Monday, November 16, 2015

Boston’s Love Love Releases First Full Length Eponymous Album

Twanging, Picking, And Power Chording Their Way Through A Lush American Sound

“I’d tell Chris Toppin to move to Nashville and make a million bucks penning tunes for country starlets, but I’m too selfish—I want her songs and her voice here in Boston.” — Jed Gottlieb, The Boston Herald

Recorded in Boston at Q-Division and Squid Hell Studios, Love Love is the band’s 2nd recording and 1st full-length studio album. Including 6 songs from the EP, Love Love fully represents the band’s musical and lyrical scope, with beautiful harmonies, complex arrangements and smart songwriting.

The core of the band, Love Love, is Chris Toppin on lead and backing vocals, acoustic and bass guitar; Jefferson Davis Riordan on lead and backing vocals, acoustic and electric guitar and drums and Darren Ray on lead guitar. Love Love, the record also boasts many guest musicians from the rich Boston music scene and often adds a horn section and pedal steel to the mix.

Formed in 2013, Love Love is the sound of two extremely talented singer-songwriters, joining together in life and music, to create songs that bring out the best in both artists. Chris Toppin was co-founder of the 1990’s successful rock band, Fuzzy that were signed to Atlantic Records and toured extensively with The Lemonheads, Belly and Dinosaur Jr. After taking a decade off to raise her children, Toppin rejoined the music scene after volunteering and becoming inspired by Girls Rock Camp Boston. “(they) gave me the courage to take the risk and leave my 9-5 job and start doing music again,” she said. “The past few years, I’ve had a transformation because of them. I owe them a lot.”

Toppin and Jefferson Riordan (Evelyn Swoons, The Almightys) knew each other from singing back-up vocals and drumming, respectively, for others for five years. She discovered that Riordan wrote and sang when he asked her to sing back up on one of his own songs. Fond of reflective love songs and murder ballads, Toppin and Riordan share songwriting credits for 13 of the 14 songs on the album.

“Murderpedia" was the first song that Chris and I worked on together,” said Riordan. “When I discovered that Chris enjoyed writing about murder, I said to myself, ‘this is a girl I have to be writing with!”

“Hey Fella” is a sultry, odd-timed rocker — and a favorite of guitarist, Darren — that features a brilliant solo by Russell Chudnofsky, guitarist for Tanya Donelly, among others. “Dreaming” was written in early summer 2014 when Riordan and Toppin went through a period of intense romance between them and the dreamy and longing qualities reflect their mood at that time. “Big Backyard Moon” well represents the overarching positive and sincere perspective of the band; it also reflects their traditional country leanings, which surface regularly.

“Wide Open Skies” is a song that highlights the beauty of Toppin’s voice and her knack for great melodies. “Skin” is suggestive of prog rock and features a fabulous horn section with Toppin and Riordan pulling double-duty as the rhythm section.

The record ends with “Bright Morning Stars” which is a traditional tune. “Chris had a version done by Gillian Welch and Dave Rollins,” said Riordan. “We based our version on that, but made some on-the-fly alterations. The recording is from her cell phone, the first and only recording we ever made of it. The room was electric.”

Playing to sold-out audiences in Boston, Love Love has already garnered critical acclaim from Twangville, -- “a captivating folk storytelling style” — to Performer Magazine — ‘intricate storytelling… something for any listener” — to the Boston Herald and more.

With inspirations from The Pixies to Yes, to Neil Young and George Jones, and rotating band members ranging in age from 23-53, the variegation mirrors Love Love’s ethos: Take from everywhere and everything, but make it your own.

“Chris and I are old by rock standards,” Riordan reasons, “and we are also NOT striving to recreate any ‘glory days’ or to market nostalgia. We are creating the most honest, earnest and best music we can create.” He continues, “We blend styles and instrumentation. We write about dark themes and wrap them up in packages of beauty.  We are a dual (male and female) lead-singing outfit with accomplished and varied instrumentation. In all of these ways, we are distinctive.”

Love Love is the sound of two extremely talented singer-songwriters with an unquestionable blend of voices that sets them apart from the crowd. Weaving roots and rock with psych-country and soul, Love Love will stand out for it’s catchy songs, moving lyrics and tight harmonies.

Love Love had an official release date of Friday, October 16th.

This is one great album and you'll be doing your ears a huge disservice if you don't get to hear and buy the new album at:
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