Monday, July 6, 2015

Scotty B. Radio Show - Episode 1

Scotty B. Radio Show - Episode 1

After several failed attempts to create some type of download only internet
radio show. Mix master DJ Scotty B. returns with a five star studded Episode for you all. 
Presenting some top new bands as well as some old standards and some rare trax here and there. 
Please leave a comment, and any request you may have. This is a growing idea, may and 
may not work. But let's have some fun trying to succeed. Now enjoy my friends.  

01 Duane Peters & The Hunns-Hate N' Love
02 Fang-American's Most Hated
03 FIST-Something Else
04 Guttersnipe Rebellion-One More For The Road
05 Billy Bones-The Cowboy Way
06 Copycats-Golden Plastic
07 Mad Parade-The Fool
08 The Johns-Creep Out
09 The Flamethrowers-Stay Free Forever
10 The Yo-Yo's-Hey Tonight
11 Sign Off's-Sonic Shutdown
12 Richie Ramone-Humankind
13 Not For You-Love You, Hate You
14 D.I.-Johnny's Got A Problem
15 Damnation-By Myself
16 The Besmirchers-Skankenstein
17 U.S. Bombs-Warbirth
18 Falling Idols-Water
19 Symbol Six-Beverlywood
20 Rik L. Rik-Shiny Girl
21 The Faction-The Kids Are the Future
22 Jeff Dahl-Circa '70
23 Nuns-Child Molester
24 Pinups-Sonic Reducer
25 Radio Stars-Dirty Pictures
26 Wong Numbers-Need To Know

Download only internet radio show, 07/2015.

I want to thank all the bands, without your music life would be so boring. 
Now do yourself a favor, Go out and buy some damn LP'S, CD'S, DIGITAL ALBUMS. 
Support your scene!!!!!

Scotty B. (Nekro)


  1. Thanks Scotty, superb selection of songs. Pretty cool, the tracks by Jeff Dahl, Falling Idols, and Radio Stars.

  2. Thank you so much brother, great feed back. Maybe we will see more of them artist in future downloads.

  3. Nice mixer. A bit of something for all.

  4. You done well matey, great comp and thoroughly enjoyed the listening experience.

  5. :) thanks alot my man, means alot. :)


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