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Naked Soul - Seed

Naked Soul - Seed 

Naked Soul to Rest in Peace After O.C. Gig
July 15, 1994 (A Review From L.A. Times)

Naked Soul is ending its five-year run tonight with a farewell concert at Our House in its hometown of Costa Mesa. Over the past two years, the band released an album and an EP for Scotti Bros. Records and went on several national tours. Naked Soul's leader, Mike Conley, has presided over shifting lineups since starting the band in 1989, including a complete revamping of the band last fall.

Track Listing:

1. Inside Out
2. Lonely Me Lonely You
3. Windows
4. In The Sky
5. So Sad About You
6. Crawl

Here Ripped from retail CD @ 320kbs

(A quick note, it was 1992 I was sick of my life and everyone in it. I was totally addicted to Meth, And I 
was coming out of a bad marraige. And yep, I was only 22. I decedied that I was done with it all. I got a 
300 dollar ticket on Greyhound to see the USA and sober up. I had been reading my Flipside mag, and there 
were a few articals on this great band. So, at one of the stops, Layovers, I saw a Tower Records. I
went in a BAM!!! there was this cassette for 4.99. I grabbed it right away, as I got back on the bus and settled 
into my seat. I put on the tape as we pulled out onto the open highway. This tape was one of my soundtracks 
to that journey. Which didnt end well, but it was a journey.)


  1. Great album nekro, thanks for sharing :-)

  2. Excellent glad you enjoyed the album. I am hoping to get the second album soon.


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