Saturday, May 23, 2015

Introducing: Sedate Illusion

Sedate Illusion a progressive metal band from Corfu Greece is a project of Vangelis Kakarougas (ex-member of Kinetic and Equal Vector). It initiated back at 2004 and there was a complete instrumental album called "Sedate Illusion", where Theodore Pegousis (ex-drummer of Equal Vector) took part.

There is the "0545" full length album with 8 songs and 3 instrumental tracks which its creation begun in February of 2009 and completed at the end of 2010. Peter Politis participates in two tracks which are the rhythm and the solo guitar section of the song "0545" and the solo guitar section of the instrumental track "Fish Inside My mattress". Kostas Alexakis (ex-Kinetic and Acid Death drummer) participated in the brutal vocal section of the song "As We Fall".

The album is available for you to download through this link:

The album "Illusory Sustenance" was created in 2011 - 2012 and contains 8 tracks out of which one is instrumental. Peter Politis participated on guitars and Lefteris Zochios on the creation of some of the lyrics section. An important role in the incident, was that the album has spent its last processing phase (mastering) by Martin Anderson in Lastdropmastering Studios of San Francisco and the album is available to buy on iTunes and Amazon.

"What Remains" is the fourth studio album of Sedate Illusion. It came out in February of 2014 and this is a very special album because it has a concept from the beginning to the end. Furthermore, there has been a beautiful collaboration with some amazing musicians and those are : Anastasios Kibizis (Guitars), Andreas Alamanos (Drums), Vangelis Glavinas (Bass), Spiros Gelekas (Additional Vocals), Lia Kolita (Additional Vocals), Charitini Anastasiadou (Additional Vocals), Konstantinos Koskinas (French Horn), Alexandra Grammenou (Oboe) and the flutes are Elli Anyfanti, Despoina Anyfanti, Maria Maltezou and Athina Doukakis.

Now Sedate Illusion is in the studio for the next album. It is estimated that it will be out late 2015!

“What Remains” is one great album and sold online by the following sites:

Sedate Illusion - What Remains Full Album (Youtube Audio Quality 96 kbit/s):

Sedate Illusion - Solitude Official Video:

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