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Maple Metal Records Presents: ECLIPSE PROPHECY - Days Of Judgement (2013)

2014 Band Lineup (l-r): Pierre-Olivier Mérizzi - Guitars, Maxime Legault - Bass / Back Vocals, David Mc Gregor - Lead Vocals, Danny Mc Gregor - Guitars / Back Vocals, Lucas Biron - Drums

Power metallers ECLIPSE PROPHECY may be Canada’s answer to Iron Maiden, only the band incorporates more velocity, with progressive metal, and thrash elements to their sound, creating a totally new breed of metal, for a new generation.

Eclipse Prophecy’s use of piano and keyboards adds lush symphonic layers, and grand solos to their epic wall of sound. The incredible vocal range of David Mc Gregor can go from baritone to tenor, to that of Halford-esqe screams with ease. All the influences combined produce a melodic, and dynamic listening experience. You can also hear progressive metal influences similar to their fellow countrymen RUSH (2112 era), in “The Shattered Mirror”, only the song boasts a more modern and aggressive approach, with the inclusion of blast beats. Augury’s Patrick Loisel is a guest vocalist on the same track, contributing the guttural growls. The ten tracks that make up "Days of Judgement" are killer power metal classics that will stand the test of time!

The brainchild of David Mc Gregor (lead vocals, and guitars), Montreal, Canada based Eclipse Prophecy were formed in 2003, and went through a number of band member changes including keyboardist Frederik Dufresne, only to settle on their current line-up in 2010. Their new line-up that performed on "Days of Judgment" includes David Mc Gregor, brothers Martin Machado on lead guitar, Karlos Machado on bass guitar, and Landryx (Unexpect) on drums.

Eclipse Prophecy have performed with Epica, Stratovarius, Blind Guardian, Gamma Ray, Pagan's Mind, and Sabaton on the Quebec, Canada metal circuit.

The album cover artwork was created by Pascal Laquerre, who is also credited for his album covers with Kataklysm and Aeternam.

If you are disappointed with the music scene and not sure that music is going in the right direction, this epic album will motivate you again to be a ‘defender of the faith'. This is the comeback album that metal has needed!

“Days Of Judgement” is definitely a classic metal album that all die-hard metalheads can enjoy, and a must-have for your record collection!

In late 2012, the band inked a deal with Maple Metal Records for the worldwide release of their first full length album "Days Of Judgement". It was released worldwide on March 5, 2013.

You can purchase this great album from here, here or here.

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