One - Perfect Crime 2:17
5–Butcher's Bill - This Party Sucks 3:06
6–Deep Eynde - Dead Alive 2:45
7–Street Dogs - Lock And Loaded 2:47
8–Hunns, The - Got Your Number 2:14
9–Punk Rock Vatos - The Cat From Outerspace 2:21
10–District, The - No Heart 3:09
11–Hellside Stranglers - Rock And Roll Star 2:20
12–Briggs, The - Get Off My Cloud 3:00
13–New Strange, The - Standing And Talking 3:12
14–Throw Rag - Hang Up 1:45
15–Hollowpoints - P.O.W. 3:03
16–NightCrawlers - Destruction 2:35
17–Sit N Spin - Dance The Demons Out 2:42
18–Union 13 - I Promise 1:41
19–Knuckle Head - Prime Time Reality 2:12
20–Duane Peters & Pascal Briggs - Suicide Child 4:13
21–D.I. - O.C.'s Burning 3:11
22–Fucko's, The - Backslide Dance 2:25
23–Roustabouts, The - Stand Our Ground 2:19
24–Insaints, The - Care On 1:13
25–Dollarstore Cowboys - Hell Bent 3:41
26–Monster Squad - F.T.S. 1:33
27–Briefs, The - Casey Casum


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Hardin Burns Release "Down The Deep Well"


Combining blues and country with visionary modern lyrical ideas

Guitarist Andrew Hardin (Tom Russell,Jimmy Lafave) and vocalist Jeannie Burns (Burns Sisters, Arlo Guthrie) of the duo Hardin Burns release their second album, Down The Deep Well. Produced by Hardin and Gabe Rhodes (Willie Nelson, Billy Joe Shaver, Waylon Jennings), Down The Deep Well was also recorded by Rhodes in his studio in Spicewood, Texas. The recording also features legendary drummer Dony Wynn (Robert Palmer, Steve Winwood) and upright bassist David Carroll.

More stripped down and primal-sounding than its predecessor, Lounge (2012), Down The Deep Well draws inspiration from Rhythm ‘n’ Blues and Country as well as singer-songwriter and pop music traditions. The album is comprised of 9 original songs and a cover of the Richard Thompson song “Walking on a Wire”.

Down The Deep Well is a rootsy and rhythmic record, and the title song kicks it off with a Memphis style groove that starts with the drums only—no bass, and refers to Jacob’s Well, a natural spring in Wimberley, TX where Hardin lives.  Jeannie Burns achieves a down-in-the-well sound with some echoic vocal improv. “Back Porch” shadows a Mexican music style with an interesting rhythm, beautiful vocal and a great acoustic guitar solo in the Ry Cooder mode. “Blooming” is a song with a great groove that features phenomenal drumming and percussion from Wynn and lots of band interplay, while “Get Back Home” is a laconic, sparse country song and “Run” goes political and sounds off against consumer culture. The album ends on “Wave of Your Hand”, a vocal duet about the power and potential of ritual.

Although the duo resides in different sections of the country, Hardin in Texas and Burns in Ithaca, NY—  they have no problem connecting to make music. After meeting at the Woody Guthrie Folk Festival in 2009, the two began writing what would eventually become their self-released debut recording, Lounge in 2012. Acoustic Guitar Magazine included Lounge on its Essential Acoustic Albums list and called it “…an addictive set of earthy, hook-filled melodies, stunning harmonies, and graceful virtuosity on acoustic and electric guitars.”

Spending half of their time songwriting and half the time touring, the duo have played all over the US and in Italy and Canada. They performed on the City of New Orleans train with Jon Dee Graham, and participated in a tribute to rock icon Chrissy Hynde at the Barns At Wolf Trap in Washington, D.C.

Andrew Hardin is best known for his long association with songwriter Tom Russell. He has performed and recorded with many renowned artists and has released four solo albums of instrumental guitar music and a new retrospective entitled Lost Pines featuring noted guitarists Albert Lee and Amos Garrett. Of his career start he said, “At the age of eight I heard the theme music from “Bridge Over the River Kwai” (the whistling song with the martial drumming) and became interested in playing drums. At sixteen I took up guitar and at seventeen I was a guitarist playing nightclubs. At 23 I was in a band on a major label and at that point, there was no turning back.”

Jeannie Burns grew up in Binghamton, New York and was the eighth of twelve children. She was a member of her family group The Burns Sisters, that involved several various sibling configurations throughout the years. Their music was influenced by their father’s political activism and their mother’s background as a classically trained opera singer. The group toured with Arlo Guthrie providing backup vocals and occasionally performing as his opening act. They were signed to Rounder Records in 1995 and went on to release four albums for the label over the next several years. In 2000 Jeannie released an excellent solo album, Coming Up Close. Jeannie said, “As a child, I was inspired by listening to and watching the great performers on TV, and my older brothers had a high-school band that practiced at our house— I just wanted to do what they were doing.”

The duo of Hardin Burns write their own songs and also have strong performance chops, and what sets them apart is that they excel with Burns’ voice and Hardin’s renowned guitar work. “Jeannie’s vocals have a quality that only she can achieve,” said Hardin, “and we love to record songs with a good groove and lots of emotion.”

01. Down The Deep Well
02. Back Porch
03. Blooming
04. Gentle Rain
05. The Call
06. Ache
07. Get Back Home
08. Run
09. Walking On A Wire
10. Wave Of Your Hand

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Derek Thomas & Skyline Drive Release "Beyond The Trestles"

Derek Thomas & Skyline Drive is the moniker for song-smith, Derek Thomas, an established independent artist based out of Topanga, CA.

Thomas's past work has garnered worldwide press varying from local blogs to 4 star reviews in Rolling Stone. Over the years he has played in various projects ranging from psychedelic rock to singer songwriter.

Formerly a member of the cultish CA psych band, 60 Watt Kid his new project displays a depth and understanding of Folk, Alt. Country and Americana music. Beyond the Trestles, the sophomore album finds Thomas' combining California country cowboy folk-numbers with lush groove heavy soul rock anthems and even  pays homage to such songwriters as Jackson Browne and Cat Stevens. Beyond the Trestles was recorded and mixed by both Malcolm Burn (Emmylou Harris, Bob Dylan) and multi-talented Chris Wonzer and will be released in late August on Soul Water Records.

