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02 - DOGHOUSE LORDS - Walk Across Your Floor
03 - ROLAND K SMITH & THE SINNERS - Straight To Hell
04 - THOSE POOR BASTARDS - I Walk The Line
08 - SOUTH AUSTIN JUG BAND - Fulltimer (Live)
10 - GAMBLERS MARK - The Cho Incident
11 - LEE PRESS-ON & THE NAILS - Maelstrom
12 - UNCLE LUCIUS - Everybody Got Soul
13 - BLACKIE AND THE RODEO KINGS - Water Or Gasoline
14 - THIN WHITE ROPE - The Ruby Sea
15 - RANDY ROGERS BAND - This Time Around
16 - THE BOOGIE PUNKERS - Don't Stop R&R
18 - SCOTCH GREENS - Rum Springa
19 - THE BOTTLE ROCKETS - The Way It Used To Be

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Necros - Tangled Up / Live Or Else

Necros - Tangled Up / Live Or Else

The final Necros release hot-fused the band's straight-up punk roots with more than a little thrash on the one hand and classic rock chug on the other, whipping up a tight blast of a record clocking in at 26 minutes with not a note wasted. Given where Barry Henssler would go next with Big Chief, the funk-rock combination in his future wasn't yet apparent all the way -- not even on the tight riff explosion titled "Big Chief" itself, outside of a bit of falsetto fun on the chorus. Still, there's little question that Tangled Up showed both a perfection of the Necros' form and a range many bands would love to have. Henssler's singing has a hoarse bite and conversational sass to spare, his cracking, impassioned wail at points suggesting followers like Rites of Spring (and lots of emo well down the road from that). Meanwhile, Andy Wendler whips up searing riffs and even a bit of guitar solo fun without sounding like yet another wannabe in Guitar Center (check "Big Chief" again for his screwy twang break). The title track is probably his sublime moment, not to mention the rhythm section's, all effortlessly blending older boogie and post-blues struts with a more recent disaffection with life and problems. As with the album as a whole, it's a question of finding a balance and maintaining it, which is why the album can end on a piano-led orchestrated instrumental without sounding out of place. An open nod to earlier roots is confusing on sight, but once the idea of the Necros doing an early Pink Floyd song is dealt with, "The Nile Song," though not radically revisited, stomps along, echo chamber intact. And who could say no to an album with a classic Rat Fink cover courtesy of Ed "Big Daddy" Roth himself, after all? [In 2006, Restless Records reissued Tangled Up with a bonus live recording containing 13 tracks (Live or Else), many of which are duplicated on Tangled Up, and piped in crowd noise that makes it all kinda tinny even though the music is unhinged in places. There is also a live Ted Nugent medley at the end, a bit that must have made the Necros guitarist -- criminally unsung guitarist that is -- Andy Wendler ecstatic. This is one you gotta have.

Track Listings:

1. Gun
2. Blizzard Of Glass
3. Big Chief
4. Open Wound
5. Tangled Up
6. Power Of Fear
7. Black Water
8. Noise
9. 500 Years, A Pack Of Kools
10. Nile Song
11. House Full Of Drunks
12. Tangled Up
13. Blizzard Of Glass
14. Love Dagger
15. Gun
16. Black Water
17. Race Riot
18. Youth Camp
19. Open Wound
20. God's Anvil
21. Face Forward
22. Asfb
23. Big Chief
24. Take 'Em Up
25. Nugent Medley

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Monday, May 25, 2015


01 - MATT LAX AND NEARLY BELOVED - My Soul's Intention
02 - PI JACOBS - Icy Road
03 - SEAHORSE - Nightingale
04 - JEFFREY LEE PIERCE - The Midnight Promise
05 - MICHELLE MALONE - Stomping Ground
06 - RHETT MILLER - Wanderlust
07 - DUSTY SAINTS - Ghost Town
08 - EASTWOOD - Lawman's Curse
09 - REVELLING CROOKS - The Verdict
10 - HANK CRANE - A Man Like Me
11 - GHOULTOWN - Gunfight At Red Sands (Live)
12 - LOS PLANTRONICS - Beatnick Bandolero (Is Coming To Town)
13 - THE DEL RIOS - Devil's Potion
14 - THE WATERBOYS - World Party
15 - THE GODDAMN GALLOWS - Pass The Bottle
16 - THE BOTTLETONES - Billy Diamond
17 - V8 WANKERS - Buffalo Bill
19 - HOTROD FRANKIE - Gates Of Hell
20 - MOTOBUNNY - Apocalypse Twist

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45 Grave ‎– Sleep In Safety (Remastered)

45 Grave ‎– Sleep In Safety (Remastered)

If Christian Death trumped 45 Grave when it came to releasing a debut album -- Only Theatre of Pain having surfaced a little while earlier -- then there's no question that Sleep in Safety is easily the equal, if not better than the other band's initial effort. It doesn't hurt at all that Cancer is a much better singer than the chronically groaning Rozz Williams, for one thing, while the clear sense of humor 45 Grave never denied ensured that the band never entered the realms of relentlessly ridiculous self-parody. How could they, given how entertainingly off they already were -- thus songs like "Riboflavin," in praise of the nutritious forms of blood the healthy vampire needs. Fusing everyone's varying punk/trash/art backgrounds into a goth rock overlay and then never letting themselves be suckered into actually going and digging up bodies, the members recruited Craig Leon for effective production work and the well-recorded Sleep in Safety scored underground hit after hit. There's even a surf instrumental, and when will anyone see most modern black-clad types ever trying that move? There's no question that the band's legendary "Partytime" is the high point, a stop-start, quiet/loud horror of a goth landmark that lets Cancer sneak in a bit of pretty creepiness before everyone fires up into a classic rock chug with a great shout-along chorus that Joan Jett would be proud of. What really works best is how the music is the most truly dark part of the band, Graves' bass playing and Culter's post-Banshees guitar parts hitting all the right notes. In turn, Cancer isn't so much a dark priestess of gloom as a commanding figure who has to be listened to. The hilarious part of the band comes to the fore from the start, thanks to the introductory message about the creators of the album being skilled insurance agents. Later CD reissues included the single version of "Partytime" and a perhaps inevitable rip through Alice Cooper's "School's Out."


