Monday, June 29, 2015

Hair Of The Dog Set To Release New Album "The Siren's Song" July 10

Bringing Back Classic 70's Rock One Riff At A Time!

Hair Of The Dog are a stoner rock trio from Edinburgh, Scotland. They draw heavily on their mutual love of the late 60’s and 70's rock scenes; whilst incorporating modern aspects of stoner rock.

The trio have played together for over a decade in various forms and bands, finally settling in Edinburgh where Hair Of The Dog was born.

The band consists of brothers, Jonathan (Drums) and Adam Holt (Vocals & Guitar), and lifelong friend Iain Thomson (Bass Guitar). Together they have been jamming music since their school days, coming together to play the music they adored, by bands such as Zeppelin, Hendrix, Deep Purple and Sabbath; as well as more contemporary jam-style bands such as early Red Hot Chili Peppers and Rage Against The Machine.

Having shared stages with bands such as the Blues Pills, The Vintage Caravan, Lonely Kamel, Elder and Mos Generator - Hair Of The Dog are well on their way to breaking through with their unique sound.

The Siren's Song, featuring cover art by the highly talented Dominic Sohor (Orange Goblin, Raging Speedhorn, Gurt), is the band's highly anticipated second album and is set to be their break through record.

This is one great album folks, a superb mix of blues fuzz rock, power ballads and stoner rock, all there for your listening pleasure, all in all there's some seriously good stuff going on here. Do your ears a huger favour and purchase this great album come July 10. You will not be disappointed!

"The Siren's Song" Official Album Launch Show Friday 10th July 2015, The Banshee Labyrinth, Edinburgh.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Elmo Karjalainen Offers Buy One And Get One Free

Okay folks here's the deal - purchase Unintelligent Designs in either digital download or physical cd from Email Elmo ( with your order number and he'll send you "Unintelligent Leftovers" as a free download.

This is his way of showing gratitude to his fans, to all the people who make this journey so much more of a pleasure.

Be quick though as this offer will expire in approximately 51 hours time. Offer now expired.

Sunday, June 21, 2015


Since 2007, Greenland Is Melting have put their own spin on folk, bluegrass, punk; penning an original sound with straightforward, hometown lyrics. Hailing out of Gainesville, Karl, Shaun, and Will have always approached their music with a drive and direction that perpetuates real, honest experiences put into porch-driven sing-along's. Armed with banjos, harmonicas, a suitcase bass drum, and a slew of other instruments in tow, the Greenland boys break the typecast we all know as the "Gainesville sound" and bring a breath of fresh, folk-induced air to the masses. With an already large following due to their heartfelt performances and relentless work ethic, Greenland is Melting is more than ready to bring their sound to your back porch, kitchen, or basement.

1. [2009] Our Hearts Are Gold, Our Grass Is Blue

01 - From City To Town
02 - No More Sorry Songs
03 - No More Apologies
04 - The Kitchen Song
05 - Everyone Wants To Go To Heaven, But...
06 - No One Wants To Die
07 - Hotel Floors
08 - Already Gone
09 - Jaundiced Eye
10 - Wayfaring Stranger
11 - Blood On The Banjo

Free Download here or here

2. [2011] Folk Songs From Florida Volume One EP

01 - Noodlin Cripple Creek
02 - Fox On The Run
03 - Greenland Whale Fisheries

Free Download here or here

3. [2011] Where Were We

01 - For What It's Worth
02 - Gas Powered Ship
03 - Always
04 - No Matter What You See
05 - The Dead Are Watching
06 - I Swear
07 - Second Favorite Bed
08 - I Don't Need To
09 - Daisy In The Field
10 - No One Listens
11 - Hogtown Greek
12 - Stargazer
13 - Lessons Learned

63.77 Mb
Free Download

4. [2014] Still Not Dead EP

Sneak peak of their upcoming album.

01 - Particle
02 - Crossed Wires
03 - All My Friends
04 - Party Crasher

Free Download


1. [2008] Sunday

In 2008, EvilMrSod and Keiko joined forces to record an album. They did it in one day. January 13th 2008. A Sunday.

"Sunday" contains 8 tracks, written by EvilMrSod, arranged and performed by EvilMrSod and Keiko. The recording took place at the Finca Alternativa Cueva del Viento, in the north of Tenerife. Savino Di Vietro, guitar player and producer of the band The Shits, was behind the controls organizing everything. The thousands of pictures taken by encarneviva are the spine of the booklet.