Thomas' thoughtful, evocative lyrics and smoky vocals are the underlying glue connecting the sparse sincere acoustic numbers, intricately produced soul ballads and supercharged rebel rockers. Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Leslie Stevens wonderfully sweet voice which graced Thomas's Topanga Ranch Motel release is again a  presence on his latest release and is featured in the crooning duet "Don't Come Easy."

When performing both live and in the studio the band making up Skyline Drive consists of a handful of rotating talented players including Erik Kristiansen (Ryan Adams) pedal steel; John Schreffler (Shooter Jennings) pedal steel, harmony vocals; Carl Byron (Ann McCue, Amilia White) piano, accordion, harmony vocals; Ted Russell Kamp (Shooter Jennings) bass guitar, harmonies; Jamie Douglas (Shooter Jennings) drums; Greg Cahill guitar, harmonies; Kellii Scott (Failure), drums; Randy Mitchell, guitar; Paul Ill, bass guitar; Gregory Boaz-bass; Steve Mugalian-drums, Dave Alvin and Jamie Drake-harmonies. The end result is music that is brimming with soul supporting the story telling of Derek Thomas.

Listening to Skyline Drive one would likely be surprised to find out that surfing and the ocean are a huge part of Thomas’s life. So what helped shape this Southern California surfer kid into such a retrospective and insightful songwriter. "Much of my musical influences came from my mom’s boyfriends when I was very young. I never met my blood father and at the age of four my mother took me on a rambling cross-country trip with her boyfriend at the time, a cowboy with an old Cadillac. The soundtrack playing in the vehicle was composed mainly of songwriters like Gram Parsons, Townes Van Zandt, Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson. As I grew up I realized that trip had a really strong impact on me however how strong I didn’t really realize for many years,” Thomas said.

When his mother finally did re-marry and he listened to all his stepfather’s vinyl album collection, soaking up such California sound artists as Neil Young,  Jackson Browne, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young and Leo Keottke; the southern rock of the Allman Brothers and Lynyrd Skynyrd; A new friend  and Ventura recording studio owner JP Hesser turned him on to the grooves of J.J Cale , Jerry Jeff Walker, Bobby Charles. Modern styling’s of such artist as Ryan Adams, Ray La Montagne and Michael Kiwanuka can be heard in his recordings as well.

Skyline Drive’s latest album reflects Thomas’ wide-ranging musical influence “I wanted to really flush a few of the songs out and take them to their potential,” Thomas says of his sometimes minimalist approach. I have so many influences and songwriting is always the main thing that I am interested in. “I’m a big fan of sparse and open songs where there is little to no band or production. I think the true soul and intention of the song has a way of getting captured when it’s just the song and its writer. At the same time I wrote a few with the intention of pushing lots of energy and groove from the band into them. To feel the power and sonic-ness that comes from that is something I was missing with my last release. Southern Rock has so much soul and beauty - I wanted to tap into that while keeping the more subtle moments distinguishable too”.

01. Honey Whiskey
02. Don't Come Easy
03. Roll On
04. Midnight Lady
05. Face Me Now
06. Postcards
07. God Isn't Watching
08. Beyond My Mind
09. Rubber Bullets
10. Broken Angel
11. Ring Them Bells
12. No Passing Phase
13. River Song

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Steven Casper & Cowboy Angst Are Back With "Endless Sky"

Steven Casper & Cowboy Angst Are Back with Endless Sky, Continuing Their Collaboration With Producer Ira Ingber (Bob Dylan, Brian Wilson)

Casper’s Louisiana background pushes to the forefront with the rootsy swamp-rock sound of Endless Sky

Steven Casper is a Los Angeles based singer and songwriter. Growing up in Japan, Italy, Nigeria and Mexico, one of his main connections to American culture was through his parents' record collection. At a very young age he discovered the magic of Hank Williams, Leadbelly, Bob Wills, Mahalia Jackson, Woody Guthrie and many other American icons. Moving back to the United States at age 17, he started his first band shortly after hearing The Ramones. Through the years his songwriting has evolved from rock and roll, to the more roots oriented music of his early days, sitting in front of his parents' record player.

Steven Casper & Cowboy Angst established themselves as roots-rock, Americana artists with their last EP, Trouble and the addition of two new players, John “Groover” McDuffie , Rita Coolidge’s longtime guitar player and Carl Byron who has worked with such greats as Bo Didley and The Spencer Davis Group. Along with Herb Deitelbaum and Jay Nowac, Endless Sky is the band’s second project together and is a testament to this working party.

Casper’s voice has a stronger presence on Endless Sky and the impressive rhythm section of Nowak and Deitelbaum provide the framework while, McDuffie and Byron enrich the record’s character with McDuffie’s slide, pedal steel and lap steel guitars, and Byron’s addition of piano, accordion and Hammond B3 organ. Sprinkling some gospel-sounding harmonies to the mix are Charity and Linda McCrary (singing it like nobody else can) and Ross “Big Daddy” Levinson (a founding member of Cowboy Angst) adding some violin. Ingber not only produces the record but also jumps in on additional guitar, percussion and background vocals.

Providing an ample dose of soloing – “No drum solos!” jokes Casper—Endless Sky is a blend of blues, country, folk, and rock and roll with a whole lot of swamp thrown in. The country-flavored title track was inspired by a trip Casper took to a small town in Montana that his former wife's parents grew up in. “It was so small the houses didn't need to have numbers,” said Casper, “surrounding the town were empty plains dotted with low rising mesas. The sky above was huge with almost no clouds.”  Casper imagines the scenario of someone growing up in that small town and realizing that there’s a whole lot of world out there, “I’ve got a feeling growing inside, every time I look up at the endless sky”.

