Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Dead City - The Dead Sessions Featuring Cheetah Chrome

Dead City - The Dead Sessions Featuring Cheetah Chrome

In 1991 Connecticut's forefathers of Hardcore Lost Generation celebrated their 10 year anniversary playing a series of gigs with guest guitarist Cheetah Chrome formerly of The Dead Boys. Following a string of live shows it seemed natural to get into the studio with Cheetah and lay down some new tracks. By 1992 Lost Generation had run it's course so Joe Dias(singer) started to put together a band to play the music he really wanted to play, since he was growing tired of the hardcore and crossover genres. Joe ended up forming Dead City with guitarist Pugs(Hatebreed, Iron Cross, Loved and Hated)with whom he shared a common musical direction. Joe decided to go back to his roots and play a more straight foward 70's punk rock sound like the Dammed and The Dead Boys. Several sessions were recorded. The tracks that feature Cheetah Chrome used Joe's old band Lost Generation as backing while other sessions included Todd Knapp(76%Uncertain)and John Munera(Seizure). Dead City are planning on doing a small Northeast tour this winter to support the release of this CD and YES, Cheetah Chrome will be playing with them!


1 One Breath
2 So Cold
3 Memories
4 Inri
5 Lonesome
6 Too Fast
7 Slipping Away
8 Crazy As Ever
9 I Gotta Kick
10 Some Kinda Animal
11 Timebomb
12 In My Head
13 Too Much Hate
14 Nothing
15 Ashes And Bones
16 I Walked With A Zombie

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