The music is classic american rock, with blues and country. Sometimes a bit harder, sometimes not. We could call it "bluesy Rock'N'Roll with a bit of country and a lot of slide guitar". Both EvilMrSod and Keiko get crazy with the Stones (of course), Black Crowes, Gram Parsons, The Band, the great blues masters, the electrified Dylan from the 70's, etc.

That's exactly how they sound on stage.

01 - Bigger Than Life
02 - Loser's Road
03 - What A Shame
04 - I'm A Mess
05 - From These Cold Streets
06 - The Dust
07 - La Cueva Y El Viento
08 - I Don't Give A Fuck (Good Lord)

Free Download

2. [2013] Skeletal EP

This EP is totally free, you don't have to pay anything, you don't have to give them your e-mail address or anything like that. They just ask you to share the link with friends, enemies, family, etc. If you help to make EvilMrSod & Keiko known, they promise to try to keep doing music just like they've done it until now: from the heart.

01 - Skeletal
02 - Cinnamon Girl
03 - Ooh La La
04 - Hey Bulldog
05 - It Makes No Difference
06 - Tumbling Dice

Free Download


EvilMrSod & The Pale Ryders play simply Rock’N'Roll, drawing most of our inspiration from ’70s hard rock and punk rock, with elements of country and blues thrown in for variety. That’s it. Three chords and lots of fun. We like to keep it simple.

1. [2012] Kids Don't Know How To Boogie Anymore

01 - Kids Don't Know How To Boogie Anymore
02 - Congratulations (And Tons Of Desperation)

Free Download

2. [2013] The Future

01 - The Future
02 - Born In A Cab

Free Download

IRON RANGE OUTLAW BRIGADE [2011] Shootin' Shells & Raisin' Hell

Shit kicking, dirty, punk-rock country from the Northwoods of Minnesota!
"We're more bitter than a shot of Wild Turkey 101!"

01 - The Ballad Of Jimmy The Outlaw
02 - Never Take Me Out Alive
03 - Cheers To Minnesota
04 - Shootin' Shells & Raisin' Hell
05 - American Robin Hood
06 - Trapped In A Bottle
07 - Dead Man Walkin'
08 - Drink (The Whiskey Bottle Down)
09 - If You See Me Drinking Whiskey
10 - Honky Tonk Band
11 - Runnin' To Get Free
12 - Way Back
13 - Friends And Family

Free Download


From Portland, Oregon. Wearing all black and riding through the desert.

1. [2010] I Like This World...

01 - Atlanta
02 - Bones
03 - Man With No Name
04 - The Boat Song
05 - Poison Pens
06 - Rotting Of The Hun

Free Download

2. [2011] The Devil is in Demand

01 - Devils are in Demand
02 - Who will Sell your Soul
03 - Stolen
04 - Long Black Veil
05 - Gospel
06 - Family Bible
07 - Horseflesh and Silver
08 - Serve Somebody
09 - Come Inside
10 - Sweet is the Bite

Free Download

3. [2013] Pox Americana

01 - Unless (ft. St. Äma)
02 - Devil To Pay
03 - Red Nails
04 - Bad Deeds
05 - Sick Today
06 - Gift Giver (ft. St. Äma)
07 - Carry On
08 - End Of The Trail

Free Download

LAID TO DUST [2015] Laid To Dust

Started in late 2011 in Concord, NH with a desire to create roots-style music in the tradition of the masters of bluegrass, folk, country, and good ole' fashioned rock n' roll, the current incarnation of the band was realized in April of 2012. Beer and whiskey was consumed, songs were formed, and finally our first live gig came around in January of 2013. Onward we roll...  

01 - Torn
02 - Another Dawn
03 - Wasted Alone
04 - One Last Bottle
05 - Black Clouds Gather

Free Download

REVEREND ELVIS [2013] Desperation
Death Country and Satanic Gospel from Chemnitz, Germany.

01 - Dying Crapshooter Blues
02 - They Know What You Do
03 - I Cast A Lonesome Shadow
04 - Jezebel
05 - Knoxville Girl
06 - Teddyboy Boogie
07 - Cups Of Coffee And 14 Cigarettes
08 - Soon One Morning
09 - Highwayman
10 - Up And Down
11 - Mournin'
12 - I Don't Care If Tomorrow Never Comes
13 - Massakkar

Free Download


Death Country and Satanic Gospel from Chemnitz, Germany.

