Sunday, July 5, 2015

SELF ABUSE [2014] Punk Snot Ted

Las Vegas label SquidHat seems determined to spotlight every obscure punk band (Peccadilloes, Guilty by Association) in town with a retrospective, and that's a good thing in my book. Here’s the latest release — a digital download offering 20 remastered tracks by Self Abuse. (Frontman Todd Sampson died in 2010). Recorded from 1982 to 2009, the songs run the gamut, from the 40-second-long, crotch-sniffing primitivism of “Dog’s Life” to the more grown-up, musically sophisticated “World Of Fear,” a timeless anthem protesting man’s tireless evil.

The Las Vegas legends Self Abuse career retrospective spanning 28 years from 1982 - 2009. Completely remastered!

01 A Classroom Horror
02 Dog's Life
03 I'm Not The One
04 My Life's A Waste
05 Someday
06 Copsucker
07 Locked Up For 90 Days
08 I Like Coors
09 Right Is Wrong
10 Punk Snot Ted
11 The Scene
12 Life In War
13 To Call You A Friend
14 Used To Know Me
15 Sweet Land Of Liberty
16 Concrete Jungle
17 Burn In Hell
18 Stand Up And Fight
19 World Of Fear
20 Boredom Is The Reason
21 I Hate Hippies (bonus track)
22 White Minority (bonus track)
23 Life In War (bonus track)
24 Dog's Life (bonus track)
25 Right Is Wrong (bonus track)
26 Someday (bonus track)
27 Boredom Is The Reason (bonus track)
28 Stand Up And Fight (bonus track)
29 Used To Know Me (bonus track)
30 World Of Fear (bonus track)
31 I Like Coors (dialogue)

Get it here for name your price.

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