1 Insurance From God
2 Evil
3 Partytime
4 Violent World
5 Slice O' Life
6 Phantoms
7 Dream Hits II
8 Bad Love
9 Surf Bat
10 Riboflavin
11 Procession
12 45 Grave
13 School's Out
14 Partytime (Single Version)

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Saturday, May 23, 2015


01 - GIANT SAND - Man On A String
02 - KIP BOARDMAN - Oh The Ache
03 - MISS LONELY HEARTS - Waitin Round To Die
04 - CALEXICO - Follow The River
05 - JON CHI - Killer From Our Hometown
06 - RAY WYLIE HUBBARB - Hey Mama, My Time Ain't Long
07 - JACK WHITE - I Think I Found The Culprit
08 - CLIFF WAGNER AND THE OLD #7 - Castleneck (Old Version)
10 - RYAN DAVIDSON - Point Of Sail
12 - GUITAR SLINGERS - Zoltar Says
13 - BRIGHT EYES - Cartoon Blues
14 - ZAC BROWN BAND - Whiskey's Gone
15 - THE DAMNWELLS - Wreck You
16 - PAUL SIMON - Graceland
17 - THE DEVIL'S CUT - Rust Belt 2 - Son Of The Rust Belt
19 - BARTON CARROLL - Certain Circles
20 - THE ROLLING STONES  - Waiting On A Friend

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Introducing: Sedate Illusion

Sedate Illusion a progressive metal band from Corfu Greece is a project of Vangelis Kakarougas (ex-member of Kinetic and Equal Vector). It initiated back at 2004 and there was a complete instrumental album called "Sedate Illusion", where Theodore Pegousis (ex-drummer of Equal Vector) took part.

There is the "0545" full length album with 8 songs and 3 instrumental tracks which its creation begun in February of 2009 and completed at the end of 2010. Peter Politis participates in two tracks which are the rhythm and the solo guitar section of the song "0545" and the solo guitar section of the instrumental track "Fish Inside My mattress". Kostas Alexakis (ex-Kinetic and Acid Death drummer) participated in the brutal vocal section of the song "As We Fall".

The album is available for you to download through this link:

The album "Illusory Sustenance" was created in 2011 - 2012 and contains 8 tracks out of which one is instrumental. Peter Politis participated on guitars and Lefteris Zochios on the creation of some of the lyrics section. An important role in the incident, was that the album has spent its last processing phase (mastering) by Martin Anderson in Lastdropmastering Studios of San Francisco and the album is available to buy on iTunes and Amazon.

"What Remains" is the fourth studio album of Sedate Illusion. It came out in February of 2014 and this is a very special album because it has a concept from the beginning to the end. Furthermore, there has been a beautiful collaboration with some amazing musicians and those are : Anastasios Kibizis (Guitars), Andreas Alamanos (Drums), Vangelis Glavinas (Bass), Spiros Gelekas (Additional Vocals), Lia Kolita (Additional Vocals), Charitini Anastasiadou (Additional Vocals), Konstantinos Koskinas (French Horn), Alexandra Grammenou (Oboe) and the flutes are Elli Anyfanti, Despoina Anyfanti, Maria Maltezou and Athina Doukakis.

Now Sedate Illusion is in the studio for the next album. It is estimated that it will be out late 2015!

“What Remains” is one great album and sold online by the following sites:

Sedate Illusion - What Remains Full Album (Youtube Audio Quality 96 kbit/s):

Sedate Illusion - Solitude Official Video:

MIXTAPES "These Are Us" Digital Rarities Compilation for FREE Download.

Here are a few words from Mixtapes below, but to be concise these are rarities that happened on a lot of labels through splits and vinyl releases. Paper + Plastick Records are excited to present this as a free download by a band that was gone too soon.

".....I was at Eric's house the other day, who is the guy that recorded and engineered all of the Mixtapes records. We were going through stuff and joking around and realized we had quite a few songs no one had ever heard, including myself more than once or twice. A few of them I thought "why on earth didn't we put this on a record?". Then I remembered that Weezer also didn't put Susanne on a record and we all make mistakes. At that point I decided we should put out a free download of all of our unreleased material, rare material, splits and just things in general that might not be so easy to get anymore. After clearing it with the suits and tracking down all of the songs, in part thanks to some listeners I did it. So here it is, sequenced with artwork and ending with something very special. We are really proud of the songs and there's no reason they shouldn't be available if you like our band so please download it, share it, post it etc etc. The last song on this record is something near and dear to me. One day while recording "Even on the worst nights" everyone went to breakfast. I stayed behind, clicked record in the studio and put myself in the mindset of a high school non conformist goth kid. What came out was 15 minutes of completely freestyled angst that I could never repeat or pull off again, so please while listening feel my pain. But really, we are excited to release this all on one record and thanks to Vinnie for putting it out and being the best, we love you!
Mixtapes ....."


01 A million bad bands
02 Grenadine
03 Puzzle Part 2 (I don't believe in ghosts)
04 Sleepless in St. Paul
05 Right where to find me
06 I Was a Teenage Poltergeist
07 My, You Look Ravishing Tonight!
08 Everyday Maybes.mp3
09 Road Maps, Ice Caps, Death Traps
10 P.E.T. S.O.U.N.D.S.
11 Coffee Party
12 All the Mistakes We Make (Are Gonna Lead to All the Important Things We're Gonna Do)
13 Little Miami
14 Werewolf Shame
15 It Can't Get You Everything
16 Cause I'm a Genius
17 Broken Hearted Christmas
18 Your Little Hoodrat Friend
19 Sleepless in St. Paul (Redux)
20 Doin' Laundry
21 Hey Baby (damn this song)
22 Chicka Chicka Chicka Chicka
23 Silence, the last stand (completely freestyled while everyone was out getting breakfast)

Get it here:

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Indie-Americana Project, Seahorse Has Released The Fire’s Heart

Wine and Song maker, Rich Swanger contributes to the burgeoning Salem, Oregon music scene

“The salt wood burned orange and blue in the fire’s heart and he sat watching it a long time.”—Cormac McCarthy, The Road

How easy it is to get transfixed by the fire and by the thing fueling the fire. The songs on The Fire’s Heart feature a cast of characters carrying fires within them – jealousy, doubt, love, revenge, obsession, compassion, guilt. These fires sustain while also threatening to consume. These fires are their humanity …and ours as well.

