Monday, May 9, 2016

Shadow Windhawk "Cremation Garden" - A Review

With no doubt whatsoever Cremation Garden is in my view the best album Shadow Windhawk has created to date. The album opens with a slow burner of an intro, and then, wham, bang, you get five of the best Shock n' Roll (to paraphrase SW) tunes you'll hear thus far. With these five tunes he has absolutely nailed it with combining (in my view) the best elements of Horror Punk & Shock Rock to create such great songs of the like I've never heard before. More please. The album winds down with a beautifully done ballad and draws to a close with the outro. All in all one great album folks and you'll definitely be doing yourself a huge dis-service by not having it in your collection.

So take a walk through the Cremation Garden, discover eight new tales of death, love, sorrow and the madness of the human soul, and experience these sounds from beyond the mausoleum...

01. Intro: Cremation
02. Box Five
03. Curse Of Thorn
04. House Of Dark Shadows
05. Graveyard Shock n' Roll
06. Sleep
07. Mae
08. Outro: The Garden

These sounds from beyond the mausoleum are available in the following formats:

*Limited Edition 1st Pressing CD (300 only)

*Limited Edition 'Funeral Lily White' 12" Vinyl LP (200 only)
Item ships out on or around 01 October 2016

*Digital Album

Official Release Date: 21 May 2016



  1. This is good matey and you nailed it. Windhawk has laid done a great album.

    1. Thanks matey, he sure has laid down a great album, here's hoping he keeps creating great music.


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