Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Jane Telephonda To Release 'Transmuted Saltness' November 27

Based out of Kópavogur City, Iceland, Jane Telephonda are husband and wife Ívar Páll Jónsson and Ásdís Rósa Þórðardóttir. Inspired by the sounds of the the classics to the contemporaries including Bowie, Sufjan and Wilco to Grizzly Bear, Of Montreal, and Queen, Ívar began writing music at age 16. Songwriting quickly became an addiction to him and a way of life, as he spent hours each day with his guitar and four-track recorder. During the next 15 years, he wrote on average a song a day, providing him with the practice necessary to hone his songwriting skills.

In 2011, he started writing his first ambitious release, the 2014 concept album "Revolution in the Elbow of Ragnar Agnarsson Furniture Painter". Subsequently he received a nomination for the 2014 Icelandic Music Awards and the album was received with rave reviews in the US coinciding with its theatrical stage adaption at the Minetta Lane Theater in NYC in the summer of 2014.

Ásdís was featured on the Revolution as well, and with the birth of the couple’s third child last year, making music at home became a necessity. Says Ívar: “In a way our hectic family life became an inspiration and a motivation for recording and writing songs, because we didn’t want to abandon our passion for music. Certain time had to be allotted for anything that did not involve dirty diapers, and that provided us with the frame necessary to get things done.” Asked about the origin of their name, Ásdís is quick to confess her admiration for Jane Fonda as a character actress. Combined with Ívar’s love for his phone, their fourth child was given the name Jane Telephonda. “It seemed like the natural way to go,” they add, straight-faced.

Jane's first single, Transmuted Saltness, is out worldwide November 27, 2015 on Brooklyn indie label Mother West. Produced by Ívar and Charles Newman, Transmuted Saltness is an up-beat anthem, celebrating the absurdity and beauty of life. With a string of singles to be released starting this fall and into 2016, expect another brilliant music export from Iceland to your ears.

“As a country of breathtaking views, ancient heritage, and home of great musical talent, Iceland has something new to stamp its name’ - Baeble Music

“This is an amazing accomplishment and it’s some of the best music our world has ever heard. The inspiration behind the music is genius and the collected community effort to realize it will provide a testament to the best of our age for all time to come.” - Eric Petersen, RUST MAGAZINE, on Revolution

This is a great single, with the only criticism being that it's too damn short..... more please!

You'll be doing your ears a huge disservice if you don't purchase it come November 27.

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