Sunday, July 5, 2015


The Dirty Panties officially formed in 2001. Like most great ideas, the concept of The Dirty Panties was born at a New York City bar, in a drunken stupor, and had a history even before it had instruments. After moving to Vegas, creating a solid local following and undergoing a few personnel changes, The Dirty Panties solidified their line-up with founding member, Barbara Lenox, on guitar; lead singer, Melanie Ash; Michelle “Lil’ Moe” Meyer on bass; and Kayley “Animal” Malcolm on drums. Through extensive touring throughout the Southwest, the Dirty Panties have earned the reputation as a “must see” act and become iconic in Las Vegas and beyond.

Influenced by the DIY past of NYC punk and the raw style of the garage rock renaissance, The Dirty Panties have created their own unique sound. They write and perform powerful, infectious songs that reflect the band’s personality. From getting drunk, feminism and rejection, to their take on what it means to be a girl in the punk scene in the anthem “Pretty In Pink.” “The Panties” as their fans call them, are a unique, hard working punk rock band that know their way around a dive bar, a catchy song and a concert stage. To see what it’s “all about” you need to see them live, but you take these girls lightly at your own risk.

01 Confighted
02 Cheers
03 Wet
04 Undefeated
05 Take It To The Grave
06 Cinema Psycho
07 Money
08 Figment Of A Girl
09 Overt
10 I Am A Robot
11 Get Off Your Ass
12 InTentCity
13 Pretty In Pink

In March of 2012, The Dirty Panties signed with Vegas-based indie label, SquidHat Records. Their latest release, I Am A Robot, is available now for name your price from here.

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