Sunday, May 22, 2016

Rotting Obscene Release Killer Debut Album 'Depths Of Decay'

Jonathan Fralick: Guitar/Vocals, Chris Hylton: Drums, Andrew Mathews: Bass, Eric Conrad: Guitar/Vocals

Death Metal from SW Virginia influenced by furious blast beats, complex riffing and relentless vocals.

Rotting Obscene was formed in March 2010. They combine elements from all of their very different backgrounds and appreciation of playing music to come together as one entity.

01 Audient Void
02 Cataclysmic Advent
03 Depths Of Decay
04 Nightmares Of The Forlorn
05 The Awakening
06 Paths Of Deception
07 Abhorrent Reprisal
08 Temporal Diminishment
09 Metamorphic Transcendence
10 Absence Of Light
11 Warstorm
12 Defacing Divinity

"The technicality Rotting Obscene display here is pretty impressive, they know how and when to shred and when to open the song up and let it breathe... they also know how to kick your ass, borrowing from the Suffocation school of groove filled beatdown to gnarly effect; choosing to crush the listener with style rather than some mindless, single string doo-doo slam." Trevor Strnad of The Black Dahlia Murder / Metal Injection

This is one great debut album folks, all killa no filla and a must have for any serious metalhead!!

Digital Album $9.99 USD or more
CD $9.99 USD with free US shipping

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