Sunday, September 20, 2015

Introducing... BANG OK BANG

Formed in 2012 and from Nashville, TN., Bang OK Bang are Ben Lowry: Guitars + Vox and Abby Hairston: Drums who fuse Garage Rock, Stoner Rock and Punk Rock into a style of their own.

1. [2012] Chemicals EP

01. Above The Surface
02. Always For You
03. One In A Million
04. Chemicals Pt. 1 & 2

EP Review - Bang Ok Bang 'Chemicals' – Born Again Nihilist
" Over these four all too brief tracks, the two-piece keep it miminimal, glue-sniffing, agit-blues that sounds a little like The Black Keys' cooler, heavier older siblings enjoying a couple of tabs with MC5 and The Stooges. It's raw, beguiling stuff, singer-guitarist Ben Lowry wrapping his honey-dipped drawl around some of the sleaziest proto-stoner riffs we've heard around here in a while, drummer Abby Hairston keeping things ticking over with some brilliantly loose limbed percussive battery."..."This is fucking fantastic stuff, and my only criticism really of the EP is that it isn't longer. This is what bands in NME think they sound like, the perfect fusion of sex , heaviness and danger, that elusive spark that marks all the best rock n'roll. Music to fuck and fight to, possibly at the same time. . . . though don't quote us on that."

Bang OK Bang – The Sludgelord
"Bang OK Bang are an amazing Sludge Rock Duo fusing Garage Rock, Stoner Rock and Punk Rock to truly spellbinding effect. Abby is a phenomenal drummer and she proves it time and time again. Her drumming nothing short of brilliance. Match this up with the great guitar work of Ben and you have a truly great band to keep an eye out for. His vocals has a slight Grunge feel to them blended in with their Southern Rock roots to stand out from the crowd. Chemicals is expertly produced and and played by all involved. This is a release you will be checking out time and time again. Brilliant Stuff and Highly Recommended."

Purchase this great EP here or here.

2. [2015] Live At East Nashville Underground

01. Silence
02. Above The Surface
03. Chemicals Pt. 1 & 2
04. Hands And Knees
05. Want
06. Two Sad Tales
07. All The Lonely People Left Behind

"As Bang OK Bang took the stage, the capacity crowd had begun to thin, but that did not stop this duo from absolutely trying to blow the roof off the East Room. In a sheer display of level 11 volume, those guitar riffs shredded the room. They put a little bit of heavy into their rock, and a guarantee that I would leave with a smile on my face, and a solid ringing in my ears."
Recorded by Daniel Rice and Jeff West at the East Room, May 2013 during East Nashville Underground.

You can purchase this great live album here or here.

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