The Willamette Valley is known for its wineries and Salem, Oregon serves as a hub for the area farming communities including wine. Lying along the I-5 corridor, it’s an hour away from the commanding city of Portland, but when it comes to music, Salem refuses to live in its shadow.

Seahorse is Rich Swanger, who is part of a large group of talented folks that create music in Salem, Oregon. He also happens to be the Assistant Winemaker at St. Innocent Winery. “Winemaking has informed my songwriting in many ways,” said Swanger, “It’s reminded me to be patient with my musical ideas, as it can often take a very long time for the true details of a song or wine to emerge.”

A fictional songwriter, Swanger’s lush and honeyed voice belie his fabled characters who usually end up wandering into darkness, despite their best intentions. “I’m not interested in the character that’s the bad guy for the sake of being the bad guy,“ said Swanger, “I don’t think any story is ever that simple. I want to believe that even when people do the wrong thing, they were doing it for all the right reasons.”

Funded by a Kickstarter campaign, The Fire’s Heart reached its goal for pressing the CD in less than a day, which inspired Swanger to extend the goal to help with more of the production costs.

The Fire’s Heart, is Seahorse’s second record and Swanger surrounded himself with a talented cast of Oregon musicians, including members of the bands Norman and Easterly: Rob Harris (drums, percussion), William Johnson (lead guitar), Stan Keightley (bass, keys), Kerry Kincanon (bass), Brian Mosher (keys, banjo), Noah Hall (background vox), Cris Martinez (background vox), Jordan Pargeter (background vox), and Rick Swanger (background vox).

Recorded at Stan Keightley Jr.’s Vegetative State studio, The Fire’s Heart was produced by Seahorse and Keightley who also mixed the album.  Jeff Stuart Saltzman mastered the album at his home studios in Portland, OR.

While reviewing Seahorse’s first record, I’ll Be New noted rock critic, Jack Rabid described Swanger’s music -- "Seahorse's Rich Swanger, is more the bluesy school of Nick Drake lush folk...another cut-above voice and a feeling of intimacy".  The upcoming release, The Fire’s Heart continues to spotlight Swanger’s knack for warm, melodic vocals and vivid storytelling, a sound that the musician labels “Americana-tinged party music for wallflowers.”

“The Fire’s Heart was recorded in a proper studio with very talented musicians,” said Swanger, “I set out to write songs that played well with one another on this album.  There is lots of recurring imagery and I like the idea of these characters passing some of the same landmarks, I hope it illuminates the universal nature of their experience.”

“Nightingale” fittingly kicks off the record, as it was the first song Swanger wrote for the album and is followed by the religious traditional, “This Light”, Swanger’s take on a song from his Sunday school youth. “Anchor” is a song written for stormier times, or as the artist describes it, “...a place up ahead where I can go for some respite.” “Tyndall Rose” is a song about a baseball player. “Baseball was my first true love and my first heartbreak,” said Swanger, “I love everything about the game, its slow, subtle beauty and the way it connects me to my father and grandfathers. It was inevitable that one day I’d write a baseball song.”

“Angelina” is a song that is the source of the album title—“In the time it took to summon the storm, the fire’s heart was upon us.” The song also includes the poetic line, “a twisted plume of smoke, braided above the wreckage.” “Mansion” is a tale of a man, three witches who grant wishes and greed. “Carry The Fire” was written after the musician’s very rough, month-long tangle with Lyme disease that left him with a sense of mortality. It was also the first song he wrote after reading “The Road” by Cormac McCarthy. “Lord help me use this gun" seemed like a scary and absurd thing to say,” Swanger recalls, “but it conjured up all kinds of scenarios in my mind. It epitomizes the album’s theme of characters crossing over into the darkness for all of the right reason and poses the question, ‘will you judge me for this?”

“Iris” is a medatative song for its author followed by the song, “Goldmine”.  “Basically I just wanted to say Sault Ste. Marie in a song, it’s such a hypnotic name to me,” said Swanger, “ There’s a city in Ontario and one across the river in Michigan—two cities with the same name.  This song is a tale of the two people one man became.”  “Some Bargain” is a tale of all of the dark faces you might wear to protect someone, and the ending song  “Fireweed” is the story of many generations of sorrow and darkness that a family experiences after a Native American woman is wronged on their land.”

Backed by a stellar band, The Fire’s Heart showcases Swanger’s ability to create songs out of his fairytales. “It just feels good to create things,” said Swanger, “Whether it’s a loaf of bread, a bottle of wine, or a song, there is something very enriching about bringing something into the world that wasn’t there before.”

You can purchase this great album from here or here.


An Eleven Track Album Exploring Loss, Discovery, Sacrifice and Redemption.

Matt Lax (a.k.a. Lacques--brother of I See Hawks In LA's Paul Lacques) grew up all over California and Texas in the 1970s, and lived in Austin, TX in the early 80’s in the prime of its songwriter heyday. Finally settling in the San Francisco area in the mid-80’s, Matt ensconced himself in the African music scene and joined the band, Zulu Spear; with whom he wrote and played for 10 years. Matt penned the band’s title song for their 1991 Capitol Records release Welcome to the USA. Matt began his solo recording career in 1998 and formed the band Matt Lax and Nearly Beloved. Their first release, Wanderer’s Dream, was an album of heartfelt torch songs with an all-acoustic lineup. In 2002 Matt Lax and Nearly Beloved released the afro-billy inspired Hurricane and Tumbleweed. In 2012 Matt and the band released Where's Bob to much critical acclaim. Matt and Nearly Beloved have just released This House of Mine, an all acoustic effort which brings them back to the heartfelt simplicity of their first album. Matt currently splits his time between playing with Zulu Spear, Nearly Beloved, and teaching at Juvenile Hall in San Francisco.

