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“Ghost Towns Of The Midwest. A great band with a pretty good taste in wine.” Stephen Walker, (The Ghost) - 102.7RRRFM

Formed by singer-songwriter Cam Ewart, who cut his teeth sharing dusty stages with outlaws such as The Drones, Don Walker, Wagons, Bob Log III & many more in his time as a solo troubadour, the band melds vocal harmonies, guitars, bass, piano, violin & mandolin to create a sound that goes from upbeat boot stompers to bar room ballads. The group includes friends & family Cam has performed with for over 15 years.

“You stole the show man!” Dave Larkin (Dallas Crane)

The band keep busy on the live circuit, and a GTMW show has become an event that can include audience members joining the band on stage playing percussion, to the band providing punters the tools to make their own merchandise during the show.

"...They’re called Ghost Towns Of The Midwest, I like them a lot..."  Stephen Walker, (The Ghost) - 102.7RRRFM.

1. [2012] The Moonshine Demo

This is the demo that kicked it off for GTMW. After receiving an offer of some free recording time the band managed to get three tracks down, which you can hear on this demo. Dubbed "The Moonshine Demo" as all original copies came with a free bottle of cheap wine, the demo was made for a measly $150 plus a six pack of beer. (2 of which Cam drank.)

01 - Whorehouse Piano
02 - Drink To You
03 - Ballad Of A Tinman

33.00 Mb

2. [2014] Field Recordings Of...

The EP “Field Recordings Of…” was recorded in Port Melbourne with Lee Cardan at Sunshine Recorder (Formerly Atlantis Studios) over 2 days, with most cuts recorded live. It was then mastered by Loki Lockwood (The Drones, Beasts of Bourbon), at Creepy Hollow in Melbourne.

Ghost Towns Of The Midwest launched the EP in June 2014 to a humbling response from both of Melbourne’s premier community radio stations RRRFM & PBSFM, in particular receiving weekly spins from "The Ghost" himself, Stephen Walker, which is no easy feat. As well as this, the band enjoyed glowing reviews & spins nationally on Triple J’s "Roots n All". "Lovely alt-country vibes from Ghost Towns Of The Midwest!”  Triple J’s Sarah Howells.

01 - Gallow Birds
02 - Judas
03 - Dam Whiskey River
04 - Round The Bend
05 - Edge Of Town
06 - Car Crash
07 - Jars (Live) - Bonus Track
08 - Round The Bend (Live) - Bonus Track

78.56 Mb

3. [2016] Home

Enlisting the talents of Myles Mumford, the band recorded the new 6 track EP at singer/songwriter Cam Ewart’s mountain home in the East of Melbourne, Victoria. Over two days the band layed down the tracks live, including vocals, in his lounge room.

This new EP is the first featuring the band as a 5 piece, with the addition of Ewart's brother Ben on double bass & mandolin.

From the moment you hear the opening track "Some Girls", it is clear that this collection of songs is also a departure from the groups previous releases, stepping away from the more straight up Alt-Country sound into deeper backwoods & less travelled roads. The EP also features a cover of the Arcade Fire track "The Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) in which the band strip the song back to shed light on the Springsteen-esque undercurrents. Upbeat boot shakers come in the form of "Jars", a musical "last will & testament" by Ewart, and "One Eye On The Road", that brings together all the instruments the band can muster to shake it down. "Already At Sea" is a waltzy tale of grown up sleepovers, utilizing the bands mini string section & piano, whilst closing track & fan favourite "California" sees Ewart in solo raconteur mode, sending the listener off with one of his greatest story songs to date. "..and if only the good die young, then what have the rest of us done?"

“Cam Ewart is one hell of a storyteller” – Beat Magazine

01 - Some Girls
02 - Jars
03 - The Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)
04 - One Eye On The Road
05 - Already At Sea
06 - California

56.00 Mb

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