Saturday, September 12, 2015

Dead Clones Release Awesome Self-Titled Debut

The clones must die.

Nothing worse than a new band that sounds exactly like another famous, established act. The clone of the clone of that band’s clone.

In a world full of hipsters, no one is a hipster. Everyone is the same.

Beyond hipsteria, you find Dead Clones. And for Dead Clones, the clones are already dead.

Dead Clones sounds like Dead Clones. A noisy tumor fed with 50’s rock ‘n’ roll honesty, garage rock dirt, the urge and the nude-crude truth of the punk pioneers, the beauty and the beasty gloom of the post-punk and everything that came after that matters. It all spat on our faces to remind us that rock music needs to be threatening again.

(Ok, even hipster skeletons may shake their bones to the beat).

Lyrically, there’s a bullet for everyone. Like a monkey with a machine gun, nothing escapes alive. From the hypocrisy unmasking “Lie, Lie, Lie” to the furious attack on the corporate, self-indulgent indie scene of “Indieot”, the misery-sells cheap formula on “And The Oscar Goes To Misery”, the 9-to-5 lament of “This Clone”, character flaws on “Get Lost”, the easy life of the privileged on “I Wanna Be VIP”, the anti-shrink “Schizoid Freud” and the life questionings “We All Come Here In Rain”, “Strange Face” and “Robot With Remote Control In Hand”, everything is a target. There’s even a ballad, “(I Guess) It’s About Time.” Well, I guess it’s a ballad. Sort of.

Dead Clones from São Paulo, Brazil is songwriter-drummer-guitarist-vocalist Christian Fontana, who teamed up with lead singer Nasty Nesti and bassist Pedro Galdi to record the Dead Clones’ self-titled, 11 song debut album – mastered by John Davis (Royal Blood). Live, Fontana gets behind the drum kit and the guitar duties are left in the hands of Felipe Pavani and Lëndia.

This is one awesome album folks, all killer no filler, full of surprises, gets better with every listen. You can stream the album here or here, and purchase from here or here.

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