Saturday, May 14, 2016

Elmo Karjalainen's Unintelligent Designs & Where We Belong Now Available As "Name Your Price"

Last weekend Elmo offered his first solo album, Unintelligent Designs, for a "pay what you want" sum. That meant you could grab it for free, or pay something. Loads of people took him up on the offer, and many paid something for the album. So the whole thing was a success.

As a result he's decided to make the offer permanent (for now at least), and see what happens. That way, more people get access to his music, since he knows many people have it tough financially, he makes more people happy, and it also translates into a bit of income on his side, which in turn supports his music making, and ensures he keeps releasing more music.

If you didn't already grab Unintelligent Designs, you can do so here:

He decided to also offer the acoustic album, Where We Belong, for the same kind of deal, and you can find that on Bandcamp as well here:

So head on over to Bandcamp and download two albums, and pay according to means, or whatever you feel like. He humbly asks that you pay something if you can. It all goes towards more music from him to you.

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