Saturday, June 13, 2015

M.M.S. KAISER [2014] Man From Another Place

M.M.S. Kaiser, born 11/24/1993, is a writer & musician from the state of Wisconsin, USA. Originally noted for his band, "The Myths", M.M.S. Kaiser started his solo project in 2013.

M.M.S. Kaiser's first book, "Night Roads to Oblivion", a collection of poems dating from 2008 to 2012, was released in 2012 under self-publication.

M.M.S. Kaiser's first album, "Imperial Sloughship", was released December 2013.

Here is the New EP for 2014.

01 - It All Ends the Same in the End
02 - No Two Eyes Can See
03 - Abominable
04 - Man From Another Place
05 - Wasted

Free Download here or here

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