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Punk Rock's Not A Fashion Show.

Attack Ships On Fire plays intense, angry songs with a sense of humor. Firmly rooted on a foundation of punk rock, and with an impressively sarcastic wit, the attitude is clear: powerful music doesn’t have to be depressing. ASOF isn’t looking to redefine punk rock but they want to take it back from the people who just don’t understand that music is about sound and not image. “Punk rock’s not a fashion show” isn’t just the chorus from one of their songs it’s who they are. The music scene has become ‘The Scene’ and it’s more important that you stand out by looking and sounding like everyone else. They don’t. They won’t. They want to have fun, make some ears bleed, and see smiles on the fans faces when they’re leaving their shows.

Attack Ships On Fire was formed in 2003 and, after much turnover on every instrument in the band, ASOF was truly born in 2007. Vocalist Mike Bell was joined by drummer Allan Carter, bassist Kevin Cameron, and guitarist Dave Boyle and the band was at last complete. With the lineup intact ASOF quickly got to work getting out the word and garnering attention. There were the ‘victories’ in battles of the bands, countless club gigs throughout Oregon, multiple tours through the western states, [which always end up at the Double Down Saloon in Las Vegas, ("The new CBGB's" (Blender, Sept '07),)] RollerCon 2007, showcases, Emerson History X, (a Portland radio icon’s 10th listener party,) the beginning of the side-project, Hit Me Baby, (‘The Only Punk Rock Britney Spears Tribute Band You’ll Ever Need,') all culminating in the May, 2009 release of the band’s second full-length album, Punches Are Free, with an album preview show at the Double Down in Vegas and the official release party at the Red Room in Portland, OR.

Real music isn't pretty. They are not models. Punk Rock's Not a Fashion Show.

1. [2009] Punches Are Free

All this hits are here! All that's missing is you!

01 Let Me Be
02 Punches Are Free
03 Indescribable
04 Double Down
05 Jerry Springer
06 My Bad
07 Slice Of Live
08 Back To You
09 Starting Over
10 Don't Look Down
11 Runway Requiem
12 Fashion Show

Re-released in 2014 by SquidHat Records for worldwide distribution and you can get it here for name your price.

2. [2012] Vegas Soul

12 songs of loss, hope, fury and fortune based on stories from the book Vegas Knockout by legendary Las Vegas author, P Moss.

01 Chop Suey
02 Dear Annie, Love, Bug
03 The Magnificent Dr. Zombo
04 The Long Con (feat. Sandy from The Gashers)
05 Smokes
06 Iconic (feat. Melanie from The Dirty Panties)
07 Spoony The Clown
08 City Of Hope
09 Second Chances
10 Hands Down Chin Up
11 Vegas Soul
12 Double Down Saloon (You're Welcom Ruckus)

Re-released in 2014 by SquidHat Records for worldwide distribution and you can get it here for name your price.

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