“Check out This House of Mine by Matt Lax and Nearly Beloved. A careful listener can definitely hear the influences of such Joseph Spence, Doc Watson and Nick Drake no doubt among others. The release is an interesting amalgam of blues, country, traditional folk with the West African and South African Township styles Lax learned as a longtime member of the afro-pop band Zulu Spear.” —AXS online magazine
The prevalent theme that runs through This House Of Mine, Matt Lax & Nearly Beloved’s 4th CD, is that of souls - souls lost, souls found, souls sacrificed, souls that search for redemption and brave souls that briefly 'stir together with the wind' as an illusive and temporal reward for navigating life’s perils with both your soul and you soul mate intact. This House of Mine's plush soundscape of guitars, fiddle, banjo and bass, rich harmony and intimate vocals explore empty rooms and mythic landscapes where souls are either '…seeking to be soothed', as in "Sing Me Along" or hoping for a peaceful resting place, as in the palm wine music inspired "Sing A Song For Us". In the songs "Awakening", and "What The Morning’s For", there is ample expression of love that is to be savored and succored, while the title of "In This World" hints of reward in a world beyond - In a song about keeping the spark of love alive while we erstwhile 'serve all mankind'.

Such unbridled altruism may seem like a departure to fans familiar with Nearly Beloved, but close listening of their earlier efforts reveals several examples of simple and honest love songs nestled between some of Matt’s more satirical and stylized musings. The band’s last 2 CD’s, "A Hurricane & A Tumbleweed", and "Where’s Bob", are indeed more adventuresome both in musical and thematic range; while "Wanderer’s Dream" and "This House Of Mine" bookend the band’s 22 year span with song selections and arrangements that are more unified in feeling, theme, and sound.

Finger style guitar and frailing banjo are the musical mainstays of "House Of Mine" as the songs invoke not only American blues, country, soul, and folk music, but South African township and West African palm wine music as well. Musical coherence for these far-flung styles is achieved simply through the omission of drums and percussion. “As pickers, we’re often changing how and what we play to accommodate drums at rowdy club venues after doing a string of café and small venue gigs without drums”, says Lax. “When it came time to record this CD, we wanted all the intricacy of the guitars and banjo to be heard, and we wanted the integrity of each song’s style to live uncompromised by any choice of cadence by the drummer”.

While Matt’s own singing and guitar work have never been better represented than in this collection of songs, the influence of guitar originators like Mississippi John Hurt, Joseph Spence, Doc Watson, Nick Drake, palm wine godfather SE Rogie and township master Ray Phiri are lurking just below the fret board throughout the CD. Lax’s knowledge and respect for these masters is echoed aptly by his band mates Erik Pearson (guitars, banjo, upright bass), Michael Stadler (guitars, fiddle, mandolin, cello), and rock-solid bassist Paul Olguin. Stadler, a highly accomplished guitarist in his own right (he can be heard featured on a compilation of style innovators called 'Claw Hammer Guitar'), while Pearson’s long love affair with claw hammer banjo style has made him a mainstay with San Francisco’s old timey innovators The Crooked Jades, and led to his tenure as the banjo teacher to the late Warren Hellman, founder of The Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival.

Most of the CD tracks feature just the four band members recorded live over two days at Laughing Tiger Studios in San Rafael. Subsequent vocals, horns, cello, accordion and penny whistle were added to the basic tracks slowly over the course of the next year. "It Just Happens" features a vocal duet with Loralee Christensen and Mike Rinta’s Memphis-inspired horn arrangements. "Astronauts & Fishermen" is augmented by Richie Lawrence’s accordion and Adam Beach’s penny whistle, featured on a fine breakdown with Stadler’s claw hammer guitar as they linger momentarily on the traditional Irish tune "The Kesh" before returning to the song’s African-inspired 6/8 meter. Electric guitar is supplied mostly by Erik Pearson, whose shimmering tremolo-laced sound fills the soundscape with George Harrison-inspired arpeggios and Richard Thompson-like jabs. Lax’s sole electric guitar effort on "My Soul’s Intention" is reminiscent of both Ray Phiri and Chet Atkins, no doubt from years of listening to both Mahlatini and the Mahatella Queens and The Louvin Brothers. “I find twang everywhere”, surmises Lax. The more pop-inspired tracks are "Going Out Of Her Mind", "Without You", and the title track, "This House Of Mine". Here the band are at their most straight-forward with songs of unrequited love and in "House Of Mine", the sum of one’s life revealed in the metaphor of a house that is easily afforded but unfit for companionship.

There is a fossil-encrusted image underlying a photo of Matt on the CD’s inset. It’s from a vacation photo Matt took of a table top at Deetjen’s Inn in Big Sur, California. The image speaks not only of the temporal worlds that This House Of Mine explores, but the overlay of lives that fill our conscious thoughts. Another thought resonates as well. “We may well be fossils in the way we approach making music. We want to make a complete musical statement that you can live an hour of your life with, hopefully more than just once”. If people will grant themselves the time, there is a big payoff to be had by listening to this CD.

You can purchase this great album from here:

For show dates go here:


Photo: Shervin Lainez

Hi-Rise Ranch is LA-based musician, Pi Jacobs’ 6th record and the second time pairing with folks from her 2013 release, Urbanicana. The 6 song CD brings back producer (and keyboard addition), Eugene Toale (Kanye West, Brandy, Mya) along with Beastie Boy’s drummer Fredo Ortiz, Jaime Bishop (Francis Dunnery) on bass and Kel Pritchard on background vocals. This time around, Jacobs plays all of the guitars and there is the addition of Peter Adams on keyboards and Rita Soultanian on background vocals. Hi-Rise Ranch continues with the sound of lusty soul-driven Americana music with a straight up rock and roll punch.

