Monday, July 13, 2015

Maple Metal Records Presents: KÄLTER - Spiritual Angel (2009) & Ubuntu (2012)

Formed in 2006 Kälter are a Progressive Melodic Death Metal Band from Quebec, Canada. Started under the name Hatecrew (Children of Bodom tribute). When the band started to play their own songs, the name was changed to Kälter. The band broke up in May 2014.

Quebec melodic death metallers KÄLTER, may be Canada’s Best Kept Secret !!

‘Spiritual Angel’ is a progressive, melodic death metal gem, that has astounded the connoisseurs of metal and critics worldwide.

The band draws from the influences of Scandinavian metal bands like Children Of Bodom, incorporating melodic power riffs, folkloric elements, strong use of keys, and the same style of harsh vocals as their peers.

The music on 'Spiritual Angel' smells of Nordic efficiency, whether powerful orchestrations like Dimmu Borgir, or heavy use of keyboards, like the splendid synthesizer solos in "Darker By The Day" or "For The Last Time", worthy of Stratovarius.

'Spiritual Angel' is filled with beautiful arrangements ranging from magical guitar solos, brilliant lead keyboard work, progressive inventive drumming, and a stunning and epic vocal appearance from UNEXPECT's female singer 'Leilindel' on "Time Out Of Mind."

'Spiritual Angel' was recorded in 2010 at Badass Studio (Neuraxis, Augury, Blackguard, Unexpect) in Montreal, QC and was produced by Jeff Fortin and KÄLTER.

You can purchase this great album from here, here or here.

KÄLTER's next album 'Ubuntu' takes off where their 2010 debut album 'Sprititual Angel' left off.

Even more melodic and progressive metal than their last offering, but still KÄLTER maintains their signature sound of epic melodic Death Metal, with a healthy dose of symphonic keyboards and speedy guitars.

"The album's concept, 'Ubuntu' is a South African philosophy focusing on ideals of solidarity and embracing others in order to help the community flourish. The band views themselves, their fans, and even metal listeners in general as part of a closely-knit community, using tribal imagery to bring their ideas across in the lyrics, adding further to this record's appeal." - Rate Your Music (4/5)

Recorded in August 2012 at Badass Studio with Jef Fortin (Blackguard, Aeternam, Unexpect, Neuraxis). Cover art by Nicolas Francoeur from Vorace-Art.

You can purchase this great album from here, here or here.

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