Saturday, July 4, 2015

BISON MACHINE 'Hoarfrost' CD & Limited Vinyl Released - On Pre-Sale Now

Conceived in a single family wigwam on the far eastern reaches of the city of Detroit, and thrust from the birth canal in a dusty basement in Hamtramck, Bison Machine giveth and Bison Machine taketh away.

No Prisoners; no one survives. Liveshows are things of wonderment. Volume, blues, saturation. That is the prevailing ethos. Hamtramck’s own rock spectacle, heavy and melodic. Things are broken, blood is spilled, clothes and loin cloths are rent from bodies, antler and hides are prevalent.

Picture a small child raised on the delta blues since birth, then force fed Zeppelin and Sabbath til they could no longer move, then beaten and whipped with Kyuss, Pentagram, Earthless, Dead Meadow, Willie and Waylon, Queens Of The Stone Age and Thin Lizzy, until one day, the child rears its ugly bruised and mishapen head perched upon its grizzled, muscular, agromegalic body rippling with virility, shrugs of it’s chains, and runs down Jos Campau naked, riding a sabertooth tiger.

This is the music that poor soul would be singing.

Bison Machine …and no one survives.

John deVries- guitar
Breck Crandell- drums
Tom Stec- vox
Anthony Franchina- bass

Available as CD & limited vinyl

- 111x black/white marbled clear (numbered mailorder version)
- 150x clear
- 150x black
- Plated & pressed on high performance vinyl in Germany
- Matt laquered 300gsm  gatefold cover
- Full analogue recording
- Mastered for vinyl

A1. Cosmic Ark 4:01
A2. Old Moon 6:32
A3. Gamekeeper's Thumb 7:18

B1. Viking Hand 3:54
B2. Speed Of Darkness 5:56
B3. Giant's Coffin 8:53

Great stoner rock with a healthy dose of blues fuzz thrown into the mix for good measure make this album one great listen, do yourselves a huge favour and pre-order from here.

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