Jacobs, who wrote 5 of the songs on the record (the one and only cover is Led Zeppelin’s “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You”), credits her producer for the strength of the sound on Hi-Rise Ranch.  “I feel like meeting Eugene Toale has really helped me find my truest voice to date and the response has been great.” In the last 2 years the artist has toured the UK and Holland, hit both coasts on tour (including a stop in Austin for last year’s SXSW conference) and signed a publishing deal with Little Brother Music, a well-respected publisher in Los Angeles.

Jacobs is an Angeleno by way of San Francisco and a few years in New York City. Having to relocate for her husband’s job, Jacobs says, “Like any good Northern Californian, I came to L.A. kicking and screaming, but I changed my tune pretty quick, as LA is a creative environment.” With the releases of The Curse of the Songwriter (2007) and Fire Horse Girl (2011) Jacobs’ records were being noticed and licensed by TV and film. Her audience began to expand to not only include rockers who admired her guitar playing, but also pre-teens who would hear her music on shows like MTV’s “The Real World and ABC’s “Pretty Little Liars”.

A product of Haight-Ashbury hippies and from a mixed race family, Jacobs had a creative bohemian upbringing. “Growing up was wonderful and really hard”, she says, “addiction, poverty, moving around, but always music and always art—always.” Surrounded by various music while young from Bach and Jimmy Cliff to Linda Ronstadt and Fleetwood Mac—Jacobs’ Mom would notice that Pi crawled up to the speaker to rest her head whenever Carole King played and gifted Jacobs her very first album, Tapestry. “There’s a picture of me hugging it,” she says.

The heavy influence of 70’s L.A. singer-songwriter and country/pop is evident on Hi-Rise Ranch. “Want To Want To” has Jacobs' strong vocals racing the album out of the gate; a smoldering song that the artist says is about being afraid to go for it.  The video for this song was released on January 20th with the single released the following Tuesday. “I’ve begun to make my first-ever music videos,” said the artist, “it’s an exciting new medium for me—mini-movies of my songs.”

“Starting Now” is a song tracing the road to recovery.  Written for the 3 women that were abducted by Ariel Castro, Jacobs was saddened by a psychiatrist’s evaluation that the women would probably “never fully recover” and the song is the artist’s wish for the women to regain their sense of happiness.

The beat-laden, “Icy Road” was written as a reminder of staying the course, even when it doesn’t feel good, comfortable or normal. “The Train” was written about her husband’s Grandma Mini whose husband took ill when they were young. Along with their two sons, they traveled to Los Angeles from Brooklyn for a treatment. Unfortunately, he passed away while in California and Mini had to save up to get back to Brooklyn. “The song is about the trains we take to vastly different lives,” says Jacobs, “and our hopes for a better life in a new land.”

“Babe I’m Gonna Leave You” is a Led Zeppelin song and the only cover on the record. “I’ve been singing the song for so long that I totally forgot how Robert Plant sang it,” said Jacobs. “One day I had my 2 back-up singers harmonize over me and it was magic! I think of it as a duel lead with each of them.” The song has been released as a single on iTunes and has a beautiful video to go along with it, directed by Charlene Bagcal.

Hi-Rise Ranch ends with the rich and textured “All For You”, a song that captures the feeling and overwhelming joy of love and intimacy.  While Urbanicana had more traditional song structures to it, Hi-Rise Ranch has more of a ‘jam’ feel and open structure to the songs (although the hooks still remain). “I think (Hi-Rise Ranch) is a little less pop-sounding and maybe breathes more, like a live show would,” said Jacobs.

An accomplished rock guitar player and multi-instrumentalist and a lyricist who can create honest emotion, Pi Jacobs credits her crazy and nomadic childhood for keeping her heart open to experiences that turn into songs. “I’m grateful, and my heart is open from all of these experiences, but music has been the one thing I’ve always relied on, my rock and cornerstone. I just want to share, connect and be part of the human experience through my music.”

You can purchase this great EP from here or here.

Motobunny Release Awesome Self-Titled Debut

Photo by Susan Jordan Anderson

Motobunny is a brand new, Icona-Pop-Meets-Iggy-Pop, American rock n’ roll band with two dynamic frontwomen and a self-titled debut album that kicks arse.

Motobunny tracks are already spinning around the country on Sirius/XM Radio, on stations including KROQ (LA), KEXP (Seattle), KWSS (Phoenix), and WFMU (NJ), and WRUR (NY) and on respected rock podcasts. Blackheart Films' upcoming feature Jack and Cocaine, produced by Blackheart Records’ Cyn Posner, will feature the band’s anthem “Motobunny.” The band has released its first music video and single on North Carolina’s Rusty Knuckles Music label.

The Motobunny concept formed after members of two acclaimed rock bands, The Love Me Nots and The Woolly Bandits, got on stage together in 2013. After years of sharing green rooms, vans, and seedy tour motels, it was the first time they had performed as one band and the electricity was undeniable. Together they dashed off songs for a dual-frontwomen rock collaboration and headed to Detroit to record with Jim Diamond (White Stripes, Electric Six, Dirtbombs). With a mix by Bob Hoag (The Format, Deer
in The Headlights, Ataris), and mastering by Jason Livermore (Rise Against), the result is 12 tracks of tough rock n’ roll topped off with a girls-just-wanna-have-fun attitude.

Before Motobunny, the band members toured internationally and shared stages with Michael Jackson, Karmin, X, Iggy Pop, The Damned, The Dirtbombs, Mary Weiss, The Neighborhood, Billy Corgan, Little Richard, Jim Adkins, Prima Donna, Kongos, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, The The New York Dolls, Franz Ferdinand, The Jim Jones Revue, and appeared in official SXSW showcases and in official Fender promo films. Their other projects have been featured in Rolling Stone, SPIN, Little Steven's "The Coolest Song in The World" compilations, Rock & Folk, Village Voice, Austin Chronicle, LA Weekly, Detroit Metro Times, Phoenix New Times, and XMU's Radar Report, among others, and aired on Sirius/XM and BBC radio. Their original tracks have been featured in a 2014 Canada Dry commercial and in the syndicated TV shows Rescue Me, Fairly Legal, Bad Judge, and Being Human.

