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The Dog's Space - 80's Headbanging Metal, Vol 1

The Dog's Space - 80's Headbanging Metal, Vol 1

01 FASTWAY-All Fired Up
03 SEDUCE-Headbangers
04 OZZY OSBOURNE-The Ultimate Sin
05 HELLOWEEN-Future World
06 AC-DC-Who Made Who
07 METALLICA-Hit The Lights (Metal Massacre Version)
08 JUDAS PRIEST-Living After Midnight
10 ADAM BOMB-All The Young Dudes
11 JUNKYARD-Blooze
13 CATS IN BOOTS-Shot Gun Sally
14 LOUDNESS-Crazy Night
15 ANTHRAX-Indians
16 BLACK SABBATH-Children Of The Sea
17 SALTY DOG-Come Along
18 MOTLEY CRUE-Take Me To The Top (Original Version)
19 VAIN-Secrets

All tracks hand selected by: Stephen "Horns in the Air" Elliot and Scott "Rock You" Vincent. 
2014 DeathParty Tucson Pro. 

Headbang HERE!!!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Pelle Miljoona OY ‎– Moottoritie On Kuuma

Pelle Miljoona OY ‎– Moottoritie On Kuuma

Legendary Finnish Punk Rock, this band features Andy McCoy and Sami Yaffa who later went onto Finnish Trash Punk Rock N Roll Legends HANOI ROCKS.


1-Moottoritie On Kuuma 5:10
2-Vapaus On Suuri Vankila 3:00
3-Meille Kävi Näin 3:42
4-Koska Sydän Sanoi Niin 3:01
5-Kovat Kundit 2:31
6-Olen Kaunis 2:45
7-Juokse Villi Lapsi 4:32
8-Nuoret Rakastavaiset 2:13
9-Älä Äiti Itke 2:31
10-Tänä Yönä Vien Sut Pois 3:45
11-Elämän Pyörä 2:21
12-Moottoritie 2:11
13-Hyvää Yötä Maailma 2:16


Bass, Vocals – Sami Takamäki
Cover – Riipinen*
Drums, Percussion, Vocals – Tumppi Varonen
Drums, Vocals – Pelle Miljoona (2)
Guitar, Vocals – Andy McCoy
Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals, Tape – Ari Taskinen
Mixed By, Recorded By – Risto Hemmi
Producer – Atte Blom, Pelle Miljoona Oy
Remastered By – Pauli Saastamoinen

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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Darlington - Euthanize Me

Darlington - Euthanize Me

In the past few months, Disaster has released both the Exploding Fuck Dolls retrospective and Darlington's new record Euthanize Me, effectively unearthing the father and giving birth to the son at the same time: Christy Darlington's latest sound bears more than a striking resemblance to a young Duane Peters and the Fuck Dolls in particular. So like that comparison implies, this is snotty, attitude driven punk rock with more than a few skateboarding anthems. It's nothing that hasn't been done before, but despite Darlington's apparent distain for the newer variants of the genre, the band manages to avoid the typical "street punk" limitations with a healthy combination of youthful vigour and a love of good pop song writing.

The sequencing on the album might deceive those who don't venture past the first few tracks, because while the record leads off with speedy buzzsaw guitars and a middle finger held straight out of the late 70s, Darlington's skill as a pop songwriter really emerges later on the slower material like "Oxygen" and "Euthanise Me." There's a rough-hewn charm to these tracks, an awkward outcast feel borrowed with respect from Mr. Costello that manifests itself all over the album. The Spanish language "Como De Flor" is a fun bit of bubblegum pop with a driving backbeat. It's followed by the blazing "Tarantula," a purely instrumental piece that rocks along for no longer than a minute and a half of authentic sounding 80s style hardcore, only to lead into another cut of sweet pop-punk. The record changes gears more than a few times and it gives the album life and enough dynamics to keep it from ever falling into a pattern.

