Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Elmo Karjalainen Releases Backing Tracks For "Unintelligent Designs" & "The Free Guitar Album"

Elmo has released backing tracks for both Unintelligent Designs and The Free Guitar Album. This means that if you play guitar, or some other melody instrument for that matter, you can play over the songs from those records.

The backing tracks are available here: and here:

You can either buy the albums as a whole, or individual songs. The price is a mere 2 euros per album, although you're allowed to pay more if you want *nudge nudge* *wink wink*.

The Unintelligent Designs album doesn't contain every song from those sessions, since some of the songs were quite old, and they didn't have the individual tracks anymore. But it's still most of them.

If you do play guitar, here's your chance to play over the songs and make your own versions of them. If you want to make your own versions, and post them on YouTube (or somewhere else), please feel free to do so. Just ask his permission first, just to avoid any confusion. He will give permission if you ask.

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