Sunday, July 5, 2015

Maple Metal Records Presents: PRIMALFROST - Properous Visions (2014)

Primalfrost was formed in early 2012 by Dean Arnold, being the sole force behind the band by playing all the instruments and composing all the music. The Idea behind the band was to bring elements of genres like folk metal, melodic death metal, black metal, orchestral music, and symphonic metal to an epic scale.

Prosperous Visions is the second album release from Primalfrost, incorporating all the elements stated above into a 55 minute epic metal album.

"Toronto based Dean Arnold aged 18, of Primalfrost ( Vocalist and Guitarist) became the touring lead guitarist of the band VITAL REMAINS in 2014.

Primalfrost is:
Dean Arnold – All Instruments, Vocals, and Programming

Touring line-up:
Dean Arnold - Vocals, Guitar
Ric Galvez - Guitar
Larry Varvarici - Bass
Matt Ianuzzi - Drums

"Snap up one of the most important metal releases of 2014 Right Now!"

"Destined to be a metal masterpiece!"

"The 14 and a half min. track 'Catharic Quest (An End To Tyranny Part II)' takes you on a journey that encompasses everything that metal has to offer!"

"Earns points for going for it. Toronto’s Dean Arnold does Ensiferum anthems as if they were Children of Bodom guitar explosions. Bonus points: He even finds time for some folky asides." - Invisible Oranges Webzine

You can purchase this great album from here or here.

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