Monday, July 20, 2015


Mike Packard (Lead Vocals,Guitars,Harmonica), Dave Harris (Drums), Scott Smith (Bass,Backing Vocals)

Sheen is an original acoustic three-piece band from Glens Falls, NY. Mike, Scott, and Dave each have 20+ years experience in the music industry playing in cover bands, original bands, and touring both regionally and nationally. In the late 1990's they played together in the popular Upstate NY band ULTRA SHEEN. In 2009 they decided to get back together with the goal of forming an all-acoustic yet dark and edgy band. They re-tooled some old ULTRA SHEEN tunes, wrote a bunch of new tunes, and quickly realized that they were onto something awesome. They dropped the “ULTRA” from the band name and immediately started preparing to record an album capturing their new direction.

1. [2009] Dumb White Kitchen Machinery

01 Mind's Eye Focus
02 Indo
03 Sour
04 All The Way Home
05 Say It Isn't So
06 What Would You Say-
07 Barefoot In The Stubtoe Garden
08 Cross Your Path

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01 Red Ribbons
02 Mudd St.
03 Trapper's Son
04 Turnaround Song
05 Of Better Times
06 True
07 Coffee Pot Blues
08 Take Me For A Ride
09 Run Like The Rain

3. [2015] Overwrite (Love In The Age Of Societal Collapse) (Single)

01 Overwrite (Love In The Age Of Societal Collapse)

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4. [2015] Shadow Hills (Single)

01 Shadow Hills

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