“Rattlesnake Road”, is a bluesy, swamp number that conjures up voodoo in both the lyrics and music, while “In The Quiet Hours” is nostalgic song that blends a 60’s soul/blues place with straight up rock and roll (courtesy of McDuffie’s expert wailing guitar). “River” is a lush and heartfelt ballad and the McCrary’s harmonies on this song lift Casper’s voice and let it float on top of the carefully crafted musical arrangement. “The Last Dance of The Year” is the final song on the EP and is a sweet instrumental Cajun waltz that evokes an evening of “porch sittin’” and playing music on a hot summer night. Casper says that the song came from a recurring image he had about walking through a Southern countryside on a late summer evening and being drawn to music he hears floating in the distance. When he follows the trail he finds a small community dance party.

Steven Casper is an artist whose talent keeps progressing and this lineup of Cowboy Angst is a great backdrop for his talent. “I just keep moving forward“, he says, “I keep writing, recording, playing. I can’t remember a time where there was not melodies, rhythms and songs floating around in my head and the guys in this band really make the songs come alive and breathe”.

Endless Sky had a European release date of August 15th and a US release date of September 23rd, 2014.

01. Endless Sky
02. Rattlesnake Road
03. In The Quiet Hours
04. River
05. The Last Dance Of The Year

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8th Annual NAMM Metal Jam 2015 Benefit Concert Announced For January

Neil Turbin (ex-Anthrax, DeathRiders, Onslaught) has announced NAMM Metal Jam 2015. The 8th annual concert will benefit Ronnie James Dio Stand Up And Shout Cancer Fund and Dick Wagner's Rockers For St. Jude. Michael Angelo Batio is already confirmed.

Von Badsville & Neil Turbin (ex-Anthrax, Onslaught, DeathRiders) Presents NAMM Metal Jam 2015, which will benefit charities: Ronnie James Dio Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund and Dick Wagner’s Rockers for St. Jude.

This is the 8th annual event, started back in 2008 as "Neil and Michael’s Metal Jam." NAMM Metal Jam 2015 will be held at Starting Gate Saloon, 5052 Katella Ave. Los Alamitos, CA which is just 7 miles, right down the street, from Anaheim Convention Center. Sponsors and Very Special Guest Artists to be announced closer to the event, taking place on Wednesday, January 21, 2015.

NAMM Metal Jam 2015 will feature an outstanding roster of 40+ NAMM Metal All Stars performing classic by Monsters Of Metal.  Michael Angelo Batio, DeathRiders, Ghost Of War are confirmed, and others TBA. 


01 - THE ALL NIGHTERS - Riding With Outlaws
06 - THE DEVIL MAKES THREE - Black Irish
07 - HARDIN BURNS - Get Back Home
08 - SPUR 503 - Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep
09 - BIG DADDY LOVE - The Colour
10 - BR5-49 - Charming Betsy (Live)
13 - SWAMPDAWAMP - Half My Life
15 - THE WEIGHT - Talkin'
16 - WESLEY COX BAND - Road Of No Return
17 - TOMMY GALLAGHER BAND - Never Lookin' Back
18 - THE WESTERN SIZZLERS - The Last Straw
19 - CHAD JOHNSON AND DOWN 1450 -  Last Night
20 - JESSE DAYTON - Arkansas Chrome (Duct Tape Song)

128k - 192k
97.43 Mb

Various ‎– Old Skars And Upstarts 2002

Various ‎– Old Skars & Upstarts 2002


1–Discontent, The Like A Dog 2:02
2–Briefs, The - Ouch, Ouch, Ouch 1:58
3–Hunns, The - Burn In Hell 1:57
4–Typhoon Motor Dudes - One Bullet 3:36
5–Briggs, The - Devil's Playground 3:10
6–Texas Terri - Dreamwrecker 2:21
7–Bad Chopper - Real Bad Time 2:12
8–Sound Brigade, The - The 60's Are Back 3:32
9–Ruiners, The - Gun Time 2:54
10–Smogtown - Domesticviolenceland 2:50
11–Revolvers, The - Do You Have The Time 3:25
12–Oxymoron - Big Mouth 3:19
13–U.S. Bombs - Ghost Soldier 3:24
14–Sign Offs, The - Sickness 3:06
15–Stitches, The - Carol (Electroshock) 1:56
16–Klasse Kriminale - I'm A Junkie 1:59
17–Pushers, The  - Space Monkeys 2:11
18–Kings Of Nuthin', The - Drive All Night 3:08
19–Forgotten, The - American Rock'N'Roll Rebellion 2:43
20–Condition Red - The Observer 2:27
21–Richmond Sluts, The - Thought I Was Dead 1:45
22–Arsons, The - Down 3:10
23–Blue Collar Special - Better Off 2:15
24–District, The - Broken Heads, Broken Hearts 3:22
25–Worthless, The - Bad Video 1:57
26–Bad Luck Charms - Don't Wanna Be 2:49
27–Mudhoney - The Straight Life 3:30

Rock N Roll Monsters!!!!

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The Starvations - A Blackout to Remember

The Starvations - A Blackout to Remember

This band is truly refreshing. I wouldn't even know of a way to accurately describe these guys that would do them justice, but what I can say, is that these guys have come up with an immensely powerful sound all their own. If you havent already picked up this record, I strongly recommend that you do.