Christa Collins was the first solo artist signed to Disney Records as a child, performed and recorded with Michael Jackson, currently fronts LA garage act The Woolly Bandits, became an X Factor USA top 8 finalist and has made several movie appearances. Nicole Laurenne was an award-winning classical pianist, was named Arizona Republic’s Best Frontperson and currently fronts both the internationally acclaimed Phoenix rock act The Love Me Nots and an electrofuzz duo known as Zero Zero. Guitarist Michael Johnny Walker is on Phoenix New Times’ list of the Top 10 Phoenix Guitarists, founded and currently performs with The Love Me Nots, performs in Fender’s “Soul of Tone” video with Dweezil Zappa, and both produces and performs with Zero Zero. Bassist Rik Collins toured and recorded extensively
with legendary garage rock act The Seeds before founding and performing with The Woolly Bandits.

Check out the video for "Lets Go Out" which debuted at #9 on the FMQB Singles chart.

You can purchase this awesome debut from here:

Nation Of Rats Release Single "Wake Up Wake Up"

Hardcore band Nation Of Rats have released the first single "Wake Up Wake Up" off of their upcoming debut album due out later this year.

Nation of Rats are 5 unknown guys from Atlanta, GA that came together for a common goal. To open the eyes and ears of people that do not see there is a change that needs to take place. Tired of seeing videos of people on the internet being the shittiest kind of people and nothing being done about it. They are setting themselves up to be the loudest voice of the underground, fight a government that has failed to produce what it has promised, and to take over where your heaviest inner demons left off.

You can stream or download this great single from here or here.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Bongley Dead - 4 (2015) Free Download

Italian Alternative Rockers Bongley Dead have released their great new album "4", bloody good stuff which you can, and should, grab for free from here:

You can grab their previous releases by clicking on the label of this post.

Huge thanks to Federico for permitting the use of links.


Photo credit: Dieter Rosenbaum

Michelle Malone is pleased to announce her upcoming record release and tour with the Indigo Girls. This Atanta native has spent the better part of 2014/2015 workshopping a collection of new gems for her 13th release “Stronger Than You Think”.

Malone and Gerry Hansen produced these 12 songs of strength, courage and Georgia ass-whooping. Kristian Bush co-wrote and appears on “When I Grow Up” and Amy Ray co-wrote and appears on “I Don’t Wanna Know”.

Michelle Malone defies easy description. Wild-haired Rock God, political singer/songwriter, passionate performer with roots in church music–no single characterization tells the whole story. Over the course of Malone’s decades-spanning career, she’s collaborated with artists from Steve Earle to ZZ Top, released more than a dozen records and gone indie when it still took guts. Equal parts badass guitar slinger and sweet songstress, Michelle Malone artfully balances her penchant for ripping it through the roof with masterful lyrical introspection and vocals that range from sublime to raucous.

Michelle is an award winning musician and songwriter who has been playing her Americana folk blues alt country rock and releasing albums  for over 20 years. A southerner by birth, Malone now calls Decatur, GA home. Known for her explosive live performances, she has toured, written and/or recorded with John Mayer, Emmylou Harris, Dave Matthews, Indigo Girls, Sugarland’s Kristian Bush to name a few. She has graced stages in Germany, France, Switzerland, Mexico and Australia and has performed in every state in America.

BIG Heart + rough edges = MALONE.


7/17 Minneapolis, MN Weesner Amp Zoo

7/18 Eau Claire, WI Eaux Claires Festival

7/19 Madison, WI Capitol Theatre

7/21 Chicago, IL Vic Theatre

7/23 New York, NY City Winery

7/24 Englewood, NJ Bergen Performing Arts Center

7/25 Westhampton, NY Westhampton Beach PAC

7/26  Camden, NJ (Philly) XPoNential Music Festival in Wiggins Park

7/28 Vienna, VA Filene Center @ Wolf Trap

7/29 Selbyville, DE Freeman Stage Charlotte, NC Evening Muse


"From bluesy growling to sweet crooning, Malone shows remarkable range on her new record. A breakout hit waiting to happen." - PASTE MAGAZINE

"Equal parts badass guitar slinger and sweet songstress, Malone artfully balances her penchant for ripping through the roof with masterful lyrical introspection - sublime to raucous. - GUITAR WORLD

"The kind of singer and songwriter who can jolt things into overdrive." - NEW YORK TIMES

"raucous and jubilant - somewhere between Lucinda Williams and Shelby Lynne comes Malone alternating between soulful ballads and rowdy, riffy blasters." - ROLLING STONE

"4 out of 5 Bunnies "... on this loose and blues-stoked new album, Malone churns up those Southern roots with the vigor of Lucinda Williams while embracing her inner Keith Richards." - PLAYBOY

The soul of a bluesman, the heart of a folk singer, and the guts of a rock and roll star all wrapped up in one fiery bad ass.” -NASHVILLE RAGE

”A proper American cocktail best drunk straight up.” - BILLBOARD

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Jeffrey Lee Pierce ‎– Wildweed

