Sunday, July 5, 2015

THE QUITTERS [2014] Contributing To Erosion

Photographer: Lil Moe

Hailing from Las Vegas, NV, The Quitters, featuring Marc (lead Vocals/bass), Micah (drums/vocals), Tommy (lead guitar/vocals) and Randy (guitar/vocals) met in their high school Jazz band and played their first show on July 20th, 2004. Since then they have been named “Best Punk Rock Band” by Vegas Rocks Magazine in 2011, and have developed a large, loyal following through tireless dedication, relentless touring and a high-speed, energetic live show that can’t help but prompt an old-school mosh pit.

The Quitters play progressive, aggressive, obnoxious punk rock filtered through rock, jazz and latin influences and sustained by a relentless hardcore punk energy. Their style is as unique as it is frenzied and they push beyond the typical 4 chord progression of traditional punk music. Each song incorporates an element of adopted style, something they haven't done before, to make the music approachable but also complex. In the typically repetitive genre of modern punk The Quitters pride themselves on breaking the mold while holding on to the ideal and influences of their punk past.

With such diverse influences as Refused, Bad Religion, Queens Of The Stone Age, The Bronx, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Mars Volta, Green Day, Offspring, MGMT and Dillinger Escape Plan their powerful sound punches you in the face with lightning-fast drumming, shredding guitar and bass and frantic high-energy vocals.

Halfway between hipster and hardcore these Quitters won’t be quitting anytime soon.

From one of Las Vegas' most exciting, upcoming young bands. 11 all original tracks.

01 Defibrilator - Pentazoid
02 Taught To Hate
03 Sons Of Siuslaw
04 Contributin To Erosion
05 Dragonslayer
06 Born Again Atheist
07 Giant Steps
08 Hipster
10 Ex Ordo Misdiosis
11 CBA

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