Track Listings

1. Whiskey Summer/Gin Fall
2. Girl Of Stone
3. Curse Of The Loner
4. Raising Nothing
5. Whorelove
6. Queen Bee's Lament
7. Church Of The Doublecross
8. Peasant's Prayer
9. On The Bum
10. Ringfinger
11. Boys From The County Hell
12. You Ruined X-Mas

The Starvations - Get Well Soon

The Starvations - Get Well Soon

Gabriel Hart, vocalist of L.A. five-piece The Starvations, seems to me to be an older, broken and seedy Conor Oberst supplement for kids who grew up reading used copies of The Flowers of Evil and water-damaged library books by Hubert Selby, Jr. If all the addictions Hart sings about on this record are true, he isn't the precocious poet you'd want to bring home to ma because he could drop dead any second; if he's invented this stuff then he's chosen a more detailed terrain than the oft-times preciously obtuse Oberst, more a writer of pretty words than a chronicler of any generation.
On Get Well Soon, The Starvations' second full-length, instead of moralizing tales of a girl who cries when she plays violin, we have a guy realizing he just murdered someone in a drunken haze and a fuck-up leaning on a girl's doorbell for two days until he passes out in his car: "You tripled your dosage, washed it down with some rum, you ate all your candy and refused to leave me some. Oh you are a shining star, hanging in a sky of tar." Basically: catchy bits about boys who love girls who love drugs who love no one.
The words I've read thus far about The Starvations compare Hart to Jeffrey Lee Pierce of The Gun Club, who died from a blood clot in his brain while visiting his pops in Utah. I get the comparison, but Hart has more of Oberst's built-in quavering tremolo than Pierce's cool when he shouts and wheezes like a dyspeptic drama major about houses of love built of crumbling sand. Mix in Robert Smith (Hart even has Smith's spidery hair) and John Doe's beat stuff, then back our broken troubadour with The Bad Seeds, The Pogues, or 16 Horsepower and you're getting closer to the soul of this scruffy-ass stuff.
I like Hart's subject matter, his hobo appearance, and his "Skulls" vocal patterning, but his work isn't perfect. Succumbing at times to lyrical fluffiness, he strings together stock images of damage without giving these moments three-dimensionality. Because not all of the lyrics gel beyond general claims about being high and sad, a number of the songs are similar and the constant onslaught of rebel bard gets tiring. For example, "An American Funeral" begs for a less ceremonious death, telling loved ones to avoiding paying to an embalmer-- to save money for a shrink-- promising "my body's well preserved with all the alcohol I drink." Ho hum? Nick Cave's always been good at detailed storytelling, as are Tom Waits and, yeah, Jeffrey Lee Pierce. Nope, my generation has yet to unearth its Leonard Cohen. (I'd even say Oberst can be a better storyteller, especially in those tales of his brother drowning without a name, but the stuff still reeks of the sad singer playing tragic.)
Like The Pogues, The Starvations are a bar band in the best sense of the term: semi-accurate sods kicking up a bluesy dust around loosely tight songs about the underbelly of the city. There's enough personality in the band's decaying rock arsenal to keep you glued to the crumbling stage for at least a chunk of their rag-tag set, just not enough to inspire you to leave a tear in your beer or bring their CD home to your depressing apartment.


1 This Is What You Wanted?
2 Pray For Fol Play
3 Hide And Go Seek
4 Red Wine
5 An American Funeral
6 Rebel Angel
7 Recipe For A Mess
8 Oh Deputy!
9 Upon Your Request
10 Not Me This Time
11 Post-Climax Exhaustion

The Starvations - Gravity's a Bitch

The Starvations - Gravity's a Bitch

The Starvations are a band out of time. While their third record finds their sloppy bar-rock tightened up a bit, there's still nothing on it that would tip off an unwary listener that it wasn't recorded between 1977 and 1983. These dates are commemorated on Family Recordings's recent New Waves compilation as the bookends of the halcyon days of post-punk and new wave. But all trends have shadow-trends beneath them, and in this case, the term "shadow" couldn't be more appropriate.
The Starvations is the bastard scion of two gothic punk-noir bands, each of which formed in '77 and disbanded in '83: The Birthday Party and the Misfits. Blending the druggy storytelling and inebriated, throttled vocals of the former with the overstated morbidity and sloppy energy of the latter (with an L.A.-centric nod to the psychodrama of X, another band that formed in '77 and, while they didn't disband, began turning away from gut-wrenching punk and toward rootsy eclecticism around '83), the Starvations' unreconstructed take on classic L.A. punk is consistently exhilarating.
If modern L.A. spawns more materialistic pop-punk and less of the bohemian underbelly-trawling favored by the indelible X, then the closest the Starvations come to modernity is on the first and last tracks of Gravity's a Bitch. Both are strong, and neither cedes too much aesthetic ground to the slickster zeitgeist, they're just sleeker, smoother rides than the unruly dirges that divide them.
Opener "The Rising Horizon" begins as a clipped, anthemic stomp, then blurs into a slashing glide during the verses, and finds Gabriel Hart reprising his constant themes of dopesick love and inevitable decline. Trudging across quicksand that represents both the downward pull of horse ("And I walked/ And I sunk/ Severed my limbs/ Swimming in junk") and of unrequited love, Hart also acknowledges the darkly romantic magnetism of such dire circumstances: "And it never rains here but I won't complain/ Who'd ever want to wash away all the pretty stains?"
The title track closes the record with a stylized flourish: A cool wash of melodic bass, shushing percussion and quietly ringing guitars allow Hart's voice more space to breathe than usual, before the song revs up with chugging chords and flecks of detuned piano. A bleak terrain unfolds between these two landmarks: The funereal drums and wobbly arpeggios of the teen-angst dirge "Purgatory" ("We're slowly decaying into our parents/ Frigid and soulless and co-dependent"); the damaged surf-rock and call-and-response shouts of "Where was I?"; and the literally opiated spaghetti-western theme "This Poison". By addressing the vices of junk, booze, and love with equal desperation, the Starvations have a little fix for everybody.