Jeffrey Lee Pierce ‎– Wildweed

In July 1996, Tom Engelshoven of Dutch music magazine Oor described Jeffrey Lee Pierce as the missing link between the Eagles and Kurt Cobain. Four months after the Gun Club frontman had passed away, the article labeled him as the true victim of what Engelshoven interpreted as "the American disease." Among the symptoms were a strong identification with violence and death and a clear notion of American society being imbued with it. Pierce's lyrics testified of his awareness of America's earliest history, a nation established at the barrel of a gun. Obsessed with an inevitable apocalyptic destiny, he took his lowlife background as an explanation for a feverish longing for decay. Sex, booze, and drugs all claimed their share in a self-destructive lifestyle, culminating in an early death at the age of 37. Wildweed was the first of two solo albums Pierce made in between his Gun Club albums. Following in the footsteps of remarkable statements like Miami and The Las Vegas Story, the material presented here isn't all that different. The violence theme practically drips from the album cover, depicting Pierce with a dreamy look and a shotgun slung over his shoulder. Standing amidst what could be the last true vestige of an unspoiled, rural America, it's a fair bet that he's ready to shoot anything even slightly disturbing -- upon which he probably will utter one final howl before putting himself "to rest" as well. Plenty of those howls are scattered through Wildweed, which opens with a strong threesome of "Love and Desperation," "Sex Killer," and "Cleopatra Dreams On." In more than one way, "Love and Desperation" is the twin to The Fire of Love's "Sex Beat." Apart from the infectious driving beat, one only has to compare the lyrics of the latter ("I, I know your reasons/And I, I know your goals/We can f*ck forever/But you will never get my soul") to the former ("Somebody hurts you, so you hurt me/So I hurt somebody else, who I have never seen/Who hurts somebody else, why on down the road/Who hurts somebody else who goes on home/With you") to conclude that Pierce's world is one in which love takes a wrong turn most of the time. Halfway through the album things get a little awkward when, during the nursery rhyme of "Hey Juana," Pierce starts name-checking a colleague ("Now Nick the Cave/He spent all his pay/On a bottle of gin/And a shark without a fin"). Luckily, "The Midnight Promise" makes a beautiful closing piece. Alas, the CD release of Wildweed adds some extra tracks that appeared on the Love and Desperation 12" instead of the more intriguing experiments with spoken word from the 7" bonus that came with the album or the free jazz of the title track of the Flamingo EP.


1 Love And Desperation
2 Sex Killer
3 Cleopatra Dreams On
4 From Temptation To You
5 Sensitivity
6 Hey Juana
7 Love Circus
8 Wildweed
9 The Midnight Promise
10 Open The Door Osiris
11 The Fertility Goddess
12 Portrait Of The Artist In Hell
13 Chris And Maggie Meet Blind Willy McTell At A James Brown Concert


Sunday, May 10, 2015

California Roots Union Presents: Cliff Wagner & The Old #7 and Miss Lonely Hearts

Cliff Wagner and The Old #7 & Miss Lonely Hearts
Saturday, May 16 at T. Boyles Tavern in Pasadena, CA.
It's going to be a great night of roots and country music.

I think this review and this photograph tell you everything you need to know about Miss Lonely Hearts:

“Seeing Miss Lonely Hearts live is like witnessing an impromptu hoedown in the most carcinogenic of coal mines. Or being an unsuspecting tourist who stumbled upon a whiskey-soaked shotgun wedding. Either way, Wyatt Hesemeyer uses tongue-in-cheek, Johnny Cash-like vocals to tell tales of women and disasters which, at times, are one in the same: My baby ain't a ball and chain, shes a wreckin ball. Combined with the old-timey beat of Mischa Gaschs upright bass, its tough to decide between headbangin or kickin up your cowboy boots either way, you'll have a stupid grin on your face.”

Cliff and the band have an original sound that utilizes traditional bluegrass, blues, and Honky Tonk to create an American roots music that people of all ages and backgrounds enjoy. "If Bill Monroe had started a band with Muddy Waters and Levon Helm, this is what it would sound like." The band has played all over the western US and...Cliff is a wicked banjo player. Gonna be good!

T. Boyle’s Tavern is located at 37 N. Catalina Avenue in Pasadena.

It is behind the Academy 6 Cinemas, and just to the east of the Ice House Comedy Club. There is no entrance or signage on Catalina Ave.

There is a parking structure located on the west side of Mentor Avenue, in between Union Street and Colorado Boulevard. Mentor is a one way southbound street, so you must enter Mentor Avenue from the north to enter the structure.

Additionally, there is free street parking after 6:00pm; as well as another pay lot with limited space just north of the venue, across Rhodes Alley.

Caught In A Crossfire Release Debut EP "Lighten Up"

Caught In A Crossfire, or sometimes abbreviated CIAC, formed in 2010. Early days the band originally were just jamming sessions between Guitarist now Bassist Matt Laughton and 1st drummer Martin Devaney then soon followed vocalist Ben Walton who Martin knew very well, Matt had only met Ben once years prior at a Less Than Jake show, shortly after bassist David Cooke had jumped aboard on the project who both Matt and Martin had already knew from previous projects.

After 3 months The band had recorded their first ever Demo which was a 5 track the band were giving away at shows. After a while the band thought another guitar was needed and decided to become a 5 piece with Sam O’Leary taking the role of Lead guitar who Martin had met at an open mic night.

In 2012 after a string of local shows supporting touring punk bands and joining forces with other local punk bands the band was approached by Coffee Jingle Records in 2012. During the recording the band were having a lot of set backs which led to the departure of drummer Martin, and replaced by present drummer Anton Ward who Matt had met while in other bands.

Anton was previously in a Punk Rock band Cracking Amy who weren’t really doing much at the time so Anton jumped on board and re-recorded all the Drums, the band started gigging anywhere they could, After a while Cooke had to leave the band due to family commitments which set back recording their second release which was originally meant to be an album. Which was split into 2 EPs instead (2nd one due Oct 2015), Matt had recorded all the bass lines while the band searched for a replacement, after auditioning for months the band had decided to ditch being a five piece and Matt had taken on the role of the bass

CIAC have supported some established acts such as Me vs Hero, The Interrupters, Brassick, Margate, Neck Deep, The Cockney Rejects, 999, The Skints.

Caught In A Crossfire have performed at Undercover Festival, as well as performing in London, Brighton, Portsmouth and Southampton. CIAC very recently supported The Interrupters (signed to Hellcat Records) at The Wedgewood Rooms in Portsmouth.