Christy's liner notes indicate that this 12 track album was recorded in a single day with few takes. That's hardly boasting as it's flaws are left for all to see, but the lack of polish works well. Darlington's voice has a realistic high range that he employs quite liberally, one can envision some hack producer salivating at the thought of feeding it through the autotuner a few times to achieve that mainstream pop wine. Since that potential is there, the fact that the record leaves all the rough edges and loud guitars in, even on love songs like "Beautiful," is a huge bonus. If anything Darlington harkens back to what authentic pop-punk could and should sound like.


1 F-Em
2 Shut Up & Skate
3 Destroy All Lines
4 Oxygen
5 Flunkie
6 Euthanise Me
7 Como la Flor
8 Tarantula
9 Two Chords
10 Skate Tough or Go Home
11 Sweetest Kiss
12 Beautiful


Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Joykiller - Discography

The Joykiller are a punk rock supergroup from Huntington Beach, California. The Joykiller were formed in 1995 by Jack Grisham of T.S.O.L., Billy Persons (The Weirdos/Gun Club) and Ronnie King. After the formation of the band Jack recruited his ex-T.S.O.L. band mate Ron Emory on guitar and added Chris Lagerborg on drums. This original line-up recorded one album on Epitaph records "The Joykiller." before Emory was replaced in 1996.

The next line-up saw the addition of songwriter Sean Greaves on guitar. They recorded two albums on the Epitaph label, "Static" and "Three", and toured the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

They Joykiller is currently working on their 4th record tentatively titled, 'I am the Mother-Fucker you want to party with.'


The Joykiller - Debut

1."Love You More Dead"  
2."Show Me The System"  
3."We Got A God"  
5."I Wanna Drink Over You"  
6."Go Bang"  
7."The Other"  
11."Baby Sitter"  
12."Nobody's Here To Stay"  
13."Never Come Back To Me"  
14."Less Than Crazy"  
15."She's Having Fun"    


01. Hate
02. I Don't Know
03. Brainless
04. Sanity
05. Sad
06. White Boy
07. Destroyer
08. Sorry
09. Television
10. She's So Static
11. Wanting The Kiss To Go On
12. Get Started
13. Nowhere Ever
14. What A Girl

01. What It's Worth
02. She's Something Else
03. The Doorway
04. Ordinary
05. Another Girl
06. Love You Now
07. Your Girlfriend
08. Supervision
09. Know It All
10. Promises
11. Anyone But You
12. Sex Attack
13. Record Collection
14. Make Love To You
15. Once More

Ready Sexed Go

01. Love You More Dead
02. Show Me The System
03. We Got A God
04. Seventeen
05. Go Bang
06. Monday
07. She
08. Baby Sitter
09. Hate
10. I Don't Know
11. Brainless
12. Sanity
13. Sad
14. White Boy, White Girl
15. Television
16. She's So Static
17. What A Girl
18. What It's Worth
19. She's Something Else
20. The Doorway
21. Ordinary
22. Another Girl
23. Love You Now
24. So Dazed*
25. La La La*
26. Don't Want You Back*
27. Ready To Play*
28. Someone To Love?*
29. Breaking Up Is Cool*
30. Miss Fortune*
31. Emily*


Various ‎– Born To Lose: Soundtrack From The Motion Picture

Various ‎– Born To Lose: Soundtrack From The Motion Picture

1–Iggy & The Stooges - Tight Pants
2–Loose Is Good
3–Lazy Cowgirls - A Little Sex & Death
4–Zeros, The - Baby's Gotta Have Her Way
5–White Flag - Don't Give It Away
6–I Can't Feel It
7–Streetwalkin' Cheetahs, The - Little Tokyo
8–Darlings, The - Ultra Fuck
9–Joneses, The - Pill Box
10–The Social Distortions
11–Lovemasters, The - Beat Girl
12–Trash Can School - (Ride On) Silver Surfer
13–Black Angel's Death Song - Danceteria
14–It Sucks
15–Bees, The - Goin' Down
16–Zeros, The - Black & White
17–Joneses, The - Criminals
18–Sacred Hearts - This Ain't Our Last Goodbye
19–I Have No Idea
20–Bed Of Eyes - Pain Killer
21–Fancy Lads - Frustration
22–Texas Terri & The Stiff Ones - Situation
23–Spoilers, The - Liquer Store
24–Modern Lovers, The - I'm Straight


