Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Naddiks Launch Twin Singles - "Stop Listen And Love" & "Heart Of Fire

Supporting Youth And The Issues They Face Today, Alternative Rock Band The Naddiks Launch Twin Singles, Stop Listen And Love & Heart Of Fire.

1. Stop Listen And Love

Stop Listen And Love is the culmination of nearly 12 months work by The Naddiks in conjunction with Band Express. Creating their own studio in which to produce the song with a purpose of raising awareness of bullying, The Naddiks' lead singer, song writer, Joel Steenbergen was driven to write the song after rethinking the direction of his and The Naddiks music career. After studying the facts and becoming aware of the thousands of tragedies destroying lives each year the song took on a life of it's own, in fact, it fully engrossed them to the point where they ended up almost hating one another, knowing that not good enough simply wouldn't cut it. They wanted to produce a song to get the listener to understand that we have all been vctims of bullying at some point in our lives and may also have been involved in bullying if only by our simple silence.

After over 100 takes, they finally were satisfied that this song was ready to release, not for fame, not for money, but for the victim and for the bully. They pray it can change just one life from self harming, if it does, then they have done their job, they will have been overpaid for Stop Listen And Love....

Their thanks go to the organisers of Lift-Off 2015 and Woden CIT Music Centre for allowing them to launch their single at the Finals. There were so many exciting artists there performing, they felt it really set the atmosphere for what they were also trying to achieve.

You can stream this great single here, view the video here, then you can purchase it from here or here.

2. Heart Of Fire

Heart Of Fire is about pushing yourself in the right direction, taking a chance, moving into a place where you never dreamed you could be.

Launched at Lift-Off 2015 (a youth event showcasing some of the finest young talent in Australia), The Naddiks give thanks to the co-ordinators and all involved for allowing them to make a guest appearance.

Influenced by pop punk, grunge and alternative rock greats past and present, The Naddiks' latest release pushes the boundaries. Heart Of Fire is about ignoring the risk and becoming the person you have always dreamed of being.

You can stream this equally great single here, view the video here, then you can purchase it from here or here.


  1. Cheers mate, aces high for sharing real music

    1. No worries, thanks for putting out great real music to share in the first place.


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