Sunday, July 5, 2015

BLOODCOCKS UK [2014] Planet Bloodcock

Photo by Ryan Reason

Las Vegas band Bloodcocks UK have one hard and fast rule: they refuse to play in America. Not now. Not ever. Why? Because they don’t want to. And after two sold out Japanese tours, the quartet doesn’t have to. Bloody Bloodcock, Gory Bloodcock, Gunther Bloodcock and Annie Bloodcock crank out irreverent songs about monsters, dancing with Martian chicks and every imaginable bizarro sex kink. Buy a plane ticket or buy a record. Bloodcocks UK are not to be missed.

The dazzling second CD from Las Vegas' garage punk legends; Bloodcocks UK! Features Vegas icon, P Moss and star of A&E's Bad Ink, Rob Ruckus!

14 blistering tracks to melt your face and freeze your brain including: Jailhouse Debutante, Three Hole Romeo, Radio Bloodcock and more!

01 Planet Bloodcock
02 Bag Of Cheerleaders
03 Radio Bloodcock
04 Jailhouse Debutante
05 International Trim
06 Pie & Pills
07 Jerk Joint Joobaloo
08 Gunther Goes To Gatwick
09 Chick Fight
10 Agent 00Bloodcock
11 Hartlepole Skank
12 Three Hole Romeo
13 Bloodzilla
14 After School Special

Get it here for name your price.

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