Sunday, April 24, 2016

SON OF BITCH [2013] Venus And The Cat

Folkabilly band from Pittsburgh, PA now operating out of humid Houston, TX.

Since 2012 Son Of Bitch has been creating, covering, and performing live music in back alleys, dive bars, hipster restaurants, and living rooms. Oh and big fancy venues, too. With an appetite for booze and fast tunes, what's not to love about Son Of Bitch?

01 Evil Mind
02 The Greenfield Strangler
03 Magic Theatre
04 Up Like Fire, Out Like Flame
05 Who Is Antonio...
06 Beg Or Borrow
07 Don't Smile At The Chimps
08 Overnight
09 House Cricket
10 Evil Bastard
11 Shallow Grave
12 Évariste
13 Drunken Ramblings
14 A Note, A Bottle

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