Saturday, November 15, 2014

THE DOG'S PICKS OF 2014: Volume 10

01 - JAMES WILLIAMSON - Open Up And Bleed (feat. Carolyn Wonderland)
02 - MARIANNE FAITHFULL - Sparrows Will Sing
03 - MARIACHI EL BRONX - High Tide
04 - ELLIOTT BROOD - Jigsaw Heart
05 - STEVEN CASPER & COWBOY ANGST - Rattlesnake Road
08 - ROSE'S PAWN SHOP - Staring At The Door
09 - SHAKEY GRAVES - The Perfect Parts
10 - THE RUMJACKS - Plenty
12 - SWINGIN' UTTERS - Tibetan Book Of The Damned
13 - THE ELECTRIC MESS - There's Nothing You Can Do
14 - THE LIVING KILLS - It Ain't Easy
15 - THE DAMN DIRTY APES - The Vanishing Act
16 - THE GHOST INSIDE - Out Of Control
17 - UNEARTH - To The Ground
18 - DEVILMENT - Living With The Fungus
19 - MACHINE HEAD - Killers & Kings

104.17 Mb

Various ‎– Old Skars And Upstarts 2001

Various ‎– Old Skars And Upstarts 2001


1–No Artist - Intro 0:15
2–Duane Peters And The Hunns - Love & A Molotov Cocktail 2:36
3–Public Toys - Rock N' Roll Parasite 2:45
4–Sign Offs - Unpredictable 3:01
5–Stitches, The - Pick Me Up 2:23
6–Crowd, The - Surf Ghetto 2:17
7–Blue Collar Special - Take The Blame 3:13
8–Distillers, The - Warriors 2:46
9–New Broadcast, The - Between My Ears 3:51
10–Worthless, The - Goodbye 2:23
11–Darlington - Infection 1:32
12–No Artist - Technical Interference 0:05
13–Gadjits - Leawood Rock 3:44
14–Throw Rag - Bag Of Glue 2:04
15–U.S. Bombs - Club Slick 2:41
16–Richmond Sluts, The - I'll Take You Home 2:37
17–Pushers, The - Black & Blue 1:46
18–Union 13 - Goin' Trough This 2:16
18–Vigilantes, The - Children In Heat 1:36
19–Livingstons, The - Culture's Like A Knife 2:57
20–Vaccines - Ballad Of Anne 0:09
21–Payasos Tristes - Los Crotos (The Homeless Ones) 2:03
22–No Artist - Technical Interference 0:05
23–River City Rebels - Life Of A Rebel 2:27
24–Troopers - Geliebt, Gehasst 5:04
25–Smogtown - Cheap American Rose 2:47
26–Black Monday - Gunslinger 2:37
27–Spooky, The - Hell Flower 1:52
28–District - Johnny 3:08
29–Fruit Cocktail - Trendy 6:42