01 - I'm A Bluespunk
02 - Trouble
03 - Angel Of Death
04 - Kill! Kill! Kill!
05 - Never Let You Go
06 - 666
07 - Tainted Love
08 - I Still Believe
09 - Dead Before You Died
10 - Boppin'
11 - Country Heros
12 - Rockabilly Riot
13 - Honky Tonkin'
14 - Killerwolf

Free Download

SICK MAN'S MILL [2014] Sick Man's Mill

Sick Man's Mill is a musical project made up of Kyle Schneps and Jake Thorsen based outside of Philadelphia Pa. The album is a compilation of songs and stories from years of traveling. Kyle and Jake have been writing and playing music together for six years. This is their first venture in the studio. Enjoy. Music is up for free, feel free to donate though.

Kyle Schneps: Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Jake Thorsen: Lead guitar, Mandolin
Peter Thorsen: Drums
Jason Weisinger: Piano, Organ, Bass

01 - Demons In The Dawn
02 - When The Cold Winds
03 - Drunken Parody
04 - Killing Time Blues
05 - Basement Song
06 - On A Sunday Afternoon
07 - Namibian Moon
08 - Disbelief
09 - Little Brown Jug

Free Download


Alternative / Grunge /Country from Edinburgh, Scotland.

1. [2012] Turmoil

01 - These Streets Were Made For Dying
02 - How We Finish Our Day
03 - I Think It's Time To Leave

Free Download

2. [2012] A Million Love Songs (Won't Make This A Better Place)

01 - A Million Love Songs (Won't Make This A Better Place)

Free Download

3. [2015] Cauterize

01 - The Years Have Not Been Kind
02 - Cold Bodies
03 - Until We Die
04 - Your Bed, Full Of Flies
05 - Whisky, Satellites And Ditches
06 - This Morning Will Eat Us Alive
07 - Food For Insects
08 - Another Day
09 - You And I
10 - A Consequence Of Pain
11 - A Gun In The Desert
12 - Drinking In The Sun
13 - Fridays We Drink (Freitag Ist Schnapstag)

Free Download


The Dead South is a four-piece acoustic ensemble based in Regina, Saskatchewan. With gritty vocals, soaring harmonies, blazing banjo licks, and prominent cello melodies, The Dead South blends elements of folk, bluegrass, classical, and rock which results in a unique, modern, and authentic blend of toe-tapping acoustic music.

1. [2013] The Ocean Went Mad And We Were To Blame

01 - Banjo Odyssey
02 - Wishing Well
03 - The Dirty Juice
04 - Fruit And Salad
05 - Honey You

Free Download

2. [2014] Good Company

01 - Long Gone
02 - Achilles
03 - The Recap
04 - In Hell I'll Be In Good Company
05 - Manly Way
06 - Travellin' Man
07 - Honey You
08 - Ballad For Janoski
09 - Down That Road
10 - The Dead South
11 - That Bastard Son
12 - Deep When The River's High
13 - Into The Valley

Free Download


Country / Alt Country / Folk Rock Band from Dunedin, New Zealand.

01 - Magpies
02 - Viceroy's Daughter
03 - The Raceman's Wife
04 - Came To Take Her
05 - Coming Home
06 - Hallelujah Child
07 - High Society Woman
08 - Fairweather
09 - Bigger Than Both of Us
10 - Where You Are

Free Download


The Old Ironsides are four friends from Long Island making rock and roll music how ever it wants to come out.

Jarett Slionski A.K.A. the old ironsides started laying down his punk rock roots as a teenager growing up on long island, with his latests projects the rebel dead and those hated hearts, playing guitar and singing songs in typical puck rock fashon.. songs of angst and hard times, true working class..
Some say he is an old soul, that hes lived many lives.. going through alot as a child and teenager, from being homeless, drugs and death, love and loss, having a child, getting married and divorced.. Portraying all that in his music.. He doesnt take pride in being the most talented musician, but he takes pride in what he says.. songs from the heart, honest and real.. Call it what you will, country, folk, americana. He calls them songs..

1. [2013] losers, dreamers and saints

01 - cheers fuckface
02 - how long
03 - running away
04 - kissing the world goodbye
05 - some kinda change
06 - these are the days
07 - god only knows
08 - what we give
09 - world of stone
10 - we both know

Free Download

2. [2014] Wish You Weren't Here

01 - Intro
02 - Bridges
03 - The Ocean
04 - Hugo's Song
05 - Kissing The World Goodbye
06 - American Girl
07 - Falsely Yours

Free Download


Punk Band from Suffern, New York. The members of Timeshares were best friends in 2008. That all changed with the formation of Timeshares in 2009. Be sure to catch Timeshares before they like each other again.

