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Maniacal. Brilliant. Belligerent. Legendary. Comprehensively in your face. Like a Muppet with a real bad attitude. These are just some of the words used to describe the utterly intoxicating Juke Baritone as he's been travelling the world with his rascally troupe of manic noise-makers, assaulting audiences with his tall tales of bad love, good times and the evils of the world. Accordions wail. Horns scream. Guitars screech. And the room goes wild as they dance and chant along to this uniquely Australian sounding psycholonial stomp. It's certifiably, incurably insane and it sounds bloody marvellous.

If you can think about Tom Waits and Cab Calloway drinking themselves into a stupor before moving to New Orleans and forming a punk band then you might be getting close to a hint of what Juke Baritone & The Swamp Dogs sound like. It is impossible to pigeon hole. Gypsy, jazz, rock, dub, punk, folk, reggae, blues and everything in between are mashed together into a completely unique and original sound.

Festival regulars at home in Australia, they have played in The Spiegeltent at Sydney and Melbourne Festivals, The Sydney Opera House, Adelaide Fringe Festival along with the National Gallery Victoria, Art Gallery NSW, Woodford Folk Festival, The Harvest Festival, Peats Ridge, Corinbank Festival and many more.

A recently completed tour of the UK and Europe saw Juke win over fans from London to Slovakia and back again with his criminally insane and larger than life stage presence. From the infamous 12 Bar Club in London to the Shout! Party near Verona Italy, punters were screaming Juke Baritone lyrics at the top of their voices and streaming from venues and festivals gushing that Baritone alone was worth every penny of their admission price. “Those crazy Australians!”

Completely at home on the cabaret circuit, in the circus, busking on the streets or roving around at festivals, Juke is never shy of an opportunity to bring some music or make the party. Whether solo or with a band, acoustic or electric, he can sing and dance and scream his way into the hearts and pockets of the unsuspecting public.

With two fully independent studio albums behind him and another three in the pipeline, a theatre show, a circus show, a local publisher with an international deal and the overseas market baying for his blood, expect to hear more loud noises from Mr. Baritone and his cohorts in the very near future.

1. [2006] Juke Baritone

01 Fade Out
02 O H!
03 Ya Said Ya Loved Me
04 Missed Me
05 Oh Yeah
06 Shadrack
07 Lover
08 Under The Umbrella
09 Bill Hicks

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2. [2009] The Salted Man

01 Little Voice
02 I Know Everything
03 The Last Of The Kings
04 Double Life
05 Rusty Bed
06 Old Joe
07 To The Bar
08 Hey God
09 Rivers Of The Dead
10 The Stairs
11 Kult Ov The Blind Squid
12 Last Drinks
13 Broke

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