New Download Link

Various ‎– Old Skars And Upstarts

Various ‎– Old Skars And Upstarts


1–Upsets, The - Don't Care At All
2–Rancid - Kill The Lights
3–Spasms, The - Rock City
4–Dgeneration - Dying For A Living
5–Static 99 - Name Dropper
6–Electric Frankenstein Feat. Rik L. Rik - Used To Know
7–Exploding Fuck Dolls - Some Other Day'92
8–Crowd, The - Scene
9–Dropkick Murphys - Billy Bones
10–Hormones, The - September Girls
11–Bleeders, The- New Kind Of Hate
12–F-Minus - Methedrine
13–One Man Army - Fate At Fourteen
14–Smogtown - Porno Beach
15–Texas Terri & The Stiff Ones - Oh Yeah
16–Lowdowns, The - Die Tonight
17–TKO - Tomorrow Never Comes
18–Union 13 - Destroying Yourselves
19–Mess - Braindead
20–Rancid - White Knuckle Ride
21–Crowd, The - Beginning
22–Chumps, The - Hate That Fuckin' Game
23–JFA - Blatten Localization
24–Spooky, The - Dracula's Bride
25–Bristles, The - Fill In The Blanks
26–Ducky Boys, The - Misfit
27–Jakkpot - Goldfinger?
28–Stitches, The - Liv'n At 1 10
29–U.S. Bombs - Check Point Chuck


The Electric Mess Have Released 3rd Album "House On Fire

Since forming in 2007 in New York City, The Electric Mess have developed into an exciting and tight rock n' roll band, led by an androgynous and dynamic lead singer.

The Huffington Post: "The Electric Mess entertain as a unit and still keep the music heads happy with their solid musicianship, a "too cool for words" repertoire, and one of the most electrifying front men I have ever seen."

Their self-titled debut album was released in early 2010, featuring the songs "You've Become A Witch," "Trash Talkin' Woman," and "She Has A Funny Walk." It received excellent reviews and made many "Best of 2010" lists. All 13 tracks have been heard on radio stations both in the U.S. and internationally, including Rodney Bingenheimer's "Rodney on the ROQ" (KROQ, Los Angeles), "Little Steven's Underground Radio Show" (Sirius/XM), and "Nights with Alice Cooper" (syndicated radio show).

Shindig!: "There are a wide range of influences, including British Invasion, 60's garage, R&B, and psych, but it sure ain't a mess... a very tight unit with bunch of strong tunes possessing a fine, melodic edge. This is a fine debut."

All-Music Guide: "**** of 5 stars: "(The Electric Mess) have the vintage approach and feel, they can write great songs, and the band isn't afraid to hit ‘em hard and make their music move... Anyone who wonders if there's anything left to be said on the garage revival scene ought to give The Electric Mess' debut a listen."

In 2011, Rowed Out Records (UK) issued "You've Become a Witch/Trash Talkin' Woman" on 7" and "You've  Become a Witch" was featured on the CD/LP compilation "Hipsters Vol. 3" on Acid Jazz Records (UK), May, 2012.

Their second album, "Falling Off The Face Of The Earth," was released June, 2012 on Groovie Records (Portugal) on CD and LP, featuring "He Looks Like A Psycho," "The Girl With The Exploding Dress," and “I Didn’t Miss You At All” Again, all 13 songs received radio airplay worldwide.

Shindig!: "The Electric Mess? Nothing could be further from the truth! Fronted by the mercurial vocal talents of androgynous lead singer Esther Crow aka Chip Fontaine and backed by four intuitive musicians... the New York City-based outfit produce tight, inventive, white knuckle ride garage-punk."

In May, 2013, The Electric Mess had their first European tour, playing 7 shows across Spain and Portugal to great, receptive audiences, and the band plans to return to Europe in 2015.

"You've Become a Witch" will be featured in the upcoming British feature Mod thriller, "Blood and Carpet." for release in fall, 2014, and "You've Become A Witch" and "He Looks Like A Psycho" were both featured in the U.S, independent horror film, "Lake Nowhere."

Their third album, "House On Fire," was released June, 2014 on Soundflat Records, on CD and LP.  All 13 of its tracks have been heard on the radio, including Rodney Bingenheimer's "Rodney on the Roq" (KROQ, Los Angeles) and "Little Steven's Under-Ground Radio Show" (Sirius/XM).

"House on Fire" reviews:

Shindig!: "...a rip-roaring combination of '60's Brit band song-craft freely mixed with the snot-nosed arrogance and too-cool-for-school attitude of U.S. punk - and it all works rather beautifully."

