Monday, January 11, 2016

TroyDestroy - S/T EP (Advance, Crazy Love Records)

TroyDestroy - S/T EP (Crazy Love Records)

 What can I honestly say about Mr. TroyDestroy and his new EP? Well, I can tell you right from the get go, it's a motherfucking ripper. In case you didn't know Troy has spent sometime in the Nekromantix, Rezurex and The Exploding Fuck Dolls. All top bands of the Psycho and Punk Rock worlds. Flash back to 2007/2008, it seemed Troy was on top of his world and a cut above all the other Psychos and Punks. He had just released Life is a grave and I dig it with the Nekromantix. And was playing in top form, When all of a sudden he left the Nekromantix and seemed to drop off the face of the earth. Well, let me tell you that's not what happened. True he did leave the Nekromantix, but he put himself more into his work with rebuilding classic cars. Then he got that itch again, and assembled one kick ass hell of a Psychobilly project. And sure maybe the man was gone for a while, But guess what kids? He is back and better than ever in my book.

Let's take a look at this fine EP, it's a 4 track sampler of what is to come in the near future of rock n roll. From the first song "Soda Shop Bop", I was toe tapping and doing some type of dancing and wrecking alone in my house. The second song "Zsa Zsa" is excellent and one will hear some reference to the Nekromantix song "Ghoulina". There is a story behind this one that Troy laid down to me one night via text. I wont share that message, All I have to say is listen to the words kids. Song three "Phantsmanaut" is an excellent Psycho song that recalls to me memories of the Nekromantix, But a cut above the Nekromantix. And last but not least we have song four "Falling" this song is so rocking that by the end of it. I am hitting repeat and wanting to hear the whole EP again.

So, with all that said friends, I strongly urge you all to do your self's a favor and get this EP. I know for a fact these guys are 100% coming from the heart and playing the music they love and hold dearly. Its not some retro fashion billy crap. Shit it's not even in fashion anymore anyways. It's the real deal friends you wont be disappointed.



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