Sunday, June 12, 2016

THE KILLCREEPS [2010] Destroy Earth

Formed in 1996 by vocalist/guitarist Count Lyle of Ghoultown, The Killcreeps were around just long enough to produce this searing slab of classic horror punk. Part punk, part metal, part sci-fi, and part horror, Destroy Earth delivers a heavy-handed blast of b-movie violence, madness and dark humor. Eventually spawning what is now Ghoultown, The Killcreeps debut disc quickly sold out and seemed to be lost forever. But with the coming of the digital age, and requests by fans, this often-overlooked piece of horror punk history is available again in this special digital release. Featuring new cover art by Jeff Gaither and re-mastered cuts, Destroy Earth sounds as if it were recorded yesterday. Fans of The Misfits, Calabrese, and other horror punk shouldn't miss this classic release!

01 - Terror From Beyond
02 - Chop Shop
03 - Shock Planet
04 - Mission 3: The Introid
05 - Martian World War
06 - Tunnel Vision
07 - Human Monster
08 - Rotoriculous
09 - Hey Christine
10 - Humanoids From The Deep
11 - Black Nails
12 - Fay Wray
13 - Renfield's Dream
14 - Return Of The Phantom

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