Thursday, November 12, 2015

DEATHRONIC - Duality Chaos (2013)

DEATHRONIC is a Parisian one man band created by Amine Andalous in 2010.

DEATHRONIC is experimenting with a sound that could be called Symphonic Black Death Metal, combining several influences such as electronic music, oriental, doom and old school heavy metal!

In late 2011 Deathronic entered The Parlours Studios, in Kettering UK and began recording his first album, “Duality Chaos” with Neil Haynes as engineer. The vocals were recorded in March 2012 at the Audio Sound Art Studio in Berlin and engineered by Laurentx Etxemendi (Gojira etc.).

"Duality Chaos" was mixed & mastered in April 2012 by Fredrik Nordström and Henrik Udd at Studio Fredman (Dimmu Borgir, At The Gates, Opeth, In Flames, etc.) - the famous Gothenburg Sound!

The main concept behind “Duality Chaos” is human violence, a theme which is very present both in the lyrics and on the album's artwork. Amine explains:

“The idea is to denounce how humans are, still today, bestial beings. The contemporary bloody conflicts are a perfect example of this. Mankind continues to kill for irrational reasons. In this sense, real progress, real evolution is not measured by our technological innovations, but progress in acquiring wisdom, “progress of mind". I think that the origin of that violence is the internal duality of human beings (the struggle between Good and Evil). Many of the worst atrocities are perpetrated in the name of subjective notions of good or bad… A duality that gives birth to chaos.”

All music and lyrics written & performed by Amine Andalous. The artwork is by SEPTICFLESH's Seth Siro Anton. “Duality Chaos” was released January 28th 2013.

01. Ephemere
02. Bloody Lust
03. Kalila Wa Dimna
04. Disharmonia Part I
05. Disharmonia Part II
06. Anno 1423
07. Kalila Wa Dimna (No Vox Mix)

You can purchase this great mini album from here, your ears will thank you.

There is also a brand new music video for "Anno 1423"

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