Sunday, July 5, 2015

PECCADILLOES [2014] Ten Years... A Million Beers

Peccadilloes are a vigorous 5 piece wall of sound punk band Who rose up from the desert dust of the concrete oven of Las Vegas in 2003. Fed up with politicians, economy and lack of beer, they decided to create PECCADILLOES. They are DIY band and has built a massive fan base through self promotion.

With their buzz saw guitar riffs gut pounding bass and drums and the unique lyrics and vocals from their dynamic lead singer they have become one of Las Vegas’ premier punk bands. With well over 300 shows under their belt, they have stood the test of time. Playing everything from dive bars to the Joint at the Hard Rock casino and touring in California, Nevada and Arizona. They have become well respected by fans, bands, venues, bookers and promoters for their phenomenal shows.

To commemorate 10 years as one of Las Vegas’ most influential punk bands, Peccadilloes, SquidHat Records are proud to release this 26 track double CD featuring a re-mastered version of their legendary album, Rumor Control, and the previously unreleased album, Chaos Show.

01 Psykill
02 Deadblind
03 Minimum Rage
04 Stillborn
05 Liquid Cheer
06 Hamptons Baby
07 Desert Rats
08 Boots 'n Fists
09 In My Way
10 Rumor Control
11 Sad Sack
12 Has Been
13 Down To Earth
14 Losing A Shoe
15 Storm Shadow
16 Buzzkill
17 Chaos Show
18 Powder Monkey
19 Organic Piranha
20 Pressed
21 Decay
22 Golds
23 Flophouse Special
24 Little Girls
25 Leftovers
26 Toughguys
27 Not One Of Them

The final two albums from the quintessential Las Vegas Desert Rats the Peccadilloes on one record which you can get from here for name your price.

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