The Vinyl District: "...House on Fire finds them operating with energy and precision. Exhibiting impressive musicianship led by loud guitar and distinct vocal flair, the Mess’ sound is instantly familiar and yet loaded with personality as they deliver an assured punch....The Electric Mess’ finest record so far."

Santa Fe New Mexican: "...if you like wild, frantic, high-energy rock ’n’ roll, you really need to acquaint yourself with this New York band."

New video for "Better To Be Lucky Than Good:

01. Better To Be Lucky Than Good
02. House On Fire
03. She's Got Something To Say
04. She Got Fangs
05. Get Me Outta The Country
06. Beat Skipping Heart
07. Leavin' Me Hangin'
08. Lemonade Man
09. There's Nothing You Can Do
10. The Thing That Wouldn't Leave
11. Winding Stairs
12. You Never Come Around Anymore
13. Every Girl Deserves A Song

You can purchase this great album, which I highly recommend, from any of the following:

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Urban Voodoo Machine - Love Drink & Death

Urban Voodoo Machine - Love Drink & Death

Love, Drink & Death is the long-awaited third studio album from The Urban Voodoo Machine. This spine-tingling 16-tracker delivers in spades; fans of the group’s unique, dirty London take on a whole lot of styles from Rhythm ‘n’ Blues, Latin, Gypsy, Country, Jazz, Klezmer and more, will not be disappointed and a new crew of converts must be expected on the strength of this album.

Track Listing -

1.  Your Hour Of Darkness
2.  Pipe & Slippers Man
3.  Crazy Maria
4.  Captain Of A Sinking Ship
5.  Not With You
6.  Train Wreck Blues
7.  Don’t Mess With The Hat
8.  Loretta’s Revenge
9.   Drinking My Life Away
10. Nothing To Me
11.  Sharkwaters
12.  Jimmy Cuba
13.  Hid The Bottle
14.  Help Me Jesus
15.  Goodnight My Dear
16.  The Urban Voodoo Machine’s Second Line


Sunday, November 9, 2014

Divine Horsemen ‎– Snake Handler

Divine Horsemen ‎– Snake Handler


1 Snake Handler 3:48
2 Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye 5:18
3 Stone By Stone (Fire Is My Home) 6:07
4 Curse Of The Crying Woman 5:08
5 Someone Like You 4:01
6 Fire Kiss 4:46
7 What Is Red 3:32
8 Blind Leading The Blind 4:11
9 That's No Way To Live 5:36
10 Superlungs 2:48
11 Frankie Silver 4:12
12 Past All Dishonor 5:50
13 Sanctuary 6:12

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Various ‎– Old Skars And Upstarts 505

Various ‎– Old Skars And Upstarts 505


1–Bad Lieutnants - Arizona Love 0:43
2–Die Hunns - Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love 3:08
3–Briefs - Human Thermometer 2:59
4–Prima Donna - Double Crosser 2:24
5–Bones, The - Not A Love Song 3:01
6–Angel City Outcasts - Rev It Up, Turn It Loose 3:45
7–Turbo Negro - Suffragette City 2:45
8–Black Halos - Burning Trash 3:11
9–Epoxies - Don't Talk To Me 2:44
10–Lizzies, The - Baby Black And Blue 3:55
11–Ducky Boys - Scars 3:05
12–U.S. Bombs - He's The Man 2:45
13–District, The - I Crisis 2:35
14–Amazombies - Blind Devotion 3:17
15–Mad Sin - Straight To Hell 1:59
16–Street Dogs - Drink Tonight 1:11
17–River Boat Gamblers - Smoking Crack With L.A. Reid 2:20
18–Deep Eynde, The - Zombie Kids 1:46
19–Duane Peters Gunfight, The - Blow My Brains 2:58
20–Civet - Black Day 2:35
21–Addicts, The - Steamroller 1:52
22–Worthless, The - Fall In Love 2:07
23–Skulls, The - I Don't Need Nothing 3:15
24–Hollow Points - Ropes End 3:00
25–Blood For Blood - Hanging On The Corner 3:10
26–Roger Miret & The Disasters - Lower East Side 2:14
27–Stitches, The - Monday Morning Ornamemts 1:44
28–Orphans, The - Underage Girlfriend 1:39
29–R.X. Son - Because Your My Friend 2:15
30–Kings Of Nuthin', The - Wild In The Streets 2:12


