Sunday, August 9, 2015


If you’ve been paying attention, almost everyone from 14 to 64, is tired of singers with headsets, hacky bands & songs that sound like they were written by an uninspired committee of five. On the other hand, hard-rockin’, ass-kickin’ Rock 'n Roll, from The Stones to Ian Hunter to Joan Jett, the folks with strong melodies, big beats & hooks that hang in your head for days, are attracting a remarkably wide range of people. Gary Douglas, who has the tunes, the attitude & a regal Rock and Roll heart, is one of those guys. Plus, he has great news for the fans he’s made on the radio & the road. Douglas & his band have a new album slated for October 9th.

Gary Douglas is an intriguing paradox. Musically, with his muscular guitar playing, emotive voice and anthemic lyrics, he’s absolutely his own heartland-style man. But, as with any great Rocker, you can tell this New Yorker has imbibed the vibe of some of the best musicians of our era. On the cut Lord I Try, from Douglas’s album Just Another Mile, the riff sticks with you like something by Keith Richards. The voice has the worldly weariness of Hunter. And the lyrics, which talk of a fruitless search for faith, sound like an all-night writing session between Lou Reed & Bruce Springsteen. Looking for a big riff, a song that all generations can relate to, a sentiment for all seasons? Then this tune by Gary Douglas and his tight, bangin’ band is for you. Douglas produced it, too. This is a man who knows how all the pieces should fit together and how this stuff should sound. Possibly better is It’s Rock ‘N’ Roll. It’s catchier than the flu, features a chiming hook the Byrds would nod at approvingly & has Rock attitude for days. It talks about the power of the music, sports an unforgettable twin-guitar solo and manages to name-check Gene Simmons, while sounding like Tom Petty just decided to sit in. But it’s all Gary Douglas. One listen and it not only stays with you, it makes you want to quit your job & start a band.

Gary Douglas & his band have the awesome firepower that comes with mastering your instrument. But that technique never gets in the way of the pure, sweaty soul, the Gospel of Rock 'N Roll that Douglas lays down. We know how cold this winter was. But that’s cool. Gary Douglas is about to release a new album and play it live - sooner than you know. But whatever the temperature, this means only one thing: thanks to Gary Douglas, this promises to be one hot, rockin’ fall.

This is one great album folks and do yourselves a huge favour and grab 'Keepin' Faith' come October 9th.

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