Track Listings

1. The Rising Horizon
2. Purgatory
3. Lost at Sea
4. One Way to Remind
5. Dare You to Forget
6. Corner of My Eye
7. Where Was I ?
8. The Empty Piano
9. Nightshade Sweats
10. This Poison
11. Gravity's a Bitch


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THE DOG'S PICKS OF 2014: Volume 09

01 - DANNY B. HARVEY & MYSTI MOON - See That My Grave Is Kept Clean
02 - THE PINE HILL HAINTS - Rattle Them Bones
03 - ARIZONA BABY - Owners Of The World
04 - NEW AMERICAN FARMERS - The Garden (Live At Great American Music Hall)
05 - BIG DADDY LOVE - Eunice And The Bear
06 - THE URBAN VOODOO MACHINE - Your Hour Of Darkness
07 - DEAD MAN'S RANSOM - Liquor & A .45
08 - BILLY IDOL - Whiskey And Pills
09 - THE BIG BAD - Shadowbrook Road
10 - CJ RAMONE - Rise Above
11 - PULL PUNCH N' PRAY - Hippie Thrill Kill Ride
12 - CITY SAINTS - Don't Be Late
13 - MIKE HUDSON & THE PAGANS - Detention Home
14 - NITROGODS - Got Pride
15 - 9000 JOHN DOE - Country Zombie (feat. Jonny Hefty)
16 - DIRTY ATTIC - What Is Real
17 - MESHUGGAH - Do Not Look Down (Live)
19 - BIRCH HILL DAM - Coming Apart
20 - AT THE GATES - Upon Pillars Of Dust

97.66 Mb

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


01 - UNION AVENUE - The Other Side
02 - RANCHO DELUXE - Deluxe Death Song
03 - TWO COW GARAGE - Burn In Hell
05 - SHIRL MILETE - Big Country Blues
06 - CHEWBACCA'S - Cowboy Junkie
07 - THE JOHNNY TROUBLE TRIO - Lonesome Guitar
08 - DESOTO RUST - Northern Road
09 - 100 DAMNED GUNS - Go Back To Sleep
11 - THE CORAL - Bill McCai
12 - THE GOURDS - Tex-Mex Mile
13 - BRAZOS STONE - The Other Three
14 - RANDY ROGERS BAND - Ten Miles Deep
16 - BURRITO DELUXE - Midnight At A Red Light
17 - JOSH ABBOTT BAND - Evil Woman
19 - HORSE CAVE TRIO - Hillbilly Rock 'n' Roll

128k - 192k
92.70 Mb

Monday, October 20, 2014


01 - NEW AMERICAN FARMERS - Breathe In, Breathe Out
02 - BLACK COYOTE - Of Strippers And Cowboys
03 - HACK MACK JOHNSON - Last Night
04 - NIKKI SUDDEN & PHIL SHOENFELT - Hangman's Daughter
05 - PONDEROSA - Little Runaway
06 - THE PAPERBOYS - Town In A Rear View Mirror
07 - BENEDICTE BRAENDEN - Cold Hard Rain
08 - THE TAKERS - Taker Easy
09 - CHUCK RAGAN - Glory
10 - TIM BARRY - Thing Of The Past
12 - JALLA JALLA - Southern Comfort Rain
13 - THE SHAPE SHIFTERS - Lazy Lizard
16 - RUMBLE CLUB - Sam Joe Harvey
17 - DOUBLE CROSS - Ridin'
18 - STILL STANDIN - Drive You
19 - SIXES & SEVENS - Golden River
20 - CHUTE NINE - Reason Enough

160k - 192k
95.17 Mb

Rocket from the Crypt - Group Sounds

Someone had better save John Reis a spot on the canonical list of Hardest Working Men in Rock 'n' Roll. This is a guy who, at one point, was in two incredible bands at once (this one and Drive Like Jehu), and somehow convinced Interscope to sign them both; a guy who's maintained whole warehouses of credibility during his stay on a major by churning out seven-inches and compilation tracks for a plethora of tiny labels; a guy who pledged that anyone with a tattoo of the Rocket from the Crypt logo would get into their shows free forever, and a guy whose fanbase is so incredibly loyal that they actually went ahead and got tattoos of said logo. Now that's rock 'n' roll.
It was a mighty pleasure to hear Reis reunited with fellow Drive Like Jehu alumnus Rick Froberg on last year's Hot Snakes record, and now he's back with his main gig's first full-length since 1998. Blame the wait on the search for a new label after being predictably dropped by Interscope, because from the first blast of Group Sounds' "Straight American Slave", it's like Rocket from the Crypt were never gone at all. Huge, beefy guitar riffs punctuated by the crisp lines of the horn section (I hesitate to call one trumpet and one sax a "section," but hey, that's more than most non-ska bands have) form the basis of Rocket's 50s-garage-rock-of-the-future sound, with Reis leading the way with his indomitable Elvis-gone-punk shtick. It's the way RFTC have always done it, so why fix something that's so obviously not broken?
Group Sounds could be considered a "back to basics" record, eschewing much of the slicker production work of their last Interscope release, RFTC, most likely because their new label couldn't splurge on six-figure recording budgets. While I'm always happy to see major-label castoffs find homes on indies, I also think Rocket is one of those rare bands that truly benefited from having tons of money to funnel into their sessions; RFTC remains my favorite release of theirs because they were able to further develop the more classic-sounding facets of their sound. Group Sounds is nonstop, straight-ahead rock for the most part, more reminiscent of Scream, Dracula, Scream!, but with enough flourishes to keep things from sounding too monochromatic.
"Carne Voodoo" sports a nasty 7/4-time riff that wouldn't have sounded too out of place on a Drive Like Jehu record, but then the horns jump in with a perfect rhythmic counterpoint and it becomes a bona fide Rocket song. That's probably the most important development onGroup Sounds: The horn section continues to come more and more into its own. In the early years, they seemed a rather superfluous addition to the band's sound, but on this album, trumpeter JC2000 and saxophonist Apollo 9 are as vital as the guitarists or drummer-- maybe even more so. When they're not playing, they're providing the backing vocals, handclaps, and assorted rhythmic instruments that elevate otherwise regular rock songs to the level of Rocket songs. And for the first time ever, they actually get to take honest-to-god solos on "Venom Venom" and "Savoir Faire".
Rocket from the Crypt motor through the first two-thirds of Group Sounds like they've got something to prove. (Which they don't, but they proved it anyway for good measure.) And just as their need for speed is starting to wear a bit, they thankfully kick it down a notch for the moody yet propulsive "S.O.S.", "Dead Seed", a slower anthem right out of the Circa: Now!years, and "Ghost Shark", which appears to be a dramatic piano-laden ballad for a Scooby-Doo villain. (I jest.) Right through to the end, every song on Group Sounds is solid, pure, high-octane Rocket fuel. The hardest-working man in rock? I stand corrected: Try the hardest-working band in rock.
Enjoy the rock!!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

New American Farmers Release "The Farmacology Sessions"

New American Farmers Release "The Farmacology Sessions"
The duo explores new vocal and musical territory and add a few surprise guests on their sophomore record released on October 14th, 2014.

