Sunday, July 19, 2015

WRINKLE NECK MULES [2014] A Free History Of...

Don Imus once said that the Wrinkle Neck Mules “don’t have what it takes to make it”. Despite Don’s prediction, the band has garnered a cult following in their 14+ years of creating a “righteous Americana mishmash”.

To date, they have recorded 2 EPs & 6 Albums.

Here's 15 free WNM songs drawn from their first 5 albums. By no means is this intended to be exhaustive. It's just a basic starter kit. Poison for the water. The song list was curated by their fans.

01 Minor Enough (from Minor Enough)
02 Big Dipper (from Minor Enough)
03 Liza (from Pull The Brake)
04 Okeechobee (from Pull The Brake)
05 Push The Pedal (from Pull The Brake)
06 Cadillac Limousine (from The Wicks Have Met)
07 Black Skies For The High & Mighty (from The Wicks Have Met)
08 The Wicks Have Met (from The Wicks Have Met)
09 17 Years More (from The Wicks Have Met)
10 Let The Lead Fly (from Let The Lead Fly)
11 Howard Johnson (from Let The Lead Fly)
12 The Waters All Run Dry (from Let The Lead Fly)
13 Fortune Fades (from Let The Lead Fly)
14 When The Wheels Touch Down (from Apprentice To Ghosts)
15 Leaving Chattanooga (from Apprentice To Ghosts)

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