Monday, February 29, 2016

Eric Leach - Perfect Life, 2016 (Review)

Eric Leach - Perfect Life, 2016

Some of you out there may know Mr. Eric Leach as the infamous front man for punk legends Symbol Six. And some of you maybe scratching your heads saying who in da' fuck is Eric Leach? Well let me tell you, his music should most definitely be  in your music collection. And if its not, well, after you read this go ahead and click the link below and buy this bad motherfucker.
Eric has released many albums over the last 30 years with his punk rock n roll band Symbol Six. But this is his first official solo release, And hot damn, what a release it is. Eric has dropped the sonic assault of his main band and grabbed himself an acoustic and got to writing some real great songs in the Americana type form. You get 13 in your face songs, Some fun, some heartfelt, and some down right sleazy telling tales of the streets and rock n roll debauchery.

 A friend asked me what I think the album sounds like, Well I told him it sounds like Eric has written the sound track to my life. And I am sure many more out there feel that way. I sit back and I listen to these songs. And I wonder how Eric knew I felt that way. It's a strange moment when you can connect to someone's music completely and say hey, I fucking feel like that too.

I am putting this up there with some my favorites, Tyla, Jeffery Lee Pierce, Nikki Sudden, Nick Cave etc. Now you may say does Eric sound like those artist? Well, my answer is no, Eric is in a class of his own. But he has the same qualities that those great artist have. And the ability to tell a great story like those artist do.

Yours, NekroScot

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