The nine tracks on The Farmacology Sessions showcase the intertwining harmonies and sharp songwriting that mark the work of New American Farmers. This Americana music duo of Paul Knowles and Nicole Storto have been crafting songs together for 10 years—many years as the project, “Mars Arizona” before changing their name to New American Farmers in 2012. Their first album as New American Farmers, Brand New Day was well-received and led a No Depression reviewer to rave, “At times, they sound like a current day reincarnation of Gram and Emmylou, what with their smooth harmonies and gilded sentiments.” The Farmacology Sessions is their 2nd album as New American Farmers. 

The Farmacology Sessions was a project that happened organically. “We hadn’t really planned on doing another record in 2014, but the songs just started flowing.” Said Knowles. “We had the opportunity for some time in a great studio (Opus Sound), so we started recording with Kevin T. White (bass player for Chuck Prophet’s Mission Express), and Tony Sales. This led to a couple of sessions with Chuck Prophet joining in on guitar. He was in between projects and was hungry to get into the studio and play with a band. We recorded one of the tracks live and he hinted that he wouldn’t mind coming back for another session. So, we are very fortunate to have his embellishment on the new record.”

The result is a late 60’s early 70’s influenced folk rock album. “It stretches out more,” said Knowles, “it takes more chances and we had a blast doing it.” The Farmer’s vocal style is very unique in that Knowles and Storto are able to sing each other’s harmonies and switch parts throughout the songs. The songwriting is insightful and the arrangements are nice and open. Chuck Prophet lends his talents for the upbeat and jubilant song “Aiming for the Daylight” which captures the Farmer’s signature Americana groove. “Chuck had the perfect riff for this song the moment he had his telecaster unpacked,” said Knowles.  Prophet also adds his trademark sound to the song, “Breathe In, Breathe Out”, a pep talk for dealing with life’s every day tribulations, as well as with musicians and recording artists dealing with the loss of income from their efforts. It’s a direct nudge across the bow of the current streaming music model.

Another guest player on the record is Alarm drummer, Nigel Phillips. Knowles met him when he was in a band that opened for The Alarm in the 80’s. He then re-connected with Nigel through his bass player Kevin, who met Nigel just by chance as he was walking down the street with his bass bag. That turned into Nigel doing some live shows with the Farmers and he went on to record a cover of The Alarm song, “Rain In The Summertime” for The Farmacology Sessions. “We thought that particular song was farmer friendly and would strike a chord with a lot of Californians,” said Knowles.

A cover of The Monkees “Door Into Summer” gets a psychedelic country makeover from Knowles and Storto, while “Down At The Pharmacy” acknowledges the greed of big Pharma, with a tune that suggests Lennon and McCartney backed by a pedal steel drenched country band. “We’ve had fun with that one,” said Knowles, “Meshing pedal steel with a Lonely Hearts Club Band overtone.”

Knowles and Storto continue to showcase their growth as songwriters intent on celebrating the essence of the American experience. “We’re about the songs,” Knowles claims. “We plant them wherever we can. Maybe they’ll grow, maybe they won’t, but we’re not going to throw in a bunch of trendy additives to convince you that what we do has value. If you want to drop in and soak up the vibe, you’re more than welcome.” sourced:

01. Down At The Pharmacy
02. Aiming For The Daylight
03. The Garden
04. Just A Note
05. Breathe In, Breathe Out
06. The Door Into Summer
07. Rain In The Summertime
08. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
09. Carrot And Stick


Nicole Storto: Vocals, Guitar
Paul Knowles: Vocals, Acoustic and Electric Guitars, 2nd Lead Guitar on “The Garden”, B3 Organ, REV and Sitar
Kevin T. White: Electric Bass, Standup Bass
Dave Zirbel:  Pedal steel, Lap Steel, Lead Guitar on “The Garden”
Tony Sales: Drums


Chuck Prophet: Lead and Rhythm Guitars on “Aiming For The Daylight”, Fender VI Lead Guitar on “Breathe In, Breathe Out”
Nigel “Twist” Phillips from The Alarm: Drums on “Rain In The Summertime” (an Alarm cover)
Dave Walker: Lead Guitars on “Rain In The Summertime”
Howie Cockrill: Mandolin, Fiddle and Violins on “Down At The Pharmacy” and “Carrot And Stick”

View video of "The Garden":

Listen to "Aiming For The Daylight":

Listen to all their albums and download selected tracks:

To purchase this great album, and their earlier releases, which everybody should have in their collection, go here: or here:

From One Lando To Another Lando - Volume 1

02 TYLA-Legend Of The Thief
03 JEFF DAHL-Outta Luck
05 NIKKI SUDDEN-Liquor, Guns And Ammo
06 MIKE NESS-Dope Fiend Blues
11 DEAD BOYS-The Nights Are So Long
13 THE JIM CARROLL BAND-City Drops Into The Night
14 JEREMY GLUCK-Road Of Broken Dreams
15 FREDDY LYNXX-No New Tale To Tell
16 X-Hungry Wolf

Saturday, October 18, 2014

THE DOG'S PICKS OF 2014: Volume 08

01 - MATTY JAMES - Last One To Die (feat. Tyla J. Pallas)
03 - SICK SICK SINNERS - Unfuckinstoppable
04 - SHAM 69 - Always And Forever
05 - RANCID - Raise Your Fist
07 - MARIJUANAL - Double Drop
09 - ORANGE GOBLIN - Bloodzilla
10 - THE MELVINS - Bride Of Crakenstein
11 - SICK OF IT ALL - 2061
12 - COMEBACK KID - Somewhere In This Miserable...
14 - SCAR SYMMETRY - Limits To Infinity
15 - GRAND MAGUS - The Naked And The Dead
16 - RIGOR MORTIS - Rain Of Ruin
17 - EXODUS - Collateral Damage
19 - NECROPHAGIA - The Dead Among Us
20 - DECAPITATED - Blood Mantra

