Monday, June 15, 2015

Fur Bible ‎– Fur Bible

Fur Bible ‎– Fur Bible

After leaving The Gun Club, Patricia Morrison stayed in the U.K. with Kid Congo. They both formed the band “FUR BIBLE” along with Murray Mitchell on guitar & ‘Desperate’ on drums. They released one studio effort, a single titled ‘Plunder The Tombs’, on a french record label called New Rose. Produced by Clint Ruin. The 12” vinyl single also included two songs, Headbolt & Fumble Fist. *NOTE - The track above has Plunder the Tombs & Headbolt together in one track!* Photobucket They played a massive U.K tour as an opening act for Siouxsie & the Banshees finishing the tour with a gig at the Royal Albert Hall. As the band was winding down, Kid was invited to join Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds for the ‘Your Funeral, My Trial’ tour – moving to Berlin and becoming a full-time member. Andrew Eldritch called Patricia and asked if she would be interested in joining his band, the Sisterhood / the Sisters of Mercy…


01 Plunder The Tombs
02 Headbolt
03 Fumble Fist



  1. Great EP matey, thanks for the post.

  2. Not to forget mentioning the EP artwork by none other than

  3. I bought the 7' by New Rose label too, I still love this record.
    Thanks for this one, pics included !!
    Fred, Créteil, France


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