1. [2009] Timeshares Demo CD

01 - Sarah, Send Your Driver
02 - Chinese Coffee Torture
03 - Everyday Doops

Free Download

2. [2010] Split 7"

01 - Woke Up In Grappler School
02 - Little Full, Lotta Sap

Free Download

3. [2011] Bearable

01 - From An Admirer Not Darryl
02 - Everyday Doops
03 - Focus, Eddie
04 - Oh No Not That
05 - Sarah, Send Your Driver
06 - Damn Near By Beer
07 - Too Many ELO Days
08 - Chinese Coffee Torture
09 - Skirt Wednesday
10 - Mumbleface
11 - Woke Up In Grappler School
12 - Math & Science

Free Download

4. [2012] Split 7"

01 - Young Man Songs
02 - No Says The Nose

Free Download

Underground: The Subterranean Culture of DIY Punk Shows by Daniel Makagon

Underground: The Subterranean Culture of DIY Punk Shows by Daniel Makagon

192 pages, 5x8" paperback (14 oz) from Microcosm Publishing

The Social History of Basement Shows

Coming September 15, 2015

Underground is all about the history and future of DIY punk touring in the USA.

Daniel Makagon explores the culture of DIY spaces like house shows and community-based music spaces, their impact on underground communities and economies, and why these networks matter. He shows that no matter who you are, organizing, playing, and/or attending a DIY punk show is an opportunity to become a real part of a meaningful movement and to create long-lasting alternatives to the top-down economic and artistic practices of the mainstream music industry. Punk kids playing an illegal show too loudly in someone's basement might not save the world, but they might just be showing us the way to building something better.

"Daniel Makagon was there, and he's likely forgotten more about DIY than many of you will ever know." - Adam Pfahler, Jawbreaker

"DIY punk shows and the communities they bring together have always been the heart and soul of punk culture. They stitch together all the music, moments and makeshift venues that give our collective 'underground' the kind of shape and meaning that makes it worthy of the name and worth claiming as our own. Underground is the first book to explore this subject matter in depth and with such substance, care and attention to detail." - Zack Furness, editor of Punkademics

$14.95 Pre-order HERE


01 - THE CLOCKWORK DOLLS - The Ballad Of Black Jack Jezebel
03 - THE DEAD SOUTH - The Recap
04 - REVEREND ELVIS - Mournin'
05 - GREENLAND IS MELTING - Crossed Wires
06 - THE BAD THINGS - Just Four Weeks
08 - BAT COUNTRY - Knockin’ On My Coffin
12 - WALTER SICKERT - Off With Her Head!!!
13 - LAID TO DUST - Black Clouds Gather
14 - NATHANIEL JOHNSTONE & THE BRAZILIAN SURF MAFIA - Scarlet Carpet Interstate, Part One
15 - SICK MAN'S MILL - Demons In The Dawn
16 - THE FEA STREET HUSTLE - Viceroy's Daughter
17 - HUMANWINE - Rivolta Silenziosa
18 - VOLTAIRE - The Industrial Revolution (And How It Ruined My Life)
19 - THE OLD IRONSIDES - Cheers Fuckface
20 - NECROS - 500 Years, A Pack Of Kools

105.25 Mb

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Guitarist Elmo Karjalainen Releases New Record “The Free Guitar Record”

Critically acclaimed Finnish guitarist Elmo Karjalainen has released his new record, entitled “The Free Guitar Record”. The album features 8 new original songs featuring Elmo’s unique style of playing in various styles.

Guitarist Elmo Karjalainen, whose debut solo album “Unintelligent Designs” received much praise from critics, is set to release his second solo album, entitled “The Free Guitar Album”. The digital version of the album will be available at, and it will be free. There will also be a limited CD version featuring alternate takes on three songs.

“The Free Guitar Album” will feature 8 brand new instrumental songs by Elmo in a variety of styles, but with a focus on rock. There will also be a limited edition CD available, which will feature 3 of the songs from the album, but with alternate lead takes. “The whole idea was to give people the chance to listen to a whole record of mine, without having to buy anything, pay for a streaming service, or download off some strange site on the net”, says Elmo. The album will be available exclusively from Elmo’s website,

Born in 1979, Elmo is a guitar player from Finland. He has won some fame as one of the best rock guitar players in Finland due to his work in the Finnish metal band Deathlike Silence, and also with his solo album Unintelligent Designs. Currently Elmo plays in the bands Seagrave and Conquest, and he has recently been touring with the nationally famous band Kilpi.