Friday, November 7, 2014

New York’s The Living Kills Release Odd Fellows Hall EP November 14th

New York’s The Living Kills Release Odd Fellows Hall EP November 14th
Knitting Factory Record Release Show November 14th

"The Living Kills look, on the surface, like any other New York indie band waiting for its big break into the mainstream, but after one listen to 'Angels Without Faces,' it becomes evident that's not the case. Organs, synthesizers, ticking clocks and smoky male-and-female vocals make the group stand out from its peers." Magnet Magazine

"A buzzing, clamoring wreck of noise with sweetly straightforward melodies soaring overhead. Enjoy the howl of "Angels Without Faces." NBC New York

"These New York rocker's newest album features creeping organ, tons of noise and a great mix of '60s guitar nostalgia and modern shoe-gaze." AOL Spinner

The Living Kills bring all the fun of garage psychedelia–instrumental freak-outs, creepy organ, 12-string guitar, lights shows, and lots of noise – but with a decidedly modern sensibility.  Unlike a lot of their peers, they aren’t trying to emulate the past, but instead recreate a vision of the 1960s that didn’t happen. On November 14th, they release a new EP, Odd Fellows Hall which will usher in a full length LP in early 2015. They’ll play an release party at Knitting Factory in Brooklyn that evening. There is a new video for the single “It Ain’t Easy” on the way as well as tour dates.

The brainchild of songwriter, vocalist, and guitar player, Merrill Sherman, a Brooklyn transplant from Chicago and Alabama, the band was originally conceived as a meld of Paisley Underground and Jesus & Mary Chain, but instead, anchored by Sherman’s storyteller lyrics and the addition of Jennifer Bassett on organ and moog, approached something more akin to the darker trips of Roky Erickson or The Pretty Things. They wear their love of creepy B-movies, horror and spooky thrillers on their collective sleeves but chills generated are reversed by the dance party music lovers cannot refuse.

Previous to Odd Fellows Hall, the band’s released their first full length, the CMJ-charting “Faceless Angels,” which was praised by Magnet Magazine for “its new yet surprisingly nostalgic tracks.”

Recent Video for My Gun Is A Fist:

01. Anywhere [Explicit]
02. And You Scream
03. Don't Wait For Me
04. It Ain't Easy
05. The Tragic World Of The Living Kills

You can pre-order this fantastically good EP from here or here

Saturday, November 1, 2014


01 - AUSTIN LUCAS - Four Wheels
02 - ARBUCKLE XPRESS - Oklahoma Dust
03 - BELLEVILLE OUTFIT - Wanderin'
04 - GREENLAND IS MELTING - Lessons Learned
06 - DAVID SERBY - Wild West Show
07 - CALICO the band - San Andreas Shake
09 - JD MALONE & THE EXPERTS - Just Like New
10 - BOYS FROM OKLAHOMA - Thunder Road
12 - LEAVING, TX - State Of Mental Health
13 - LOS PLANTRONICS - Hang 'Em High
14 - THE HELLBENDERS - All I Can Do Is Cry
16 - HAYES CARLL - Stomp And Holler
17 - JEFF JONES - Texas
18 - THE UNFORGIVEN - Hang 'Em High
19 - DODGE CITY OUTLAWS - Let's Go For The...
20 - THE TONY MONTANAS - Sangue Chiama Sangue

128k - 192k
103.44 Mb