Monday, July 20, 2015

BLOOD & BANJOS [2014] Blood & Banjos

Blood & Banjos is an international music collective with the goal of combining two drastically different musical genres into one epic story album.

Blood & Banjos: The Marriage of Bluegrass and Metal.

This project has been a 3 year journey, which was funded by Kickstarter supporters.

Blood & Banjos is a musical experiment that juxtaposes two contrasting musical styles to express a single narrative. This album tells the tragic tale of Abram Stone: a man tricked by the devil into murdering his own family. The town is hell bent on bringing him to justice, but Abram has no plans of going quietly...

01 Regenesis
02 Anti-Annunciation
03 The Binding
04 Draw Down The Moonshine
05 Of Burial
06 Judge, Jury And Executioner
07 Sons Of Darkness
08 Of Birth
09 Anti-Assumption
10 Kings

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