After the receiving much critical praise for his solo album, Unintelligent Designs, Elmo decided to follow it up with an album called The Free Guitar Album. The album showcases Elmo’s varied, but unique, style which combines technical brilliance with melodic, quirky and sometimes humorous playing. The album is also a bit different in that the digital version is free.

Release date: June 11, 2015

01. Instrumetal
02. Don’t Quit Yer Day Job
03. Clark-San
04. Incontinental Breakfast
05. She Sleeps on the Moon
06. Algorhythm
07. Noises
08. The Gentle Art of Listening
09. The Bolero Unravels (I Come Undone)
10. Relax

The limited edition also features the following songs:
11. Don’t Quit Yer Day Job (alt. solos)
12. Algorhythm (alt. solos)
13. She Sleeps on the Moon (alt. solos)

The Free Guitar Album – Digital Sleeve Notes:

Thank you for downloading “The Free Guitar Album”. I really hope you enjoy it. I would appreciate it if you could email the album to at least three of your friends who might even remotely be interested in this type of music. Doing so would be a huge help to me. If you want to help in other ways, you can also donate money to the cause at (there’s a donate button on the right hand side of the screen), or you can buy the CD version. Above all I want you to enjoy this album. If you received this album from a friend, then please sign up for my newsletter at (you’ll get more free, and exclusive, stuff that way). This album has taken quite some time to make. The period after my previous album, “Unintelligent Designs”, has been a difficult one, at least in a professional sense. “UD” received great reviews, but that doesn’t necessarily mean great album sales. It never did, and it does so even less nowadays. That is especially true if one tries to do everything alone, like I’ve done. Getting one’s music out there is tough. That’s where this album comes in. This record is my response to not making enough money from music to make a living doing it. It costs time and money to make a record. So what do I do? I do the obvious thing. I make a free record. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this little collection of notes.

Now, roll the credits:

Christer Karjalainen – drums and percussion on “She Sleeps on the Moon”
Elmo – everything else.

Mixed by Christer Karjalainen and Elmo
Produced by Elmo
Mastered by Sasa Opacic
Artwork by Elmo

Thank you to:
Sanna Johansson, Ella and Katarina Karjalainen, Christer and Maija Karjalainen, Jokke and Lissu Johansson for all the babysitting, Sasa Opacic for everything, Antti Härmä for the Wombat Repeller, Helena & Kalevi, Seagrave, Conquest, Arna and Marcus Pellas, Sven Rogers, Tobias Björkwall, and all my guitar students. Above all, a big thank you to all of my fans! You, and your kind words, make this whole thing worth it.

This is one fantastic instrumental album that sounds better with each subsequent listen and you should grab this great slab of music, you really have nothing to lose....  after all, it's for free.

And if you like this free, which I consider a respectful Jeff Beck tribute album, as much as I do, give something back to Elmo and purchase both "Unintelligent Designs" & "Unintelligent Leftovers", which I have done and not been disappointed either. You can purchase these from here or here.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Bongley Dead - Where Are You (Official Video)

Fur Bible ‎– Fur Bible

Fur Bible ‎– Fur Bible

After leaving The Gun Club, Patricia Morrison stayed in the U.K. with Kid Congo. They both formed the band “FUR BIBLE” along with Murray Mitchell on guitar & ‘Desperate’ on drums. They released one studio effort, a single titled ‘Plunder The Tombs’, on a french record label called New Rose. Produced by Clint Ruin. The 12” vinyl single also included two songs, Headbolt & Fumble Fist. *NOTE - The track above has Plunder the Tombs & Headbolt together in one track!* Photobucket They played a massive U.K tour as an opening act for Siouxsie & the Banshees finishing the tour with a gig at the Royal Albert Hall. As the band was winding down, Kid was invited to join Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds for the ‘Your Funeral, My Trial’ tour – moving to Berlin and becoming a full-time member. Andrew Eldritch called Patricia and asked if she would be interested in joining his band, the Sisterhood / the Sisters of Mercy…


