Saturday, April 30, 2016


From Tacoma, Washington, Ten Pole Drunk play because they love it, they drink because they can, and they are broke because of both.

With love for old-school hardcore, Ten Pole Drunk throws down fast, loud, rowdy, drunken shows for all to enjoy. In the old west a sobriety test was walking ten lamp poles. If you made it, you were good to go home. There were alcoholics that mastered this skill even though they were plastered and earned the title Ten Pole Drunk.

1. [2014] Flip the Table Raise the Stakes

01 Godzilla
02 Tacoma Lowlife
03 Due Process
04 God
05 Hangover
06 Bullets And Bombs
07 Politricks
08 More Chicks In The Pit
09 Are You Having Fun Yet?

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2. [2016] Time Traveling Bandits

01 Intro
02 Read A Fucking Book
03 Boner Jams
04 Media
05 Coffee And Cigarettes
06 Intermission
07 Brandon Darby
08 Cat Calls
09 Do Better
10 Bill Nye
11 Horses

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