101.37 Mb

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

THE DOG'S PICKS OF 2014: Volume 07

01 - KEVIN K - Russian Roulette
02 - FEED THE RHINO - The Sorrow And The Sound
03 - 500 MILES TO MEMPHIS - Medication
05 - GUTTER GHOULS - Friend Or Foe
07 - YELLOWDOG UNION - For Burning Bridges
08 - THE HIP PRIESTS - Treat Me Like Dirt
09 - BeThisBell - Bleed
10 - STRAND OF OAKS - For Me
11 - PHIL RUDD - Repo Man
12 - SLASH - Automatic Overdrive
13 - BULLET (SWE) - It's On
14 - GRIFTER - She Mountain
15 - THE VIBRATORS - Retard
16 - YUPPIE PRICKS - Life Is Easy
17 - REBELHEAD - King Of The Road
18 - IRON REAGAN - Four More Years
19 - RED FANG - The Meadows
20 - CANNIBAL CORPSE - Headlong Into Carnage

128k - 192k
93.79 Mb

Sunday, October 12, 2014

MOON CURSE - Self Titled Debut European Vinyl Release

Beneath the faded light of Milwaukee's infamous "Polish Moon" clock tower (a structure built for the sole intent of dominating the night sky and the view of it's immigrant residents), three bleary eyed mystics brew stoner hymns dedicated to baphomet bongsmoke, Pontiac muscle and 70's rock n' rollers. following a DOOMED path, tred by true HEAVY fanatics before them, a path that will always remain for those dedicated to the riff; MOON CURSE walk with intent to play loud and proud! Keith bangs the drums, Rochelle strums the Squier P bass, and Matt breaks Orange amplifiers and howls. One could cite Sabbath (duh!), Zeppelin, or a handful of other protometal-fuzz-stoner-whatever-rock as influnces, but you get the idea! You know it! You love it! So ... GET CURSED!

The self titled debut album of Milwaukee's finest doomsters MOON CURSE is hounoured with a expanded European vinyl release. The epic track "Seminary woods" - featured on this pressing exclusively - was added to their stunning self released debut!


- 100x white w/ green (EXCLUSIVE MAILORDER edition)
- 200x clear w/ white
- Plated & pressed on high-performance 180g vinyl
- Pressed in Germany
- Matt laquered 300gsm gatefold cover
- Artwork by Vincent Zager
- Hand numbered
- Especially mastered for vinyl
- Incl. bonus track


A1. Medicinecoma 5:42
A2. Northern High 7:11
A3. Seminary Woods 9:10 (BONUS TRACK!)
B1. Brontis 5:43
B2. Chandra 2:05
B3. Black Elk 8:45

This is another seriously good album folks, great doom / heavy rock, if this your thing, I recommend you grab the vinyl from the link below or the digital download from their bandcamp site.

Available at:

Bilocation Records
Home Of High Quality Vinyl

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

DEMONAUTA "Caminando En La Luna" Vinyl Release

Demonauta were founded back in 2008 in Santiago, Chile with David on guitar and vocals, Giovanni on guitar, Ronnie on bass and Rodrigo at the drums. In 2009 the first 6-track Demo was recorded and released on several blogs in the net.

After several line-up changes (now with David/v&g, Miguel Angel/b and Ale/d) the band went to studio again in 2011 to record their first full length called "Vol. 1", which received great reviews all over the planet. In 2012 the next full length followed, called "Caminando En La Luna". The second full length is a big step forward: Demonauta never sounded more intense, sharp and to the point. The riffs are simply amazing mixing the intensity of stoner metal with the sun-drenched sounds of desert rock and fuzz rock superbly. One minute absolutely heavy and the next some superb fuzz riffs. Demonauta cultivate stoner fuzz rock in the best South American tradition.

The album "Caminando En La Luna" by Chilean Heavy Stoner Rockers DEMONAUTA is out on vinyl!


- 150x transparent red with white
- 150x black
- all high-quality heavy 180g vinyl
- pressed in Germany
- matt laquered 300gsm gatefold cover
- handnumbered
- especially mastered for vinyl by Tony Reed


A1. Hotel 5:57
A2. Hacia el 6to Sol 4:48
A3. Caminando en la Luna 5:40
A4. Mr. Magnet 3:20
B1. Al Viento Entender 3:51
B2. Camaleón 3:02
B3. El Refugio 4:18
B4. Kom-v 4:10
B5. Seamos Libres 4:47

Total: 39:53 Min.

This is one seriously good album folks, great stoner fuzz rock, if this your thing, I recommend you grab the vinyl from the link below or the digital download from their bandcamp site.

Available at:

Bilocation Records
Home Of High Quality Vinyl

Monday, October 6, 2014

Direct Hit! "Brainless God" Box Set Preorders Up Now

Hey dudes!

Pumped as fuck to finally show off these Brainless God box sets we've been promising for more than a year. For those who give a shit: Thanks for being patient and not fucking with us too much for taking our time getting them together. We're really proud of how they turned out.

There's a photo attached to this email. I spent about 8 hours putting the display together. Please don't hurt my feelings.

There are a little more than 100 of these left for sale, and if past releases are any indication, they might sell out pretty quick. Just so you know what's up, each set includes:

- 2-color silkscreened, hand-numbered box, printed by The Shop Merch Co. in Madison, Wis.
- Clear red vinyl LP version of "Brainless God," pressed by Red Scare
- Album-length DVD with chapter selection, co-produced by Good Land Records and Red Scare
- 48-page lyric/comic book, illustrated by Eric Baskauskas/Wall Of Youth

We're selling these for $40ppd apiece, but if you're going to be at Fest on Halloween, you can preorder yours for $30 and pick it up after our set at Rockey's, at 8:50PM/ET. For international orders, we need a $35 deposit, plus the difference in shipping, which we'll figure out once we hear from you. We'll mail out the week of November 10th.

