Saturday, June 13, 2015

CHEAP WINE RECORDS - A Taste Of Cheap Wine (2013)

Not conforming to the typical standards, trends or hypes. Cheap Wine Records brings you the opposite of the mainstream. They have downloads for free/name your price in a variety of genres. They hope you enjoy their artists.

Enjoy this FREE download of the first Cheap Wine Records Compilation!

In typical Cheap Wine style this compilation has a varied mix of sounds covering all different genres of music. A true pick and mix of recordings, some songs have been previously released and some unreleased. Hopefully you will enjoy what we have to offer and introduce you to some very talented underground artists. Enjoy your taste of cheap wine!

01 - Intro - Give Me That Wine
02 - Longshot Nelson And The Disjoints - I Went Out Yesterday
03 - The Mussy Cluves - Moxy
04 - Carmen Lee And The Tomorrow River Two - Lonely Bird
05 - Static Goat - Straight To The Bottom
06 - Roberto LeBlanc - KlockWerk
07 - The God Channel - Your Life Depends On It
08 - The Busted Nags - No Signal Blues
09 - B.A. Fielder - Black Mottled Back Porch Cat
10 - JB Nelson - Leak In My Roof
11 - Captain Catfeesh - Jolo
12 - Slate Dump - Pistol Packin' Mama
13 - Sleepy Eyes Nelson - Bad Luck Follows Me Around
14 - Pigeon Petal - Everyday It Rained
15 - C.J. Marie - Baby Has Done The Crazy
16 - Sold Under Sin - The River
17 - Outro - That Was Wine

Free Download

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