Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Gashers Release Long Awaited Album "In Trust We Bleed"

The long awaited sophomore release from The Gashers, a 3-piece band from Nevada with deep roots in Vegas punk history, solid, dynamic chops, and some serious anger issues. Jason, Sandy and James helped form the iconic Peccadilloes in 2003, and, after releasing four full length CDs, playing countless sold-out shows and building a huge, loyal following they wanted to try something new.

In 2011, the three formed The Gashers and released their debut "Law Is Not Order" and in the process gave a fresh new voice to everything punk is supposed to be.

They are a visceral, angry, honest, ball of knives. They are the spit in the eye of conventional music and a powerful beer-breath of fresh air in a stale world of processed, auto-tuned, pre-packaged bullshit. They defy category and redefine DIY, all while holding true to their old school roots.

01 Paralyzed
02 Utopian Misery
03 Rusted Trust
04 Roadside War
05 Wasted Few
06 Right Handed Rights
07 Bender
08 Cannibalistic Cows
09 Andy Crews
10 Thicker
11 Man Or Monitor
12 Puked On
13 Tim Can
14 Curtains 

The in-your-face second release from Las Vegas punk icons: The Gashers! 14 all new tracks of pure, honest punk which you can purchase, and you should as it's one great album folks, from here if you want the limited edition blood spattered vinyl (only 500 copies pressed) or CD, and here if you only want the digital album.

To celebrate the release of In Trust We Bleed, The Gashers will perform the album, in it’s entirety, at a special CD Release show on Friday, July 1, 2016, at the Double Down Saloon in Las Vegas.

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