Sunday, June 26, 2016

Introducing... Muleskinner Jones 

"Country twang, lolloping boogie and Beefheartian astringency... may be the British Johnny Dowd." [The Independent]

"Sci-fi B movies soundtracked by gonzo country. Recommended. ****" [Q]

"Raw, visceral, brooding and quite unique..." [Maverick]

"My ears are too delicate for this monotone dirge. 3/10" []

Skunkworks recording artist est 1999. Self-released four LPs and two EPs to both critical acclaim and a critical hammering whilst holding down a day job and raising a family. Makes no money from this shit.

Likes music (a lot). Also likes movies, comics and video games. Draws and paints occasionally. Sometimes spotted flatpicking guitar (badly) at bluegrass sessions in the Bath/Bristol area.

1. [2002] Terrible Stories EP

01 How Come That Blood On Your Coat Sleeve?
02 Pretty Polly
03 Rose Connelly
04 Black Sheep Lullaby

2. [2004] Death Row Hoedown

01 Opening Theme
02 Death Row Hoedown
03 My Rented Room
04 Truckstop Funeral
05 So Long, Mary Jones
06 Come Inside, Stranger
07 Concrete Swamp
08 Untitled (Wee Willy Winky)
09 Closing Theme

3. [2007] Alcohol Tobacco Raygun?

01 Mr. Jones' Last Song
02 Death In Dixie
03 Drinking To Get Drunk
04 Mr. Jones vs Sun City
05 Mr. Jones Skips Town
06 Mr. Jones Gets Blissed
07 Alcohol Tobacco Raygun?
08 Blood & Muskets (At Wounded Knee)
09 Satan Is My Bitch
10 Her Desert Yard
11 Men With Knives
12 Blood & Muskets (Reprise)
13 Between God & The Bottle

4. [2008] Postcards From Deadeye EP

01 Gunslinger
02 Twisted, Sick And Bitter
03 Life's Not Fair
04 Three Horses Pig
05 All The Good Times (Are Past And Gone)

5. [2013] Episode One
(recording as ‘The Faceless Corporation’)

01 Rock 'n' Roll Idiot
02 A Coffin For A Mechanical Bird
03 The Building
04 The Day The Ships Came
05 The Accidental Lobotomy Of Phineas Gage
06 Slack
07 Smirk
08 Sludge
09 Taped
10 Union Carbide
11 Crime Scene

6. [2013] A Dying Man Can Sure Sing The Blues

01 Don't Open The Mail
02 A Dying Man Can Sure Sing The Blues
03 Black River Wood
04 Song Of The Rain
05 Too Many Horses (A True Story)
06 Bad Timing
07 The Homesick Soldier
08 Little Dead Riding Hood
09 Hour Of The Blood-Orchid
10 Mid-Life Misanthropy Blues

You can purchase all these good albums individually or you can do as I did and purchase all 6 releases for £13.60 GBP or more from here.

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