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Crowdfunding For The Don Darlings Limited Edition 7" Single

Crowdfunding for The Don Darlings Limited Edition 7" Single

Go here: (campaign ends: April 5, 2015)

Fundraiser for The Don Darlings "Electronic Man/Quicksand" Limited Edition 7" Colored Vinyl Single and 2015 European Tour

See the video here for the Crowdfunding here:

Howdy folks!

Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of The Don Darlings. I am the Reverend (otherwise known as D.L. Collum) and I am the singer. Although I have lived in Sweden for an unspecified amount of time, I was born and raised in Texas. We originally formed in Gothenburg, Sweden in 2007 as a country-punk-folk band and boots have strayed down strange paths since then.

We will soon finish the next step on our musical journey and want you to join us! We would like to ask for your help to get this music out to you and others like you who enjoy good music with heart and soul. We don’t make music to get rich, we do it to make people feel something strong. Now, a little introduction...

The Don Darlings - "If You Can’t Be Good" (from the latest album), see the video here:

Who is/was Don Darling?

About ten years ago, I was driving through the Texas Hill Country on my way from Austin out into the wild. By the side of the highway, stood a large shed that had "Snake Pit" painted in large letters. My curiosity could not be contained and I pulled into the driveway. For a brief moment, I thought I had been transported to an alternate universe based on "From Dusk till Dawn" when an angry dog approached the car.

Then a man of at least 80 years came out with his cane. He proudly showed me the "Snake Pit" and introduced the names, as well as temperaments, of the five rattlers of various sizes. With a gleaming light in his eye, he explained that he enjoyed educating passers-by on the beauty of Texas wildlife. He then presented me with his card and said any contributions would be kindly appreciated. If ever there was an interesting character on this earth, it was certainly this stately old gentleman named Don Darling.

I never thought I could sing but couldn't help but sing along to every word of "American Recordings"by Johnny Cash. One day a few years after meeting Mr. Darling, some like-minded Scandinavian friends of mine were kind enough to take me on a musical adventure where Gothic Southern Americana meets Scandinavian Extraordinariness.

Where we were and where we are

After playing extensively in Sweden and Europe, we have released three recordings (Two LPs/CDs and one EP, all available on iTunes, Spotify and other sites). We no longer consider ourselves a country-punk-folk band but those roots still permeate our live shows. Reviews of our live shows and recordings have compared us to a strange mixed drink of Nick Cave, Tom Waits, Johnny Cash and Leonard Cohen with a bit of Mark Lanegan on the side. If you’re wonderin' what kind of head we inhabit, that would describe it pretty well.

Now we are ready to release a new limited edition colored vinyl single along with planning a new European tour and want you to be part of it!

How can you be part of it?

You can make this happen by contributing to our project and get a copy of the single, a t-shirt, previous recordings, a show at your favorite venue and other cool stuff! Check out the list of perks and help us make it happen!

If you can’t contribute with funds but want to help, just send it on to friends and family. If nothing else, we hope you get to hear our music, see you out on the road and give you a great night of good music. Nice to meet y’all.

All the best and see or hear ya!


Damon "The Reverend" Collum - vocals
Johan Conse - drums
Martin Olsson - guitar
Mika Häkki - double bass
Tony Martinsson – guitar


Record Store Day Mini Tour

April 17
Venue: Grand Öl & Mat / Malmö, Sweden
Support to: Ellen Sundberg

April 18
Afternoon show
Venue: Hep town Records / Lund, Sweden

Evening show
Venue: Garage bar / Höganäs, Sweden

Electronic Man Realese tour

April 30
Venue: Glada Ankan / Karlstad, Sweden
With Rob Coffinschaker

May 1
Venue: The White Rabbit / Göteborg, Sweden
With Rob Coffinshaker

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