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Screamin' Sirens were an all-women band that combined country music, punk rock, rockabilly and a dash of funk for their own wild party music. They pre-dated what is usually referred to as alternative country, but undoubtedly influenced it. They were based in Hollywood, California. The band featured Rosie Flores, who went on to have a successful solo career in the alternative country and rockabilly scene. Pleasant Gehman is also a successful writer and editor, and a member of the Ringling Sisters. Bassist Miiko Watanabe went on to play with American Girls. Casey Gomez, who played drums with the group for a time, had also played with the Pandoras. Screamin' Sirens were notorious for their wild live shows and party-inducing image. They also did a film called The Runnin' Kind which starred Brie Howard as well as Screamin' Sirens. For more info see here:'_Sirens

Screamin' Sirens:

Diane "Boom-Boom" Dixon: Drums, Vocals
Pleasant Gehman: Vocals
Marsky Reins: Fiddle, Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Rosie "Rosita" Flores: Lead Guitar, Vocals
Miiko Watanabe: Bass

1. [1984] Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad / Runnin' Kind 7"

01 - Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad
02 - Runnin' Kind

Both tracks taken from "Hell Comes To Your House 2" compilation released 1983 on Bemisbrain Records.

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2. [1984] ¡Fiesta!

01 - The Runnin' Kind
02 - Maniac
03 - Head For The Hills
04 - Jim
05 - Mr. T Luv Boogie
06 - Midnight To Moonlight
07 - Rare And Daring
08 - He's In The Slam
09 - Oh, Stephen!
10 - Love Slave

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Screaming Sirens:

Casey Gomez: Drums, Vocals
Pleasant Gehman: Vocals
Laura Bennett: Rhythm Guitar
Kathryn Grimm: Lead Guitar, Vocals
Miiko Watanabe: Bass

3. [1990] VooDoo

01 - Voodoo
02 - Somewhere U.S.A.
03 - Stitches In Time
04 - This Is My Home
05 - I Got The Love
06 - Little White Lies
07 - Don't You Fade Away
08 - I Heard About You
09 - The Queen Of Kingdom Come
10 - Nine Times To Live
11 - What's Going On?
12 - Last Chance Alley

Recorded and mixed July/August 1989 at Radio Tokyo Studio, Venice, California.

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