Sunday, July 5, 2015

SOUNDS OF THREAT [2014] Creature Of Habit

Formed in November of 2009, Punk Rock/Hardcore Band Sounds Of Threat is made up of 5 individuals who have created something raw, melodic and pure. This band's only purpose is to have fun and to put on a great show. Based in the heart of East side Vegas, Sounds Of Threat is the perfect band for any various celebration or event. Quinceaneras, brisks, funerals, weddings, religious gatherings, virgin sacrifices, doomsday cult gatherings, and strip mall openings. This is a band to remember.

The long awaited debut from Sounds Of Threat! 12 all original tracks!

01 No Respect
02 Just A Robbery
03 Fight Back
04 Mental Instability
05 Not My Equal
06 I Don't Give A Fuck
07 Yellow Truck
08 No Self Control
09 Domestic Violence
10 Under Attack
11 Devil
12 Oblivion

Get it here for name your price.

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