Described as “Definitely delivering more punk than pop, taking everything that makes the genre catchy, lyrics, hooks, sing-alongs. But throws in some heavier sections, a couple of solos and heaps of riffs – think early early Blink 182. Stage presence and audience involvement was huge, getting everyone up close, involved and enjoying themselves” (Fret-Buzz).

‘Lighten Up’ showcases Caught In A Crossfire’s own unique brand of Pop Punk, with many twists and turns. Influenced by The Offspring, Alkaline Trio, Zebrahead, Rise Against, Blink 182, New Found Glory, Jimmy Eat World, NoFX, Pennywise, MxPx, Pulley, Zero Down, Good Riddance, Fall out Boy, Four Year Strong, Bayside, The Cure, AFI, Millencolin, Bad Religion, Reel big fish, Less Than Jake, Spunge to name a few!

Although some of the lyrical content is far from Radio 1 territory. With their more pop-punk orientated tunes, these punk rockers deliver a highly charged and full of energy sound, you cant help but to jump as if you life depended on it.

You can purchase this great 4 track EP from here:

The "SWATM Casket Spray on Vinyl and New Music Video!" Update

Dear Morticians Assistants,

It has been seven months since we funded this campaign to press “Casket Spray” to vinyl and debut our first music video. In that time, Shadow Windhawk and the Morticians have undergone many changes and achieved many of our major goals. We have you guys to thank for so much of that. We shot and produced the very first SWATM music video in November 2014, with an online release on Dec. 17. Since that time, the video has been featured on’s “Tomb’s Jukebox”. In April 2015, the “Casket Spray” vinyl was also featured in a glowing 4.5 / 5 review from Rue Morgue Magazine (#154).

In February, we unveiled the brand-new “Goosebumps” styled artwork for the “Casket Spray” vinyl, illustrated by legendary cover artist, Tim Jacobus. Production began on the vinyl in February and we were informed that the record would take six weeks to finish. But, due to the overwhelming demand the pressing plant had for Record Store Day releases, our records were pushed to a 16-week turnaround time. The album is due to arrive on July 11th, 2015. As soon as the records are finally here, the 32 copies that were pledged for via this campaign will be mailed out ASAP. Any leftover copies will be made available for purchase on We appreciate your patience and understanding as we deal with this minor setback.

As of this time, we have produced, hand-packaged, self-addressed and shipped out all of the limited edition merch and special IndieGoGo exclusive perks that we promised to deliver on (save for the vinyl).

This Summer, we will be playing live at three events, prior to returning to the studio in August. We are honored to announce that we will be performing on the east coast of the US for the very first time this July, as one of the main acts at Ghouls Night Out Festival 2015.

Below are the dates where we will be performing live this Summer:

Friday, June 26th in Salt Lake City, Utah @ The Woodshed w/ Zombiecock.

Saturday, July 18th in Magna, Utah @ The Art On You Halloween In Summer Festival.

Saturday, July 25th in Stanhope, New Jersey @ Ghouls Night Out Fest ’15

Thank you once again from the bottom of our hearts for all you guys have done to support this project.

We hope to see you at our shows this Summer!

Love and Respect,

Shadow Windhawk, Trip MD,
Tony “Mr. Drinks” and Willie Wolfbite

Shadow Windhawk and the Morticians

Saturday, May 9, 2015


If anyone out there has this in WAV, FLAC or MP3 can you please send it into me. I am looking all over for this one again. I lost it in my HD Crash of 2012.

Your Pal,

Now Released - Jon Chi's "Another Rising Sun", Impactful Songwriting Elevates A Gospel Americana Sound

Another Rising Sun from Jon Chi

Check it out on iTunes, CD Baby or Bandcamp! Boston-based, Jon Chi's second solo effort is a blend of Folk, Gospel, Americana and Jam, with honest songwriting and lyrics at the forefront. Jon’s songs have received major and college radio play, and have appeared in documentaries, commercials, and on NPR’s "All Things Considered". Chi is the former frontman for the band, Rainmaker who found their fans among the jamband and World music scene. He has collaborated in the studio with musicians including Mickey Hart of the Grateful Dead, guitar greats Erenest Ranglin and Robben Ford, and songwriting talents Jolie Holland, James Mercer of the Shins, and the Jayhawks. These diverse artists had varying influences on Jon as you will hear in the songs.



“Imagery, impressionistic flow, and honest emotional grit.” – Bill Copeland Music News

“Truly innovative.”  –

“Personal Songs that manage to speak to one and all.” – AXS Entertainment

“A killer throwback to great 70s rock records that didn’t need to have a hit single to live the high life in the underground” – Midwest Record

“Give a listen to Jon Chi, I guarantee that you will be hearing his name and talking about his music for years to come.” –

You can purchase this great album from any of the links listed below.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Mentors - You Axed For It

Mentors - You Axed For It

This is the first Full Length Studio Album recorded by the Mentors in 1984, and released in 1985 on of course vinyl. The original release on vinyl contained only the first 10 songs on this release, but in a subsequent European reissue we added four additional tracks that were recorded a much later date. The album was named as the most offensive album at the time by the PMRC (Parents Music Resource Center), in which the wifes of prominent politicians in Washington DC, such as Tipper Gore, wife of Vice President Al Gore, attempted to ban and censor the Mentors and other groups. The lineup on this recording was the original members, Sickie Wifebeater (Eric Carlson) on guitar, El Duce (Eldon Hoke) on drums and vocals, and Dr. Heathen Scum (Steve Broy) on bass. This band originally started playing together in 1974 at Roosevelt High School in Seattle, Washington.

1 Sandwich Of Love
2 Shocked & Grossed
3 Four F Club
4 Herpes Two
5 Judgement Day
6 Sleep Bandits
7 Free Fix
8 Golden Showers
9 Clap Queen
10 My Erection Is Over
11 Wine You Dine You Sixty Nine You
12 In & Out Of You
13 Leave Some For The Vultures
14 Sex Education

Ripped from personal CD @320KBS MP3