Saturday, June 13, 2015

NOMOTION [2014] Ritual Murders EP

NOMOTION paints it’s vivid palette of forbidden and dangerous colourscapes with the bravura of a band lyrically and sonically inspired by the saturated 70’s celluloids of Hammer movies, folk-noire, pop-magick and the arcane. The result is utterly immersive, utterly bewitching.

A concept EP about Ritual Abuse & Romantics from this Italian Southern Gothic Band.

01 - 1000 Stitches
02 - Love Is Murder
03 - Summer Rites
04 - Invitation To Ruin
05 - Sunday In Mourning

Free Download here or here


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    1. No worries Oisin, glad you liked the post and the other recent ones as well.

      Will try my level best to keep up the good work.


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