01 Plunder The Tombs
02 Headbolt
03 Fumble Fist


Sunday, June 14, 2015


01 - NOMOTION - Invitation To Ruin
02 - BANSHEERIE - Lady Forlorn
04 - M.M.S. KAISER - Wasted
06 - ALAN DUDE - Looking For A Friend
08 - BLACK CLAW - Horrible Days
10 - THE MOE GREENE SPECIALS - Maplewood Drive
11 - THE BOXMASTERS - Build Your Own Prison
12 - BURRITO DELUXE - When It Comes Down On You
13 - CORB LUND - Trouble In The Country
15 - RED DIRT RANGERS - Idabel Blues
16 - TIM BARRY - Shoulda Oughta
17 - THE PAPERBOYS - Falling Down
18 - RAILBENDERS - Southbound
19 - HELLS FIRE SINNERS - Ninety Nine
20 - JOHN D. DALE BAND - Put Me In The Ground + Hidden Track

128k - 192k
100.07 Mb


02 - DESOTO RUST - Two Loads Overweight
04 - VULTURE CLUB - Pale White Rose
05 - TEN STRIKE - Bound To Die
06 - OLDBOY - My Demon
08 - THE REVERSE COWGIRLS - Dead Will Rise
09 - NO LONGER PLAYER - Now Here, Nowhere
10 - EVILMRSOD - Going Down (We're All)
11 - B.A. FIELDER - Black Mottled Back Porch Cat
12 - HOT BOOGIE CHILLUN - What Happened To Me
14 - PHANTOM 409 - Red Love
15 - BIG JOHN BATES - Skin & Guts
18 - JB NELSON - Go Out With A Bang
19 - SOLD UNDER SIN - The River
20 - FLESH ROXON - Born To Lose

128k - 192k
94.08 Mb

Saturday, June 13, 2015

NOMOTION [2014] Ritual Murders EP

NOMOTION paints it’s vivid palette of forbidden and dangerous colourscapes with the bravura of a band lyrically and sonically inspired by the saturated 70’s celluloids of Hammer movies, folk-noire, pop-magick and the arcane. The result is utterly immersive, utterly bewitching.

A concept EP about Ritual Abuse & Romantics from this Italian Southern Gothic Band.

01 - 1000 Stitches
02 - Love Is Murder
03 - Summer Rites
04 - Invitation To Ruin
05 - Sunday In Mourning

Free Download here or here

M.M.S. KAISER [2014] Man From Another Place

M.M.S. Kaiser, born 11/24/1993, is a writer & musician from the state of Wisconsin, USA. Originally noted for his band, "The Myths", M.M.S. Kaiser started his solo project in 2013.

M.M.S. Kaiser's first book, "Night Roads to Oblivion", a collection of poems dating from 2008 to 2012, was released in 2012 under self-publication.

M.M.S. Kaiser's first album, "Imperial Sloughship", was released December 2013.

Here is the New EP for 2014.

01 - It All Ends the Same in the End
02 - No Two Eyes Can See
03 - Abominable
04 - Man From Another Place
05 - Wasted

Free Download here or here


EvilMrSod is the solo project and also the alter-ego of Pablo Rodríguez, singer, guitar player and main composer for Fuckin' Family Faces, the Tenerife (Canary Islands) rock'n'roll band.

Created by accident (at least in the beginning), EvilMrSod is acoustic rock'n'roll: sometimes more blues, sometimes more country, but always rock'n'roll.

"…an angry Otis Redding singing Willie Nelson songs…"

1. [2014] Atom Bomb

01 - Atom Bomb
02 - Post-Punk, Pre-Folk, Fuck Off

Free Download here or here

2. [2015] Going Down (We're All)

01 - Going Down (We're All)
02 - Waiting

Free Download here or here

BLACK CLAW [2014] Black Claw EP

Envisioned in the desolate forests of the Canadian Wilderness. Black Claw’s music is primitive and angry Death Roots.

01 - Nothing
02 - Factual Accusations
03 - Broken Hands
04 - Find The End
05 - Horrible Days

Free Download here or here


1. [2014] The Witch Of Glendale

Debut EP from this Singer of Dark Songs from Kazakhstan.

"Every song tells a story. Sometimes we don't like the ending... sometimes we don't understand it. But remember - these stories are told by a ragged scarecrow flapping on the winds of woe... and these stories are of grief, misery, horror and death."

01 - The Witch of Glendale
02 - Seven Silent Crows
03 - The Coven Is Rising
04 - Lady Forlorn

Free Download here or here

2. [2015] Daughters Of The Twilight

The stories told by a wailing mad banshee swept by the winds of woe... and these stories are of grief, misery, horror and death.

Follow up Single to 2014's "The Witch Of Glendale" EP.

01 - Daughters of the Twilight
02 - Dead Kingdom

Free Download here or here