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"If Tom Waits was a goth who lives in a swamp, he might sound something like this band. Seuora is a combination of doom blues, swamp rock, spirit of Halloween and just a hint of folk. "

Born from the ashes of Northern Antarctican Non-Flying Flying Circus in 2012 (they think) Seuora is a junk-box blues band that combines elements from old timey cabaret, death blues and European folk-noire, and blends them into an evil dripping sludge of mean spirited lyrics and haunting melodies.

1. [2013] Sir Fungus & The Satan Spawns - We Are All Going To Die

A dark & bizarre collection of odd tunes and ditties cooked up by the demented minds of N & J.

We Are All Going To Die takes you through a world of fire, darkness and kittens, fasten your seatbelts and enjoy!

"Sinister, evil, yet funky as hell. Best stuff of the Great Sir Fungus to date. You can really feel the presence of all the Dark Lords known to man. The end of days is here and "Sir Fungus & The Satan Spawns" will make sure you know that you won't ever see Salvation." -Mr Walrot

01 The Blues
02 Untold Stories
03 Decadence My Friend
04 Flames
05 Jenny
06 One With The Void
07 One To The Wind
08 Never Hungry Again
09 Hollow Men
11 Taxidermy Waltz
12 Broken
13 Freak
14 Trapped

Released 03 May 2013

N - Guitar, Accordion, Keyboard, Vocals.
J - Drums, Keyboard, Backing Vocals.

Free download

2. [2013] Sir Fungus & The Satan Spawns - Voodoo Waltz (Single)

Midi mishaps & effect rape. The sound of the future.

01 Voodoo Waltz

Released 20 May 2013

Free download

3. [2013] The Satan Spawns - Electric Chair Cabaret

A little audio sample of the works of The Satan Spawns.

Elechacab walks you through the different musical styles of The Satan Spawns, all the way from creepyish un-metal black metal to cheerful jingles about burning gods and back to more soothing songs about death and decay.

Elechacab truly is the best possible starter's guide to The Satan Spawns.

01 Intro
02 Weightless
03 Cross
04 Johnny
05 Christmas Is Cancelled
06 Winter Solstice In Limbo

Released 11 December 2013

Music by Nigel Fungus
Lyrics by Nigel Fungus & Walter Rotsworth

Nigel - Guitar, Melodica, Vocals
Walter - Bass, Background Vocals
Johnny - Drums
Dr. Wall - Vocals & Background Vocals

Recorded at Addiction Gallery with the help of J. Kiiveri.

Free download

4. [2014] The OddBeats

01 Wither Away
02 One To The Wind
03 Forgive Me
04 Rattlin'
05 34512
06 Darling
07 I'll
08 Evil Within
09 Hate The Dead / Envy The Living
10 Death Cult

released 18 December 2014

Rev F. - Guitar, Melodica, Vocals
J. Backwater - Percussions
W. Rotsworth - Bass
Cantor J. Wall - Vocals

All songs written and performed by Seuora

Recorded at BT mobile studios

Free download here or here.

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