Our Paypal address is MAKE SURE YOU INCLUDE YOUR MAILING ADDRESS WITH YOUR PAYMENT. First-come, first serve. If we get more than 300 preorders, we'll refund anyone who came in too late. We aren't going to limit the quantity anyone can buy for anyone who wants extra copies for a distro or an Xmas gift or something, but don't be a dick - try and keep it reasonable.

Thanks for continuing to pay attention to our stupid band. Let's keep hangin.

<3 Nick / DH

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Jo Dog & Paul Black's Sonic Boom [2000] Sundown Yellow Moon

Mix one talented British guitarist named Jo 'Dog' Almeida (Dogs D’Amour) with one eccentric frontman, Paul Mars Black (L.A. Guns, Black Cherry). Add generous dashes of blues, pop, and roots rock and roll and bake until finished. The result? A recipe for success… the band Jo & Paul's Sonic Boom, which will please the tastes of even the most discerning fan. The EP Out of the Blues released in the late 90’s and Sundown Yellow Moon in 2000, were printed in limited editions but received rave reviews from those lucky enough to get their hands on a copy. Wistful lyrics combined with feel good melodies created a vibe that had you singing along, even after the music had ended.

After a break to complete solo projects, the guys recently reconvened to get their groove on again. Tasty new concoctions will be set in concrete in the near future. Meanwhile, fans will be treated to two new singles, Tree For Shade and Everybody Rains On My Parade and keep your eyes peeled for accompanying videos.

01 - Sundown Yellow Moon
02 - Slippin' Away
03 - It's Alright
04 - Destination Nowhere
05 - Blind Love
06 - Out Of The Blues
07 - Find Me
08 - It's Hot!
09 - Wine & Roses
10 - I See Daylight
11 - Broken Wings
12 - Lazy Morning
13 - Candy Store
14 - She Turns Me On
15 - That's What It's Like
16 - Borracho Bolero

65.98 Mb

Marijuanal Release Debut Album "Stoned Punk"

Marijuanal was founded in the province of Rovigo (Veneto Region, Italy) during March\April 2013 by Spear (voice, guitars) who was lookin to create a band to play his favourite music: hardcore, thrash 80's, punk. Few weeks later Piledriver (bass), a person well known by Spear, joined in the band and changed a little bit a simple hardcore project into something more interesting and complete.

In the summer 2013 the demo "Garbage Paradise" was ready and it had 4 songs, in September 2013 "Greatest (S)hits", containing 3 songs, was ready and represented a very huge step ahead.

"Alone" became number 1 in the soundclick punk chart and in the rock chart reached the top 50, "No Pussies In The Skatepark" reached  number 4 in the soundclick punk chart, whilst "1984" (which has been used for their second videoclip) reached number 11, "Blood (nukezone)" positioned 10 in over 16807 tracks and positioned 49 in over 107198 tracks and these songs are included in their debut album "Stoned Punk", which was released August 2014.

On 16 February 2014, "No Pussies In The Skatepark" was voted as one of the best songs in the demo chart in the website of the legendary punk label "Epitaph". On 5 March 2014, "No Pussies In The Skatepark" and "1984" were both in the Epitaph demo chart.

On Reverbnation: number 1 in punk local chart, number 1 in national punk chart, number 31 in the global punk chart.

Their songs are in the playlists of a good number of web radios/radios worldwide: you can listen to them in California, Florida, Argentina, Brazil, Italy, Phlippines, and more. They've been interviewed several times and you can find their songs on 4 Italian compilation albums.

Their common influences are: hardcore, punk, '80's thrash, rock.

Piledriver is fan of japanese rock, indie, alternative and his idols are Matt Freeman (Rancid) and Ue-chan (Maximus the Hormone).

Spear loves drum'n'bass, rap, hip hop, dubstep, goa trance, indie, stoner rock/metal sludge metal.

A zero budget video has been released for the track "No Pussies In The skatepark", the same as for "1984".

2 session men help them play live.

This album is one great slab of stoner punk, do yourselves a favour and purchase it from here or here.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Shadow Windhawk and the Morticians Crowd Sourcing Campaign Update #4

Morticians' Assistants! Because of you, we have done it. This morning our campaign reached its initial goal of $7,500 and has since surpassed it to a current total of $8,031. On behalf of myself and The Morticians, I just want to say thank you so much - from the depths of our undead hearts. We are all shocked and excited that our journey is taking the exact direction that we had hoped it would upon launching this campaign. It gives me great joy to announce that not only will our debut music video, "The Never Dead" go into pre-production next week, but we will also be releasing our debut album "Casket Spray" on limited edition Candy Corn Yellow 12" vinyl, with brand-new cover artwork by legendary 90's Goosebumps illustrator, Tim Jacobus. Currently, the final master of the album is ready to go, as is the track list and the funds for the pressing. But - prior to production, the artwork must be completed. I spoke with Mr. Jacobus today and he is extremely busy at the moment, however our album cover is now officially on his schedule and will be in the initial stages of production by the first week of November. Four weeks after the first rough sketch is approved by SWATM, the cover will be completed with full color - at which time, the vinyl pressing will finally go into production. The vinyl records will take between 6  - 10 weeks to arrive at Black Flame Records HQ, at which point the albums will begin to ship out to you guys immediately. As for the additional merch - all of it will be produced as quickly as we can manage to do it - without sacrificing any quality. Everything coming from this IndieGoGo project will be created and manufactured from only best of the best companies out there. The vinyl, for example, is being pressed at Sound Performance USA, who have pressed albums for many big clients including Amon Amarth. I personally will see that the Windhawk Jukebox perks are uploaded as soon as possible. Also: perks such as the custom vests, jacket and guitar will ship out in the next one to two weeks, I also hope to have the lifetime all-access laminates completed in the next one to two weeks. As for the music video, we intend to begin principle photography in November with a release date sometime in early December this year - everyone who has contributed will be credited in the video at the end, and the producers' names will be appearing in the beginning of the video.

This is only the start of a big future for SWATM.

We love you guys!!!!!!

Shadow Windhawk

Visit the ‘SWATM Casket Spray on Vinyl and New Music Video!’ campaign.