Monday, April 18, 2016

Finnish Punkers 'Deposit Man' Release Great Debut 'EP'

Formed in November 2014 by four punk Dads in their 30s, Deposit Man plays melodic punk with lyrics that cover politics in the government, at work and at home. The band consists of four Oulu-based players: Lance Fono (New Zealand/Samoa), Elias Casanova (Spain), Matti Honkala and Janne Knuuti (Finland).

01. Fat ass
02. Tyranny
03. Jytky
04. I Wish I Was Gay
05. Samba (Not Enough)

This one great debut EP folks, and you should do yourselves a huge favour and purchase 'EP', you will not be disappointed.

Digital Format:

4.45 USD
4.95 USD
8.45 USD

CD Format:

6.95 €

Only 3 left!!


  1. Thanks my man, total cookie cutter stuff. But I honestly dig it. Not bad all and a welcome addition to my collection.

    1. Cool, rather pleased you liked the EP and that it is a welcome addition to your collection.

  2. Yes I really do enjoy them. I meant to tell ya a few days ago. Have given it a few listens and enjoy it.


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